Friday, January 30, 2015

Awards season film and music billboards around L.A. in January 2015...

People often ask why I take photos of all the advertising billboards in the skies around L.A. and the simplest answer is that I enjoy it. I love coming across a fun creative which catches my eye, outs a smile on my face, or makes me take a second look. So here's to starting another year of billboard roundups here at Jason in Hollywood (and every day on my Daily Billboard Blog), so enjoy my latest finds of all the movie outdoor ads gracing the city skyline in January 2015.

Movie billboards
Americons movie billboard
One film billboard that really stood out for me this month was this ad for Americons, which tinkers with the design of the U.S. Stars and Stripes flag to convey the movie's themes of capitalism, greed and the sub-prime mortgage fiasco.
Nightcrawler Best Picture billboard
As it's awards season here in L.A., lots of billboards have been popping up to attract Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Oscar voters attention, like this ad creative for Nightcrawler (not the blue-skinned X-Man with the pointy tail), starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
Lego Movie awards consideration billboard
The Lego Movie also had another For Your Consideration billboard along the Sunset Strip, but sadly they didn't win at the Golden Globes and didn't get an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature, so this ad didn't stay up long after the nominees were announced.
Into the Woods Best Picture billboard
Disney's Into the Woods big screen musical also tried to garner voters attention this month and it has been nominated for three Oscars, including Best Costume Design for Colleen Atwood, so be sure to check out all these Into the Woods movie costumes up for consideration that were on display at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood earlier this month.
Virunga Netflix documentary billboard
Streaming service Netflix was also trying to get noticed by awards voters this month with this intriguing billboard for its documentary film, Virunga, about the threats from wars and greed to the mountain gorillas home in the Congo.
LA Times Hollywood Sessions Lead Actor billboard
To get in the awards spirit the L.A. Times even had this billboard featuring some of Hollywood's leading men, Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr. and Steve Carell.
Boy Next Door movie billboard
Meanwhile aside from the upcoming Oscars, there were many new films on the horizon, including JLO's new stalker thriller, The Boy Next Door.
Furious 7 movie billboard
Plus on a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood to see their latest costume and props archive exhibit I caught a glimpse of the new billboard for Furious 7, the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious car chase franchise (and Paul Walker's final movie).
Taken 3 movie billboard
Also in the world of action, Liam Neeson was back for Taken 3 (boy, does he have some bad luck), the third and final installment in the action-thriller trilogy.
Giant Blackhat movie billboard
And in a world of constant hacking attacks at the moment, Chris Hemsworth's new cyber thriller Blackhat never seemed more relevant (although it's hard to believe any hacker would spend as much time at the gym as this Aussie hunk).
Jupiter Ascending movie billboard
Speaking of handsome actors, and Channing Tatum is back on the big screen, this time as a genetically-enhanced alien with dog DNA, trying to rescue Mila Kunis in the Wachowski Brothers latest sci-fi epic, Jupiter Rising.
Fifty Shades of Grey movie billboard
From outer space to dark secrets and Fifty Shades of Grey finally makes it to cinema screens this Valentine's Day, although I'm not sure a film about bondage and sexual awakening is best first date material (or maybe it is, you decide).
Fifty Shades of Grey movie billboard
If you like these ads, be sure to check out more super-sized movie billboards for Fifty Shades of Grey dominating the L.A. skyline this month.
Selma movie billboard
Another ad campaign in black and white this month was for a totally different kind of movie, the enlightening and engaging Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic about the Selma civil rights marches in the mid-1960's.
Wedding Ringer movie billboard
On a lighter note, Kevin Hart starred in The Wedding Ringer as someone hired to be a best man of a socially awkward guy (Josh Gad) who wants to impress his future in-laws.
Mortdecai movie billboard
Poor Johnny Depp's career doesn't seem to be going that well of late. The Lone Ranger, Transcendence and Mortdecai have all bombed at the box office, but I'm sure he's still rolling in millions for playing these roles.
Paddington movie billboard
In the world of family fun, British children's book favourite Paddington Bear finally gets the computer-animated live-action treatment for his box office debut.
Strange Magic movie billboard
And George Lucas' plans for a new Star Wars movie may have been (thankfully) shelved, but that didn't stop him from making a new computer-animated feature film called Strange Magic, which watching the trailers looks awful.
Giant Disney Cinderella billboard
Another favourite movie billboard this month was for Disney's live-action version of their fairytale classic, Cinderella. Downton Abbey's Lily James stars as the titular heroine in this rags-to-riches story and I think it's going to be a really charming and unapologetically Disney movie.

Theme Park billboards
Frozen Fun Disneyland billboard
Speaking of Disney, and this seems as good a place as any to highlight Disneyland's Frozen movie-themed attractions being highlighted at the amusement park at the moment, cashing in on the popularity of their animated franchise juggernaut.

Music billboards
Justin Timberlake 2020 Tour billboard
In the world of music, this billboard was in the skies of West Hollywood to mark the end of Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience World Tour.
Grammys 2015 Pharrell billboard
And speaking of awards season, it's almost time for the 57th Grammys, so check out these fab psychedelic billboards for the 2015 Grammy Awards featuring like likes of Pharrell, Lorde and Beyoncé.
Google Play music billboards Sunset Strip
And along the Sunset Strip, Google Play finally changed their ad creatives for their music steaming service, which are on billboard locations on both sides of the busy street. Be sure to get a closer look at Janelle Monae and Sam Smith gracing the Sunset Strip, plus the Beck and David Bowie billboards they replaced.
Kendrick Lamar Google play billboard
Plus over in Westwood, Kendrick Lamar was flowing his heart out on another Google Play music billboard.

As you can see, there's been lots of movie and music billboards vying for your attention around L.A. this month, and that's not even counting all the TV billboards and fashion and lifestyle ads too.

Let's hope February proves to be as bountiful and that the winter weather allows me to get the shots I need.

See you soon...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Returning and final season TV billboards in L.A.'s skies in January 2015...

In addition to all the new shows making their debut this mid winter TV season, there were more than their fair share of series returning for fresh episodes, new seasons and even for their final, farewell outings. First check out all these new television series billboards and then enjoy these returning series ad creatives around the L.A. city skyline in January 2015.

TV billboards
The Walking Dead midseason 5 billboard
Up first is The Walking Dead with their midseason five billboard, which implies 'Rick Grimes' is essential to surviving the new zombie world order.
3D Black Sails season 2 billboard
Meanwhile back in a big way for a second season of swashbuckling pirate adventure on the high seas is Starz Black Sails with this fantastic 3D flag installation billboard along the Sunset Strip.
Vikings season 3 billboard
From pirates to Vikings, and History's factually accurate, yet entertaining drama is back for a third bloody season of marauding and pillaging.
Looking season 2 billboard
HBO's gay drama, Looking, is back for its sophomore season and the gang's back, keeping secrets, meeting new loves and having fun in modern day San Francisco. If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out the giant-sized season two billboard for Looking along the Sunset Strip.
Justified final season 6 billboard
I thought it was interesting that both Looking and the sixth and final season of Justified had similar red and teal colour schemes. Visit my Daily Billboard Blog to see the other version of the season six billboard for Justified.
Banshee season 3 billboard
Cinemax's original scripted series is also back for a bloody third season with another clever illustrated ad creative in the same vein as the first two seasons promo billboards for Banshee.
The Americans season 3 billboard
One of my favourite TV show billboards this month had to be The Americans third season ad creatives which are really compelling and striking with their faces covered in U.S. and Russian imagery.
Parks and Recreation final season 7 billboard
Amy Poehler and the Parks and Recreation crew were back for a final seventh farewell season, so it's time to wish the comedy 'happy trails'.
Cougar Town final season 6 billboard
Another sitcom coming to an end this season is Courtney Cox's Cougar Town, back for a sixth outing of drinking copious amounts of wine for the Cul-de-Sac crew.
House of Lies season 4 billboard
Over on Showtime and Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle return for a fourth season of fast-talking deals in House of Lies.
Shameless season 5 billboard
Whilst Shameless is back for a fifth season, with a newly minted SAG Award in hand for William H. Macy as the drunken head of the Gallagher family in Chicago.
Episodes season 4 Hollywood Blows billboard
Plus Matt LeBlanc is back as his exaggerated fictional self and discovering 'Hollywood blows' in this fourth stormy season billboard for Episodes.
Kroll Show final season 3 billboard
Another series coming to a close is The Kroll Show on Comedy Central, and to celebrate the comedian's final curtain call, the sketch show is parodying the iconic fourth season promo ads for The Sopranos, with all its various characters like 'Bobby Bottleservice' and the ladies from 'PubLIZity'.
Workaholics season 5 billboard
Also on Comedy Central, those office slackers the Workaholics had this action-packed, explosive billboard creative which represented nothing that happens in their fifth season.
Always Sunny Philadelphia season 10 billboard
Another ad creative which really stood out for me this month was the tenth season, yes tenth, billboard for FXX's comedy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which seemed to be paying homage to glam rock groups like KISS.
Giant Being Mary Jane season 2 billboard
Gabrielle Union is back in a big way along the Sunset Strip for BET's second season of Being Mary Jane.
Bring It season 2 Lifetime billboard
And the hip-hop Dancing Dolls and their coach 'Miss D', aka Diana Williams, continue to Bring It! on Lifetime for a second season of dance competitions and troublesome parents.
Bill Maher He's not in it for the likes billboard
Over on HBO, political commentator and satirist Bill Maher is back for a remarkable thirteenth season of Real Time with Bill Maher, and as his recent outspoken remarks on Muslims, Senators and the American Sniper movie prove, 'he's not in it for the likes'.
Glee final season 6 billboard
And finally, the pop culture phenomenon of Glee takes final bow with a shorter, sixth season, after the popularity of the Fox hit waned in later years after a groundbreaking initial run. I for one will be a bit sad to see their musical mashups and high school melodramas leave the small screen.

If you like all these ad creatives, come back soon for all the film and music billboards gracing L.A.'s skies in January 2015...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Year drinks, health and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in January 2015...

A New Year always brings new resolutions, to eat healthier, to drink less alcohol and exercise more, but I wonder how many people really stick to their goals beyond January. Here are a selection of billboards trying to keep you on the right track, plus more health, technology and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s city skyline.

Drinks billboards
Juice Drink it off cleanse month billboard
How many people out there vowed to give up alcohol, or drink less of it, in 2015? And how many of you did a juice cleanse this month to help kickstart your healthy new lifestyle?
Erewhon Organic juice cleanse billboard
As you can see there were more than enough juice brands in L.A. encouraging you to get healthy and go organic for a better way of life.
138 Water Mary Grace Swim model billboard
Obviously drinking water is also the healthy option, and these billboards for 138 Water suggest that if you drink their bottled water brand, then you too can have a fabulous bikini beach body and be able to wear the skimpiest of swimsuits.
138 Water Ravish Sands swimwear billboard
And where one model isn't enough then there's the combo of Stefanie Knight and Playmate Khloe Terae to catch your eye, and get you drinking water supposedly.
138 Water Nikki Lund billboard
They really must have gotten some cheap ad rates this month as their tacky ads just kept popping up everywhere and i wonder if they are ever co-funded by the swimwear companies.
Los Angeles meet perfection Absolut Vodka billboard
On the other hand, how many of you saw these vodka brand billboards and instantly started craving your next cocktail? Absolut believes it has the perfect vodka for Los Angelenos, what do you think?
Step into circle Ciroc Vodka billboard
While Cîroc wants to keep the party spirit going by sharing the good times, and their vodka, with your circle of friends.

Dating billboards
Gaydar Daters gonna date billboard
Maybe your New Year resolution was to have more fun, or meet your significant other, so gay dating site Gaydar was putting their own spin on Taylor Swift's lyrics this month with these fun 'Daters gonna date' billboards in the targeted skies of West Hollywood.
Daters gonna date Gaydar billboard
I suppose hookup app Grindr's motto would be 'Grinders gotta grind'.
Zoosk First comes like billboard
And speaking of online dating sites, I managed to get a better shot of Zoosk's 'First comes like' quirky billboard along Hollywood Boulevard, which I think has a nice sentiment and isn't oversexualised.

Health billboards
Lest we forget Ebola deaths Africa billboard
Hopefully you all started 2015 feeling healthy and happy, but I'm glad that someone out there is reminding everyone of the thousands that have died, plus over 21,000 that have been infected, due to the Ebola virus in Western Africa

I feel the Western world largely turned a blind eye until the deadly condition reached their own shores and then there was wholesale panic, much like everyone refused to politically and medically acknowledge HIV/AIDS back in the 80's.
Syphilis Explosion volcano billboard
Obviously when everyone is going on those dates with multiple partners let's hope they are practicing safe sex, not just to reduce the risk of HIV transmission, but also minimise the likes of syphilis (which is on the rise), gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and more STDs besides.
Safe or Sorry condom billboard
Is it really that hard to wear a condom when you're sleeping with a complete stranger, and that applies to men and women, as nobody wants an unwanted pregnancy either.
LA County 24k HIV Not in care billboard
And by the sounds of things in L.A. County those with HIV getting help is just the tip of the iceberg, with 24,000 HIV positive people not in care.
Target Pharmacy refill billboard
Meanwhile in the world of over-the-counter medicine, Target has this fun outdoor ad campaign for their Pharmacy services, which also highlights their toy and homewares offerings at the same time. 
Target Pharmacy Darth Vader billboard
And let's face it, you can't go wrong with a Darth Vader advert to grab passerby attention.
Varicose vein treatment West Medical billboard
This month there really is a more eclectic selection of ads in more noticeable locations, I'm guessing certain locations are cheaper at this time of year, so in the land of the body beauty there's more than a few cosmetic surgery adverts to help keep those legs looking lovely for the beach and poolside.

Interiors billboards
Nadeau furniture Look inside billboard
You don't often see many interiors and furniture billboards in the skies of L.A., but this ad creative for Nadeau caught my eye with its special extension design.

Technology billboards
Giant Jaybird Power your passion billboard
In the world of technology, Jaybird was keeping things sporty for the New Year with this super-sized ad for their activity tracker bracelets and bluetooth sports headphones along the Sunset Strip.
Giant GoPro singer billboard Hollywood
And GoPro was continuing to find new ways to use its cameras beyond extreme sports, like this latest giant ad for a closeup of your next singing engagement.
Apple iPhone 6 2nd wave billboard
And finally, Apple ushered in a new wave of iPhone 6 billboard creatives about three or so months after the smartphone's launch.

As you can see there's been an eclectic mix of outdoor ads this month, not all of the same high quality, and they've also been competing for your eyeballs with all the new TV show billboards and other movie, music and fashion ads screaming for your attention.

If you like these ads, be sure to also check out what drinks and lifestyle billboards were filling L.A.'s skies last January.

Stay tuned for even more billboard roundups, including all the returning TV shows and those series saying farewell this season...