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Awards and new season TV billboards around L.A. in January 2015...

At the start of 2015 the skies of L.A. have been awash with billboards for awards shows and new TV series debuting this season. Here's a glimpse at what the networks, cable channels and streaming services have to advertise in the city streets this January.

TV billboards
2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards billboard
Here in Hollywoodland its awards season, when everyone pats each other on the back and says what a great good they've all been doing. Yesterday it was the turn of the Screen Actors Guild Awards with their 21st ceremony, with Birdman taking home the 'Actor' for best movie ensemble and 'Downton Abbey' winning in the TV drama category again and Orange is the New Black snapping up the TV comedy prize.
2015 Golden Globe Awards billboard
Meanwhile earlier this month Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted their third, and apparently final, Golden Globe Awards ceremony. The ladies really did the 72nd year of the awards proud, although they always leave me wanting more (which is always the way you want to end your run) as they're really not on screen presenting for that long.
Critics' Choice Movie Awards billboard 2015
From Hollywood's biggest party to the 20th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, this televised event was hosted by former NFL star and daytime talk show host, David Strahan, and at least they had a bit of fun with the popcorn ad creative for the awards.
Gina Rodriguez Jane Virgin Golden Globe billboard
Speaking of awards and The CW used their regular Sunset Strip ad location to congratulate Gina Rodriguez, the star of their Jane the Virgin debut season, on her Golden Globe win for Best Actress in a TV Comedy.
Giant Togetherness series premiere billboard
Meanwhile other shows making their screen debut this season got some extra support with some giant-sized ads, like this massive billboard for HBO's new comedy, Togetherness.
Giant Hindsight series premiere billboard Sunset Strip
Plus VH-1 supported their new series Hindsight, about being able to go back in time and change one crucial decision in your life, with a giant-sized wallscape on the side of the Mondrian Hotel along the Sunset Strip.
Giant Younger series premiere billboard
And TV Land promoted their new series, Younger starring Sutton Foster of Bunheads fame, with this giant billboard, although at first glance I honestly thought this was a winter Banana Republic fashion ad, rather than for a new TV show.
Better Call Saul series premiere billboard
Breaking Bad is getting a spin-off prequel this year, and this giant billboard on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel, is just one of many from the Better Call Saul ad campaign.
Sons of Liberty History mini-series billboard
Over on the History channel, the three-night Sons of Liberty mini-series was flying the flag for American Independence.
12 Monkeys TV remake billboard
This year it seems that Hollywoodland isn't done with TV remakes, as Terry Gilliam's 1995 dystopian sci-fi thriller is getting the weekly episodic treatment on Syfy.
Allegiance series premiere billboard
Over on NBC it may not be a remake, but you can't help but think that Allegiance is inspired by FX's The Americans. This new thriller may not be set in the 80's, but it is about a family of Russian sleeper agents, although their rookie CIA agent son doesn't know where his parents and sister's loyalties truly lie.
Backstrom series premiere billboard
And Fox is bringing us a totally unlikable detective in the form of Rainn Wilson in Backstrom, based on the crime books by Leif G. W. Perrson.
Eye Candy MTV series premiere billboard
Over on MTV, Victoria Justice plays a 21-year-old hacker who discovers that one of her online dates may in fact be a cyber serial killer in Eye Candy.
Mike Tyson Mysteries season 1 billboard
Adult Swim's Scooby-Doo parody cartoon received another billboard to help promote its first season and if you like this ad, be sure to check out these other billboards for the Mike Tyson Mysteries.
Fresh Of the Boat series premiere billboard
ABC Studios continued to add more diversity to its roster of comedies, after gay-friendly series Modern Family and their African American sitcom Black-ish, with the Asian immigrant themed Fresh Off the Boat, which is inspired by Chef Eddie Huang's life experiences.
Iliza Schlesinger Freezing Hot Netflix billboard
And streaming service Netflix continues to bring the laughs with another standup comedy special, this time Iliza Schlesinger's Freezing Hot, filmed in Denver. Although this ad creative isn't as funny as Chelsea Handler's recent Lion King parody billboard for her Netflix standup special.
Million Dollar American Princesses series premiere billboard
Over on the Smithsonian Channel the very title of the show itself tells you everything you ned to know, as Million Dollar American Princesses debuted this January and oh, how my heart bleeds for them and their daily struggles.
Nightly Show Larry Wilmore billboard
And finally Comedy Central has a new late night replacement for The Colbert Report in the form of Larry Wilmore and The Nightly Show.

Be sure to stick around as there's more TV ad creatives to come, in the form of returning TV shows and those going out with a bang for their final, farewell seasons.

Watch this space...

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