Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 years of 23 miles training for the L.A. Marathon for charity...

In March I'll run my fifth L.A. Marathon and for the past five years I've trained for the 26.2 mile race with the T2: Team to End AIDS endurance events group, running, but also fundraising essential money for AIDS Project L.A. For the past two years I've also become pace group mentor, trying to impart my wisdom (I'm totally aware of how that sounds) to newbies and experienced runners alike and having a lot of fun along the way.

Another 23 miles for a good cause
Team to End AIDS 23 mile LA Marathon training
Today we completed our 23 mile training run for this year's L.A. Marathon and I have to admit I felt great, maybe better than I have all season. Part of the reason was getting our first time marathon runner, Scott, across the finish line feeling strong after a not so brilliant 20 mile run a few weeks back.

T2: Team to End AIDS runners in training for L.A. Marathon 2015
post 23 mile LA Marathon training run
If you're looking for a great marathon training program, then I'd highly recommend T2, not only for the coaching, but also for the friends you can make and fun you can have whilst achieving your own fitness goals.

Completing 23 miles in 2014
2014 LA Marathon training T2 Team to End AIDS
As I look back at all these photos I'm reminded of some of the reasons I joined the program. It wasn't just to get fit to run a marathon (although that was a priority), but it was also to meet people in L.A., have fun and maybe give back a little by raising money for APLA's clients in need.

After 23 miles in 2013
2013 LA Marathon training T2 Team to End AIDS
It's been a real journey and I've meet some real characters and wonderful people along the way. Not only have they inspired me to keep running, passing on invaluable information and tips, but also they've also encouraged me to keep fundraising even when I thought I didn't have enough people to contribute to my fundraising efforts.

Celebrating after 23 miles in 2012
2012 LA Marathon training T2 Team to End AIDS
I've been overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family and my blog visitors, who've supported me on every race. Both with monetary donations and support and encouragement to help me achieve my personal goals, even when my body has been saying 'no more'.

My first 23 miles in 2011
2011 LA Marathon training T2 Team to End AIDS
I'm hoping my aching joints will continue to allow me to run for many years to come and hope that if I've inspired you a little, you'll consider joining our team in the future, or at least donating to this worthy cause.

PLEASE DONATE TODAY, we've already raised over $110,000 as a group so far this year and every donation helps and goes to work immediately.

Just $23 for 23 miles would make a huge difference...

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