Thursday, February 26, 2015

February's drinks, travel and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skies...

In addition to all the Oscar nominee ad campaigns filling L.A.'s skies this past month, there's also been an eclectic mix of travel, drinks and other lifestyle advertising billboards vying for your attention (and your cash) in February 2015.

Drinks billboards
Ciroc Vodka Step into the circle billboard
This month it seems everyone is detoxing as new alcohol brand billboards were few and far between, although Cîroc Vodka was still encouraging you to join their circle of drinkers and have some fun.

Travel and tourism billboards
North Tahoe Better looking anyone Malibu billboard
There were lots of travel and tourism ads trying to catch passersby eyes this month, but I thought this outdoor ad campaign for North Lake Tahoe for ski season was a lot of fun, click through to check out the other creatives in the clever campaign.
Virgin America Heels up billboard
Virgin America was taking flight in the skies of L.A. this month with another wave of their Radical Departure ad campaign and I always love how the airline's billboards feel youthful and cheeky, even when they feature older passengers.
Up for best performance American Airlines billboard
American Airlines is also advertising heavily out-of-home at the moment it seems, with different ad creatives around town and this one even had a nod to awards season, 'Best Performance' indeed.
Flat is new black American Airlines billboard
And it seems the established airline brand is trying to emulate that fun Virgin Airlines feel, at least with their ad copy. Although as they say, the proof is always in the pudding.
Delano Hotel Las Vegas billboard
There's never a shortage of billboards for Las Vegas in L.A. with Sin City being so close for a debauched weekend getaway and there's certainly something very different about this sexy ad for the Delano all-suite hotel in Las Vegas.
Universal Studios Hollywood 2015 free billboard
Meanwhile closer to Hollywood it's time for Universal Studios to get locals through the door at this off-season time of year, with their buy a day and get 2015 free promotion to the theme park which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Technology billboards
Giant GoPro snowboarding billboard 2015
In the world of technology and in time for skiing season, GoPro cameras has a super-sized new snowboarding creative in Hollywood to capitalize on this sporty time of year.

Finance billboards
Well Fargo Apple Pay billboard
And Wells Fargo is getting up-to-speed with the latest technology and partnering with Apple Pay to help customers make the most of their smartphones and make hassle-free payments.

Auto billboards
Fiat 500 Hollywood loves a remake billboard
If the last couple of years are any indication Hollywood certainly does love a remake on the big screen, but the Fiat 500 is also hoping Los Angelenos will like their updated 1957 edition for nipping about town.

Health and cause-related billboards
Ebola deaths Africa counter billboard
In the world of health, here's a reminder to people who worry about how they take their coffee, obsess about gluten free diets, or kale smoothies, that there are more important things happening around the world like the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. If you compare this Ebola death counter billboard to the one from last month, you'll see the fatalities are still increasing.
No More domestic sexual violence billboard
Another awareness campaign spied this month in the skies of Hollywood was this 'No More' billboard tackling domestic violence and sexual abuse against women, with a host of celebrity support from Marcia Gay Harden, Mariska Hargitay and Blair Underwood.
Giant Equinox Transgender fashionista billboard
Also in the world of health and fitness, luxury gym Equinox is supporting the transgender visibility with this giant fashionista billboard along the Sunset Strip (not that far from their flagship location).

Dating billboards
Gaydar Daters gonna date billboard
Nowadays there's an app for everything, but dating apps seem to have been especially successful. Here's another Gaydar billboard to be found in the perfect location in the heart of West Hollywood's Boys Town.

Military billboards
Snipers save lives billboard
An finally, following all the backlash over the movie American Sniper with many feeling that it is a form of pro-war propaganda, some people disagree and have paid for this 'Snipers save lives' billboard to voice the other side of the argument (and proving that there's money in guns).

So as you can see there's a whole host of different products, services and causes trying to get their message across this month. Stick around in the coming days for even more billboard roundups of the latest new season TV shows and Spring fashion outdoor ads gracing the city skyline.

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