Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day with extra Cooper kisses...

As it's Valentine's Day and love is all around, I couldn't resists gathering a few images together that help evoke the feeling that love and happiness is in the air.

Labrador Cooper kisses
Obviously when I think of love the first thing that comes to mind is my husband and our Labrador Cooper, who's never short of displaying affection (for a treat), or providing toothy 'Cooper kisses'.
Valentine's heart Labrador Cooper
Here's another dazzling Cooper Valentine's themed photo from a few years ago with this West Hollywood glitter ball heart.
T2 Team to End AIDS marathon runners
Today I started my Valentine's Day with a great bunch of people, who always inspire me with the love they show by fundraising money for people with HIV/AIDS. This morning it was 'only' a ten mile run, but next week we have a 23-miler in preparation for the L.A. Marathon in March.
Giant Emma Stone Revlon Love is on billboard
Driving home after the run from Griffith Park I looked up along my local Sunset Strip neighbourhood and saw this love-themed lipstick heart billboard featuring Emma Stone for Revlon cosmetics new 'Love is on' ad campaign.
Love sign
And a while ago I snapped this 'love sign' from outside an interiors store along Beverly Boulevard, but never got to use it, until now.
Happy Valentine's Day Hop movie billboard
Looking back through my Daily Billboard image archives I also spied this sweet Valentine's Day themed creative for the 2011 movie, Hop.
I heart Labradors
We enjoyed a lovely brunch with friends at Connie & Ted's today to share the love and came home to be greeted by this handsome fellow, who's always full of love for his two daddies.

Whatever lovely things you got up to today, I hope you had a great time too...

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