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New season TV billboard delights around L.A. in February 2015...

Now that the year is in full swing it means that many TV shows are returning from their midseason breaks and even more new series are launching, hoping to find an audience. Here's a collection of the new and returning show billboards looking to stand out in the city skyline this February.

TV Billboards
The Fall Netflix season 1 and 2 billboard
The BBC's acclaimed crime drama, The Fall, starring The X-Files Gillian Anderson as a police officer investigating Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan's serial killer finally makes it to U.S. shores courtesy of Netflix, and even better you can binge-watch both season all at once.
Powers series premiere billboard
Speaking of crime shows, here's one about super-powered criminals and the detectives that work the cases. I'm always a sucker for a superhero-themed show so I'm looking forward to Powers, Playstation's first scripted drama adapting the acclaimed comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.
Bosch series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on Amazon's streaming service, they have adapted Michael Connelly's series of books about 'Harry Bosch' solving crimes in L.A. for the small screen. I've read many of the novels, so I'm keen to see how Titus Welliver portrays the character and how the character is translated to an episodic television show.
American Crime series premiere billboard
ABC's big hopes for the new TV season is their new crime anthology series, American Crime, and these billboards are everywhere around the streets of L.A. at the moment. Following a home invasion which leaves a war veteran dead and his wife hospitalised, both Caucasian, police target Latino and African-American suspects in a drama which deals with racial themes, religion, class and sexuality.
Slap series premiere billboard
Over on NBC the network adapts an Australian drama of the same name which centres around a gathering of family and friends where one adult hits someone else's child and the repercussions affect all involved, uncovering hidden secrets and lies in this mini-series event
Odyssey series premiere billboard
NBC have also been teasing their new conspiracy thriller, Odyssey, for a while with the 'Odelle Lives' campaign, about a female soldier (played by Anna Friel) reported to have been killed in action who is actually alive and involved in an international coverup.
Dig series premiere billboard
Another conspiracy drama coming this season is USA Network's Dig, starring Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche, which is set in Israel and follows the investigation of a death of a young female archeologist which uncovers unholy age old secrets in the holiest of cities.
SNL 40 anniversary billboard
Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40th anniversary this year and the funny thing is it was televised on a Sunday for better ratings, ah well the initials SNL still work.
Schitt's Creek series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on the recently renamed Pop channel, Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek made its debut, about a rich family forced to readjust to less than ideal circumstances when they lose their fortune (my heart bleeds for them).
Last Man On Earth series billboard
Speaking of new comedies, Will Forte stars in Fox's The Last Man on Earth this season, as the name suggests adapting to being alone in the world when the usual rules of life don't apply.
Jack and Triumph Show billboard
Over on Adult Swim, The Jack and Triumph Show parodied Disney's infamous Lady & the Tramp spaghetti-eating scene with this series premiere billboard.
Road to NHL Stadium Epix billboard
In the world of sports, Epix was following the road to the National Hockey League Stadium Series in an original four-part series.
Jinx series premiere billboard
Whilst on HBO, The Jinx was a new docu-series investigating the life and deaths of Robert Durst. Did he kill his wife and two other people, and if so why is he agreeing to be part of this documentary show?
Vice season 3 billboard
Plus Vice was back for a third gritty season of groundbreaking, unorthodox journalism on the front lines with this evocative riot police ad creative.
Night Shift season 2 billboard
The Night Shift was reporting back for duty with this all-hands-on-deck creative for the after hours medical drama.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 2 billboard
And John Oliver was back with the sophomore season of Last Week Tonight and he was really shaking things up for the new season of political commentary and comic observations. Actually he wasn't really changing anything (if it ain't broke) and the comedy pony was just to get your attention - good job!
Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon LA billboard
At the beginning of February Jimmy Fallon brought The Tonight Show to L.A. for a limited engagement (usually based in NYC) and got some billboard support too.
The Following season 3 billboard
The Following starring Kevin Bacon is back for a third season of cult serial killers, although it's getting more and more preposterous now, but this is the male 'Villain' ad creative is certainly eye-catching, so be sure to also check out the female 'Hero' billboard for season three of The Following and the previous season promo billboards too.
Rizzoli & Isles season 5 billboard
Already renewed for a sixth season starting later this year, Rizzoli & Isles returned to TNT this month to finish off their fifth season of solving crimes in the popular procedural drama.
The Voice season 8 billboard
The Voice is back for an amazing eight season and so is Christina Aguilera as mentor, rejoining Pharrell, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Be sure to check out the other season eight billboards for The Voice shining the spotlight on all the mentors.
House of Cards season 3 billboard
And finally, I can hardly watch to binge-watch the third season of the political drama House of Cards. 'Claire and Frank Underwood' look every bit the First Lady and President in this Air Force One ad creative and I can't wait to see what schemes and backstabbing they do on a global scale.

As you can see, there's lots of choice on traditional TV channels and via online streaming platforms, and only time will tell which series succeed and which face cancellation hell.

Be sure to come back next month for another roundup, but check out Daily Billboard every day to see all the latest TV show outdoor ad creatives, plus much more besides.

Stay tuned to this channel...

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