Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New series and returning favourite TV show billboards around L.A. in March 2015...

This March next only marked a busy time in the skies of L.A. for fashion, movies, music and lifestyle billboards, but there were more than their fair share of TV show billboards vying for your attention in the crowded skyline.

TV billboards
Odyssey series premiere billboard
One new show with an interesting story this month was NBC's new thriller, which was originally named Odyssey and has recently had a makeover to be called American Odyssey. The series stars Anna Friel as a soldier stationed overseas who discovers an international conspiracy and must fight her way home when the rest of the world, including her family, thinks she's dead.
American Odyssey series premiere billboard
If you check out these teaser billboards for American Odyssey you'll see how they differ in style from the new ad creative which has a much more patriotic soldier feel and borrows heavily from the American Sniper movie billboards, obviously hoping to capitalize on the stellar box office the film enjoyed.
The Royals series premiere billboard
Speaking of patriotic, but for another country, E! is hoping their new soapy drama series starring Liz Hurley, The Royals, will capture the imagination of fans of the real British Monarchy. Being a Brit abroad, it's always nice to see the Union Jack Flag flying in the skies of L.A., either for a fashion brand, TV show or U.K. tourism ad campaign.
Dancing with the Stars 10 years billboard
Another import from Britain is Dancing with the Stars, called Strictly Come Dancing over the Atlantic. This U.S. based version now in its 20th season celebrates its 10th anniversary with this glittering billboard featuring pro dancers, the hot Val Chmerkovskiy and the sexy Peta Murgatroyd.
iZombie series premiere billboard
After years of vampires and fairytale characters, zombies seem to be the flavor of the month at the moment and The CW is jumping on the bandwagon with the new adaptation of the comic book iZombie. The show stars Rose McIver as a medical student-turned-zombie who works at a Coroner's Office and helps solve homicides by eating the brains of the victims and absorbing their memories.
Salem season 2 billboard
Speaking of the supernatural, Salem is back for a spellbinding second season and this time it's war amongst the witches in 17th century Massachusetts.
The Returned series premiere billboard
You'll find more fantastical goings on in A&E's remake of The Returned French TV drama. Death is not the end, as people thought dead seemingly return to life in a small town with strange effects.
Giant Outlander midseason 1 teaser billboard
Meanwhile the time-traveling Scottish Highland romantic drama Outlander returns for the second half of its first season. If you're a fan of the Starz adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's novels, be sure to check out all these Outlander mid first season billboards.
Lizzie Borden Chronicles Lifetime billboard
Another series based in the past is Lifetime's follow-up to their Lizzie Borden biopic, as Christina Ricci takes up the ax once more as the infamous murder suspect from 1892.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series premiere billboard
It's been a big month for new comedies and Netflix has a new original series called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which stars Bridesmaids Ellie Kemper as a woman rescued from an Indiana doomsday cult starting life over in New York City.
One Big Happy series premiere billboard
Let's face it we all want to escape the madness of Indiana, especially with their new bigoted and discriminatory anti-gay laws, so they probably won't be watching NBC's new sitcom about a lesbian and her best male friend who decide to have a baby together, just as he meets the girl of his dreams in One Big Happy.
Weird Loners series premiere billboard
Whilst One Big Happy stars Elisha Cuthbert from Happy Endings, another cast member of that cancelled ABC sitcom can be found in Fox's Weird Loners, Zachary Knighton. He co-stars opposite Ugly Betty's Becki Newton as two of four relationship-phobic people thrust together in a Queens, NY townhouse (plus you can also catch Casey Wilson from Happy Endings in last Fall's Marry Me).
Last Man on Earth series premiere billboard
Meanwhile also over on Fox, Will Forte looks more like a caveman, the first man, rather than the last man on Earth in this follow-up billboard for the series premiere of the new post-apocalyptic comedy.
The Comedians series premiere billboard
The laughs keep coming (hopefully) with FX's The Comedians, with the unlikely pairing of veteran funny guy Billy Crystal and the the voice of Frozen's snowman 'Olaf', Josh Gad.
Barely Famous series premiere billboard
VH1's Barely Famous had some fun with their series premiere billboard for their mockumentary of Hollywood reality shows, starring the Foster Sisters.
Undateable season 2 billboard
Along with the freeman comedies, there are several sitcoms returning for a second season, including NBC'S Undateable, as the name applies following the antics of a bunch of undateable oddball friends.
Giant Silicon Valley season 2 billboard
HBO's Silicon Valley, a satire of the Northern California tech world also returns for its sophomore season with this genius giant-sized 'lightbulb moment' ad creative.
Louie season 5 billboard
Stand-up comedian Louis C. K. is back in this eye-catching upside-down creative for the fifth season of Louie, where he plays a fictionalised version of himself.
Nurse Jackie final season 7 billboard
And Edie Falco returns to play Nurse Jackie for the final and seventh season of the drug addiction drama. If you're a fan of the Showtime series, be sure to check out all these previous witty season promo billboards for Nurse Jackie too.
Childrens Hospital season 6 billboard
There were two ad creatives which really stood out this past month because of their inventive concepts. First this pregnant belly with Rob Corddry's clown face makes for an arresting if somewhat unsettling image for the sixth season of Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital medical spoof.
Veep season 4 Mount Rushmore billboard
And secondly Veep's fourth season parody of the Mount Rushmore national monument is hilarious and totally on point now that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the new POTUS in town.
Broad City season 2 billboard
The foul-mouthed, gin-swilliing, fountain-splashing girls of Broad City are back for a second season on Comedy Central.
This is not happening billboard
Whilst comedian Ari Shaffir had this billboard as the host of the new long-form storytelling stand-up show, This is not Happening.
Big Time Hollywood Fl series premiere billboard
Another new comedy series premiering this season is Big Time in Hollywood, FL, where two filmmaking brothers decide to scam their parents after being thrown out of home to fund their movies.
Meet The Smiths series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on TBS there is a new reality show starring NBA Basketball star Kenny Smith and his family in Meet The Smiths.
The Voice season 8 billboard
In the world of reality competition shows, The Voice is back with these season eight billboards where every superstar mentor gets a chance to shine in the spotlight.
Aziz Ansari Live Netflix billboard
Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari was back with another billboard for his Madison Square Garden stand-up special on Netflix.
Late Late Show James Corden billboard
And another British import was taking the reigns of The Late Late Show, it's all change in the late night talk show world, as Gavin & Stacey's James Corden took over from Craig Ferguson as host.
Nickelodean Kids Choice Awards Nick Jonas billboard
Nick Jonas seems to be on a roll at the moment, with a solo music career and a recent acting stint in fighting drama Kingdom, this March he also hosted Nickelodeon's Kids's Choice Awards.
House of Cards season 3 billboard
Saving the best TV for last and Washington, DC political series House of Cards was flying back aboard Air Force One for a scheming third season with the 'Underwoods' in the White House and drama on a global scale.
Mad Men final episodes billboard
Plus it's the end of the road for 'Don Draper' and those Mad Men as the New York advertising agency period drama will air the final episodes of their seventh and last season this April.
Giant Game of Thrones season 5 billboard
And finally, here's the spectacular fifth season billboard creative for Game of Thrones which looks like 'Tyrion Lannister' may be coming face-to-face with 'Daenerys Targaryen', or at least one of her dragons in the television fantasy epic.

As you can see there's lots of comedy, drama and fantasy to look forward to in the coming weeks, but who will survive to return for another season and which show will only last one more season. Only time and viewers will tell.

If you're a television fan, be sure to check out my Daily Billboard blog for all the latest eye-catching TV show ad creatives.

Stay tuned until next time... 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Food, drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skyline in March 2015...

This month has not only seen L.A.'s skies filled with movie, music, TV and fashion outdoor ads, but it's also brought some spectacular lifestyle campaigns to make things more interesting when you pass by. Here's a cool collection of food, drinks, technology, travel and other lifestyle billboards turning heads this March.

Food and drinks billboards
Giant Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
The cream-filled sandwich cookie Oreo brought the fun to the skies this month with this 'Wonderfilled' ad campaign.
Discover with Oreo billboard
Artists were tasked with emotive words like 'discover', 'wonder' and 'dream' and asked to come up with illustrations, the only caveat being that they use an Oreo cookie as the head/face in the drawing.

If you like these cool ad creatives, be sure to also check out these other Oreo Wonderfilled billboards and wall murals around Los Angeles this past month.
cant eat em drink em Naked Juice billboard
Whilst those Oreos were having fun with imagery, Naked Juice was having fun with this play-on-words slogan, 'If you can't eat 'em, drink 'em', being a take on 'if you can't beat them, join them', for its vegetable juice variant.
Naked Natalia Barulich 138 Water billboard
Meanwhile in the world of over-priced bottled water, 138 Water was up to its old tricks again with female models wearing very little, or going completely naked to grab passersby attention.
138 Water Elizabeth Chevalier swimsuit billboard
Be sure to check out more 138 Water billboards and other bottled water ad campaigns to see more sophisticated ways of marketing H20.
Hettielly Beck 138 Water billboard
In the world of alcohol advertising, Absolut Elyx Vodka was back on the side of the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood with another super-sized wallscape.
Giant Absolut Elyx Vodka billboard
And further west along the Sunset Strip the premium vodka brand had another billboard featuring actress Chloe Sevigny.
Chloe Sevigny Absolut Elyx Vodka billboard
Over in Hollywood, Cîroc Vodka was making a big impact on the side of the W Hotel inviting those over the legal drinking age to join their circle of friends.
Ciroc vodka Step into the circle billboards
And if you're a beer lover, Californian blonde ale 805 from the Firestone Walker Brewing Company had this black and white ad creative to entice you.
Firestone Walker 805 beer billboard

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Shot on iPhone 6 forest billboard
In addition to Oreo filling the skies with an exciting range of ads, Apple also launched its fantastic new user-generated 'Shot on iPhone 6' ad campaign to brighten the city skyline.
Shot on iPhone 6 sunflowers billboard
This wide array of billboards featuring imagery captured using the iPhone and its photography apps is a real departure for the stylish tech giant, as it focuses more on the benefits of the device's camera and not on the shape or look of the product itself.
Shot on iPhone 6 Chinese boat billboard
I love this outdoor ad campaign, it really captures your imagination, has a great social media re-sharing quality and stands out even more because it's bringing beauty and not a hard sell to the city streets.

If you like these ad creatives, be sure to see even more of these cool Shot on iPhone 6 billboards.
T Mobile Los Angeles Data Strong Network billboard
Also in the world of technology and telecommunications, T-Mobile was reinforcing its local data strong network.
Lyft driving you happy billboard
And this billboard could also sit in the transport category, but as you need a smartphone to use the Lyft app, it sits just as comfortably in this technology section. Left may be 'driving you happy', but they still face stiff competition from Uber, not to mention traditional taxi services.

Financial billboards
Power bank walking Runyon Canyon Citi billboard
This Citi smartphone banking billboard has been around for a while, but I still like that it features my local dog-walking trail of Runyon Canyon.

Sports billboards
LA Galaxy Glory billboard
L.A. is quite a sporty place, but this month there were even more billboards for different kinds of spectator sports, like this ad for L.A. Galaxy soccer team.
MVP red or blue Angels Dodgers baseball billboard
Plus the Anaheim Angels and L.A. Dodgers were teaming up using their MVPs and this special extension billboard to encourage you to go to a baseball match this season.
not a competition University Oregon billboard
Meanwhile the University of Oregon was trying to tempt prospective college students with its premier sports business program.
Asics LA Marathon 2015 billboard
And for those who don't just like to watch ball games, running brand Asics had this fantastic billboard for the 30th L.A. Marathon, of which they are title sponsor.

I actually ran my 5th L.A. Marathon (and 10th overall), which was another race with record temperatures this month, so be sure to click through and take a look at how it went in photos.

Health billboards
Equinox paintball billboard
I may be running loads of marathons, but on the flip-side, I cancelled my membership to Equinox this month, which felt very liberating. The premium gym brand wanted me to pay an extra $8 a month, which is not how loyalty works people. I suspect this year's increase and last year's $5 increase was to help fun this fun outdoor ad campaign, but Equinox won't be making me do anything in the future.
Target Pharmacy Darth Vader billboard
Speaking of keeping healthy, and I spotted a larger version of Target Pharmacy's fun Darth Vader billboard this month.
Colon Cancer Love your butt billboard 2015
And it was also time to love your butt again, with this billboard highlighting the threat of colon cancer and the importance of preventative testing.

Household billboards
More me time less mess Homejoy billboard
If like most people you are needing more 'me time', then Homejoy has the solution with their website where you can find a cleaner for your house (if you have the spare cash).

Travel and tourism billboards
Feel the upgrade Virgin America billboard
And in the world of travel, Virgin America was feeling the joys of upgrades with his fun superstar creative. If you like this ad and the airline, be sure to check out these other recent Virgin America Radical departure billboards.
Love at first class American Airlines billboard
Also in the busy skies, American Airlines seems to be trying to emulate Virgin's fun attitude with its clever copy-led billboards, 'Love at First Class', indeed.
XOJet Take Command billboard
And if you want to travel in style and avoid the riffraff, then maybe you should charter a private XOJet. Sigh, sometimes you can tell you're living in Hollywood just by the ads lining the streets.

If you liked this eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards, be sure to also take a look at all the Spring fashion billboards and these cool film and music billboards gracing the city skyline this March.

Stay tuned for this month's roundup of all the new season TV show ads trying to get you to watch...

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