Friday, May 29, 2015

Cool drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skyline in May 2015...

By now from my recent posts you can probably tell that the weather has been a bit problematic in capturing this month's billboards around the streets of L.A., but despite the 'May grey' here's a selection of drinks, technology and more lifestyle outdoor ads that caught my attention.

Drinks billboards
Introducing new Corona can billboard
First up is this ingenious ad idea for Corona's new can format, which has been washed shore like  message in a bottle. With the headline saying can and the main visual saying bottle this billboard makes you look twice to work it all out. Very clever.
Flavor that cant be tamed Tecate beer billboard
Another very arresting beer billboard this month was this bold eagle creative for Tecate, which almost feels like it's staring straight at you and daring you to drink it.
Coors Light beer billboard 2015
Meanwhile after a year of the amazing Coors Light 3D mountain climber billboard installation, the beer brand has switched to a far simpler frosty mountain view creative.
Ladies night was his idea Dos Equis beer billboard
And Dos Equis is back this month with another billboard in The Most Interesting Man in the World ad campaign, be sure to check them all out and stay thirsty whilst you're doing it, my friend.
Firestone walker 805 beer welder billboard
California brewery Firestone Walker continues to advertise its 805 ale with these black and white billboards, and this month I even saw a display in my local Pavilions supermarket for the beer.
Hollywood next step Johnnie Walker Entourage billboard
In the world of spirits, Johnny Walker Black Label scotch whisky was tying in with the new Entourage movie with this cool sprawling L.A. nightscape in a bottle creative.
Grey Goose Vodka Fly Beyond 2015 billboard
And Grey Goose Vodka returned to the skies of Los Angeles this month with a new wave of their 'Fly Beyond' ad campaign.
Grey Goose Fly Beyond Studio apartment to Studio City billboard
It's still my favourite vodka brand (and as a bonus it's from France and not Russia), so feel free to send a case my way whenever you want.
Avion best tasting tequila billboard
Meanwhile in the world of tequila, Avion was making some mighty big claims, that it's been voted the world's best tasting tequila (although that was back at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a lot can happen in that time).
Jessica Alba Zico Flourish inside out billboard
Actress Jessica Alba was back in the skies this month for premium coconut water brand, Zico, and at least the beverage is trying to do something different compared to its relaunch, with its 'flourish from the inside out' approach.
Once you go black Juice billboard
And this cheeky Juice brand made me smile with its 'once you go black' creative for its Charcoal Lemonade, which does not sound appealing in the least to me.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Porsche Design Blackberry billboard
In the world of smartphones BlackBerry is swiftly being left behind in terms of technology, but good design never goes out of fashion, especially when it's a special edition designed by Porsche.
Shot on iPhone 6 boat billboard
This month another fresh wave of creatives took to the skies for Apple's inspirational Shot on iPhone 6 outdoor ad campaign, this boat in a desert creative is one of my favourite new ones, so be sure to check them all out.
Introducing Surface 3 billboard
After the success of the pricey Surface Pro 3 business-friendly tablet, Microsoft have scaled down the product to a more affordable price, but retained the key features and is smaller, lighter and thinner for better portability.
T Mobile Rise up data fans wall mural
And this 'friend selfie' wall mural for T-Mobile has been along Melrose Avenue for a little while not, but it's the first time I've passed by without any cars parked in front spoiling the view. The hot pink design really makes it stand out and its perfectly sited opposite Fairfax High School for maximum young eyeballs.

Travel and tourism billboards
convertible Getty Villa billboard
The Getty Villa in Malibu continued its fun tourism advertising campaign with this witty chariot convertible creative and if you like this, be sure to also check out its chiseled abs billboard.
Aria Vegas Pool parties all grown up billboard
Whilst the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas was trying to convince passersby that its pool parties were for 'grown ups' and not just debauched all-you-can-drink orgies in Sin City.

Exhibition and live event billboards
Marvel Universe Live billboard
In the world of entertainment, if you can't get enough of Marvel's superheroes on the big screen this Summer in Avengers: Age of Ultron, then you can go see Marvel Universe Live!, the live-action arena experience with all your favourite Marvel heroes, special effects and motorbike stunts.
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition billboard
And if it's something more sedate and historical you'd like to do with your time then you can go see the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition at the California Science Center.

If you liked this collection of billboards, be sure to stay tuned for more visions in vinyl from the world of television this month.

See you soon (and bring a friend)...

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