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Emmy Consideration and other TV billboards turning heads in L.A.'s skies in May 2015...

Aside from all the movie, fashion and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skies this month, the big story dominating the city skyline was the kickoff of the annual Emmy consideration campaigns by studios, networks and channels all vying to win the coveted TV industry accolades. Here's a glimpse of some of the Emmy billboards, plus all the other outdoor ads for new shows and seasons making May's skies so exciting.

TV Billboards
Red Nose Day Statue of Liberty billboard
First up deserves a special mention as Red Nose Day finally makes its debut in America, with a little help from the Statue of Liberty and this fun 3D adorned billboard.

The charity telethon fundraiser has been going in the U.K. for around 30 years and this star-studded U.S. version may not have been a ratings winner for NBC, but it did raise $21 million for children and young people living in poverty.

If you like this special billboard, be sure to check out these other funny Statue of Liberty themed billboards from recent years.
The Americans season 3 Emmy billboard
Meanwhile billboards like this amended season three creative for 80's Russian sleeper spy drama, The Americans, and this Manhattan atomic bomb series billboard helped kick off the Emmy campaigning in the skies of L.A. this month.
Manhattan Emmy 2015 billboard
As ever HBO has a huge Emmy presence for all its shows, mini-series and TV movies, last year garnering a massive 99 nominations (and 19 wins).
Veep season 4 Emmy 2015 billboard
If you like these amended season creatives for Veep and The Leftovers, be sure to check out the rest of HBO's 2015 Emmy consideration billboards.
The Leftovers Powerful 2015 Emmy billboard
Meanwhile Netflix keeps pumping out quality scripted series, and I have to admit this Grace and Frankie series premiere billboard filled my heart with glee at the prospect of seeing Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin together again on screen, as I love the movie 9 to 5. I'm currently half way through the series and luckily it's already been renewed for a second season.
Grace and Frankie series premiere billboard
Another new dark comedy coming this Summer is The Brink, starring Jack Black, Tim Robbins and 'Pornstache' from Orange is the New Black, about politicians and the armed forces trying to avert a potential World War III.
The Brink series premiere billboard
Another fun ad creative this month is the season three ball pit billboard for IFC's comedy series starring comedian Marc Maron in the titular role, as a fictionalized version of the himself.
Maron season 3 IFC billboard
Bringing the supernatural scares this Summer to strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere is ABC's new imaginary friend drama, The Whispers.
The Whispers series premiere billboard
Whilst after seven seasons as 'Hank Moody' in Showtime's Californication, David Duchovny returns to TV in the gritty 60's crime drama about the Manson Family murder spree, Aquarius.
Aquarius series premiere billboard
And while it's good to see that NBC is trying something new in the drama department, in the world of reality TV shows they are remaking another British TV survival series this summer, The Island.
The Island US series premiere billboard
Meanwhile over on Fox Twilight's Kellan Lutz is hosting a new reality game show, Bullseye, and this special extension billboard for the series really hits the mark.
Bullseye series premiere billboard
Released in April (but as I was in London for half the month I only recently spied this billboard), Netflix was bringing a more gritty (and bloody), street level approach to superheroing, with the fantastic Daredevil, with Charlie Cox as the blind 'Man With Out Fear' of Hell's Kitchen.
Daredevil series premiere billboard
I totally binge-watched the debut season and can't wait for the next Netflix Marvel shows - Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Plus if you're a fan of Marvel Comics like me, be sure to check out all these other comic book movies and TV show billboards from recent times.
Stitchers series premiere billboard
Speaking of the fantastical and ABC Family's new Stitchers series is bringing us a procedural crime drama with a twist of sic-fi this Summer, as a young woman is recruited by a covert secret agency to go into the memories of the recently deceased and find out how they were killed.
The Last Ship season 2 billboard
Over on TNT, The Last Ship is back for more post-apocalyptic pandemic action and intrigue in the second season, and I can't wait to see how all the trust season's cliffhangers play out.
Giant Power season 2 billboard
Another series back for a sophomore season is Starz drug-dealing drama, Power. This super-sized crowded subway ad creative was a nice visual to convey that old expression, 'keep your friends close and enemies closer'.
Halt and Catch Fire season 2 billboard
Also back for a second season with lots of billboards this month is the 80's tech drama, Halt and Catch Fire.
Deadbeat season 2 billboard
Plus Hulu's original ghost-talking comedy Deadbeat also had this billboard in the city skies, although compared to Deadbeat's launch ad campaign last year, I hardly saw any other support apart from a few bus shelter posters.
Inside Amy Schumer season 3 billboard
Over on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer was back for a third season of sketches and inappropriate humour with this butt-packed billboard.
Unreal series premiere billboard
Lifetime wasn't afraid of using a little nudity to grab our attention this month for their new behind-the-scenes reality dating show drama, UnReal.
Texas Rising TV mini-series billboard
And for Memorial Day Texas was rising and kicking off a 10-hour History scripted mini-series. If you like this dramatic creative, be sure to take a look at these other Texas Rising billboards from the outdoor campaign.
True Detective season 2 billboard
One new series making a big impression above L.A.'s skies this month was the second season of HBO's acclaimed crime anthology drama, True Detective.
True Detective season 2 billboard
If you like these ad creatives with the top of Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch's heads cut off, be sure to check out these other True Detective season two billboards with Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn, including a giant-sized billboard towering over the Sunset Strip.
Chef's Table series premiere billboard
Meanwhile the new Netflix documentary series, Chef's Table, was taking viewers into six different superstar chefs lives and kitchens to showcase their culinary talents. I love this visually striking billboard for the docu-series, it almost looks like an exotic alien eye from afar.
Americas Got Talent season 10 billboard
America's Got Talent is back for a tenth season and their obviously running out of ideas of how to pose for their promo billboards.
I can do that series premiere billboard
And in the same vein, but replacing ordinary talented folks with minor celebrities, I Can Do That (another overseas import) sees the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Burke, Ciara, Joe Jonas and more, try to replicate everything from dance, to magic to dangerous stage acts for your viewing pleasure.
Chris DElia Incorrigible billboard
In the world of comedy, Chris D'Elia brings you another stand-up special with this Incorrigible billboard for Netflix.
Nick Swardson Taste It comedy special billboard
Whilst Nick Swardson tries a bit harder with this mock bank note ad creative for his Taste It stand-up special on Comedy Central.
YouTube Grace Helbig billboard
And they may not be traditionally TV shows, but these YouTube web series are certainly what pass for entertainment these days especially among young viewers, wether it's Grace Helbig's amusing videos or Hannah Hart's cooking tips.
YouTube Hannah Hart billboard
And finally, this giant patriotic billboard for the Women's Soccer World Cup coverage on Fox Sports (everyone else around the globe calls it football) highlights the changing face of the Sunset Strip, as those new hotel developments are shooting up and getting in the way of all kinds of things (and don't get me started on the delays or lack of parking, whoever approved so much construction at the same time in West Hollywood should lose their job, or at least be forced to sit in the traffic all day as punishment).
Giant Fox Sports World Cup Soccer billboard Sunset Strip
As you can see it's been a jam-packed skyline this month and with the Summer TV season and more Emmy campaigns about the kick off I'm sure June's skies will be just as crowded.

Come back next month for another snapshot of the advertising skies around Los Angeles and be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for all the latest cool creatives...

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