Friday, May 8, 2015

Two sculptures that caught my eye on my recent U.K. visit...

Regular visitors will know that I'm a big fan of outdoor art and I always love to showcase work that captures the imagination, like these two sculptures spotted on my recent trip back to the U.K. 

Merchant Seafarers' War Memorial in Cardiff Bay
Merchant Seafarers War Memorial sculpture Brian Fell
First up is this fantastic shipwrecked face sculpture by Brian Fell in Cardiff Bay, which I've seen on previous visits, but it always makes me stop for a closer look.
Merchant Seafarers War Memorial Brian Fell
This Merchant Seafarer's War Memorial, which has this compelling face on the hull of a ship complete with rivets, really is a work of art and commemorates all the merchant seamen from the ports of Barry, Penarth and Cardiff that lost their lives in times of war.
Merchant Seafarers War Memorial face sculpture Cardiff Bay
The other sculpture that caught my eye was this massive Broadgate Venus by Fernando Botero, which I chanced upon the day after running the London Marathon wandering around the streets of London.

Broadgate Venus (1989) by Fernando Botero 
Broadgate Venus (1989) Fernando Botero
Overlooking Liverpool Street Station, this curvy bronze weighs in at five tonnes and really stands out at the heart of Broadgate.
Broadgate Venus Fernando Botero
Broadgate Venus Fernando Botero London
Broadgate Venus bronze sculpture London
I love that there's whimsy like this sculpture to be found in London, and since my last visit a year and a half ago it's amazing how much of the city has changed, from the skyline along the Thames to old offices I used to work in, now either luxury apartments or transformed into designer hotels and restaurants.
Broadgate Venus bronze sculpture London
Broadgate Venus bronze sculpture London
If you like these pieces of public art, be sure to also check out these fab sculptures from previous visits to London, like Marble Arch's giant Horse Head sculpture and the temporary Vroom Vroom sculpture along Park Lane.

I wonder how much will have changed by my next visit back to Britain...

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