Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fashion billboards gracing L.A.'s skies in June 2015...

June has been one of the quieter months in the skies of L.A. for fashion advertising, and what little there was either embraced Summer style (meaning lots of flesh showing), or offered a glimpse of new Fall 2015 collections.

Fashion and jewelry billboards
2Xist Tropic mens underwear billboard
First up in this selection of outdoor fashion ads is another revealing billboard for 2(X)ist and their latest Tropic men's designer underwear line.
OP swimwear 2015 billboard
Next there were more gorgeous bodies of Summer from Ocean Pacific swimwear (at more affordable high street prices).
Wildfox Summer 2015 fashion billboard
And Wildfox was getting in the festival spirit of Summer with its latest advertising.
Hale Bob Summer 2015 fashion billboard
And even though the start of June was a bit gloomy, when the sun did break through Hale Bob had fresh floral fabric designs to get you beach ready.
Hudson Jeans beach jeep billboard
Speaking of the beach, Hudson Jeans looks like they were having fun racing along the shoreline in an open-top Jeep.
Armani Exchange Summer 2015 billboard
Meanwhile in the skies of Sunset Plaza Armani Exchange teased their latest sunglasses and timepiece accessories to help keep you stylish in the sunshine.
Gucci FW 2015 fashion billboard
And Gucci was teasing passersby with their new Fall 2015 collection, which always seems so early when the sun is blazing hot in L.A.
Oakley One Obsession baseball billboard
Sports apparel brand Oakley continued its One Obsession ad campaign with this Matt Kemp baseball batting cage billboard.
George Clooney Omega Speedmaster watch billboard
And George Clooney brought some Hollywood celebrity presence to the skies of L.A. along the Sunset Strip, where passersby were seeing double of the actor in these Omega Speedmaster watch billboards on both sides of the street.

As you can see it really was a subdued month for fashion in the city skyline, so why not compare these ads to last June's fashion billboards.

Let's hope July has more fabulous fashion to offer L.A.'s skies, until then stay tuned in the days to come for all the TV, movie, music, drinks and lifestyle billboards of the past month...

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