Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June's drinks and lifestyle billboards gracing the L.A. skyline...

This month aside from all the Emmy consideration campaigns and Summer movie billboards filling L.A.'s skies, there's also been an eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards vying for our attention. Here's a collection of drinks, travel, technology, car and other lifestyle ad creatives making the streets of Los Angeles more interesting.

Drinks and food billboards
Giant Peroni Beer billboard
First up is a super-sized billboard for Peroni Nastro Azzurro beer, bringing a touch of Italian glamour to the Sunset Strip with their new look 'Sailor Girl' ad creative.
Dos Equis wolf pack billboard
Speaking of beer, and The World's Most Interesting Man was back with another fun creative for Dos Equis.
Johnny Walker Black Label Entourage movie tie-in billboard
In the world of Scotch whisky Johnny Walker had this cool sprawling L.A. bottle creative for its tie-in with the Entourage movie.
Giant Zico Coconut Water Flourish from the inside billboard
And this giant billboard for Zico coconut water, featuring Jessica Alba, would probably be a more striking ad if it wasn't being obscured by the new construction along the Sunset Strip (I hope the beverage brand is getting a discount for poor visibility).
Ben Jerry's ice-cream Lets spoon billboard
Meanwhile Ben & Jerry's is back with this cheeky innuendo-laden creative for its new Cookie Core ice-cream variant.

Adult billboards
Hustler Hollywood Your grill or mine billboard
From talk of spooning to an adult retail store, and Hustler Hollywood had this BBQ themed billboard just in time for Summer, although it's no way as funny as the store's recent stop vegetable abuse billboards.

Health billboards
Syphilis is serious blind cane billboard
And speaking of sex, make sure that you're taking care when indulging as some STDs are on the rise, like syphilis, and have some serious and lasting side effects, like blindness.

Education billboards
Economic Engines CSUN billboard
From one kind of education to another, and this California State University, Northridge billboard is made so much more interesting with the use of special extension gimmicks.

Travel, tourism and theme park billboards
Universal Studios Fast Furious Supercharged ride billboard
And speaking of gimmicks and Universal Studios Hollywood's latest special installation has a few. Not only does the billboard fro the new Fast & Furious Supercharged ride has moving helicopter rotors, but it also has a smoke machine to produce the effect of burning tyre smoke.
Disneyland 60 Mickey Mouse billboard
Also in the world of theme parks and Disneyland in California celebrates it's 60th Diamond anniversary with these 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Olaf' from Frozen character billboards.
Disneyland 60 Snowman Olaf billboard
Meanwhile if you're traveling to San Diego you can now go on safari at the zoo.
San Diego Zoo Safari Park billboard
And in the competitive world of air travel Delta isn't taking things lying down when it comes to calling out the other airlines, highlighting their flat-bed services.
We take other airlines lying down Delta billboard

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Shot on iPhone 6 cresting wave billboard June 2015
In the world of technology and telecoms, Apple continued to refresh its spectacular Shot on iPhone 6 outdoor ad campaign in the city skyline with another wave of stunning user-generated ad creatives.
Giant TMobile fastest Network flag billboard
And T-Mobile continued to turn heads using giant billboards and shocking hot pink to get its higher speed network message across.
Zingy dog walking app billboard
And the latest app to try their hand at outdoor advertising was for a new dog walking service called Zingy. As a dog owner the only issue I see with this service, is that unlike Uber where you're just happy to get a ride to your destination, you want someone you can trust to walk your pet, not just someone who's available in the area. But then I guess not all dog parents as as fussy as me.

Autos billboards
Chevrolet Trax city smart billboard
June was also a big month for car advertising, and obviously red shades were obviously the colour to be had as these Chevrolet Trax and Ford Focus billboards illustrate.
Ford Focus More is its thing billboard
Sadly car advertisements continue to be much duller than other brands that advertise outdoors.
Top Tier 76 gas billboard
Meanwhile 76 was trying use peer pressure to use their gas stations, because that's supposedly where all the cool drivers go.
Bike instead Metro billboard
And finally the L.A. Metro was trying to make its bus and train services run more efficiently by getting cars off the road by encouraging you to take your life in your own hands and bike (or walk) instead. The roads may be wider in L.A., but that doesn't make its drivers any less crazy.

So as you can see there's been a real assortment of billboards to catch your eye this month. Why not take a look at what lifestyle billboards were filling the skies this time last year as a comparison?

Stay tuned for one more snapshot of June's new and returning TV show billboards...

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