Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Modern Heroes - a superheroic new addition to West Hollywood's Park...

West Hollywood has a superheroic new statue in its park and by the looks of things, this homoerotic outdoor art featuring DC Comics iconic Batman and Superman, is perfectly timed for the city's annual Gay Pride festivities.
Modern Heroes statue by Mauro Perucchetti
Modern Heroes statue Mauro Perucchetti
It looks like this replica of the original marble statue has been inspired by Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' ceiling painting, with the alien Man of Steel taking the place of God and the Caped Crusader reaching out his finger to his daddy.
Batman Superman statue West Hollywood Park
This eye-catching and whimsical white art installation can be found opposite the Pacific Design Center along San Vicente Boulevard, where recently you could see bronze bears at play with children in The Game sculptures.

You can't beat that iconic Superman shirt-ripping pose
Modern Heroes Superman statue West Hollywood
Obviously someone who works in West Hollywood's art of the outside program is either huge comic book fan, or just knows what the local gay population likes.
Modern Heroes Batman Superman statue West Hollywood Park
Our Labrador Cooper was decidedly less impressed though, but then the only two heroes he needs are his two dads.

Cooper checked out the latest addition to the neighbourhood
Modern Heroes statue West Hollywood Park
This sculptural homage is almost straight out of fan fiction, with all those rippling muscles, superheroic torsos and shirt-tearing, especially as that's Superman's iconic pose (although living in WEHO there's never a shortage of gym buff bodies taking their shirts off).
White Modern Heroes statue West Hollywood Park
I also realised it's not the first time I'd seen this artist's work and if you like this contemporary heroic statue, be sure to check out Mauro Perucchetti's Jelly Baby Family installation from London in 2011.
Batman Superman Modern Heroes statue West Hollywood
After all the 'May grey' and 'June gloom' weather this new statue certainly brightened my day, although the only improvement could be the addition of a matching Wonder Woman statue (check out my West Hollywood Halloween costume for the reason why).
Batman Superman Modern Heroes statue
Let's hope this piece doesn't get vandalised and no one tries to climb all over it like the did with Cosimo Cavallaro's Jelly Beans in the park in 2013 (despite all the signs asking not to).
White Batman Modern Heroes statue replica
I wonder how long this striking statue will last in this location, hopefully not faster than a speeding bullet, or is it just for Pride? Regardless, how they can possibly top it in the future.
Mauro Perucchetti Batman Superman statue West Hollywood
It'll be fun walking past this alternative Dynamic Duo with Cooper on our morning walks and I'm sure lots of other passersby will also get a kick out of it too.

I hope Robin isn't too heartbroken...

UPDATED: I've since learned that the sculpture will be there for the next six months and it's meant as the artist's homage to same sex marriage and respect for all.

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