Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our pup is re-Cooper-ating...

For those of you keeping track of Cooper's recovery after his leg surgery, the good news is that he had his stitches out yesterday, the bad news is that he managed to lick his wound even with his comfy cone, so he was issued an even bigger 'cone of shame' and some mode meds by the vet.

Labrador Cooper Cone of Shame
Fortunately he seems to think it's all a big game and his personality has certainly survived the experience as you can see.

The other day we were both starting to go a bit stir crazy without any Runyon Canyon or beach visits and just sticking to the local neighbourhood, which basically means Cooper wants to forage for pizza leftovers even more than usual.
Labrador Palisades Park Santa Monica
So as a change of pace the other day we ventured down to Palisades Park in Santa Monica for some ocean air, but the heat and the walk was almost too much for him still.
Labrador Cooper vet cone
His shaved fur is growing back and hopefully by next week everything will have healed properly, we've even got a larger 'comfy cone' on the way to replace this plastic monstrosity, which he bangs and scrapes all around the house.

Time heals all wounds, but you can never forget the 'cone of shame'...

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