Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Labrador Cooper triumphantly returns to the beach...

For those of you keeping track of Cooper's recovery since his surgery, today marked an important landmark, his return to Huntington Dog Beach.

Labrador Cooper Huntington Dog Beach
Even though the skies may have been overcast this morning, I couldn't have been more pleased to see our Labrador bounding through the surf after his tennis ball (especially as he only recently had a lump the size of a tennis ball removed from his hind leg).
We tried to take it easier than usual this morning, not to reopen any wounds or pull any muscles after not using them in this way for a while, but aside from getting used to the bracing Pacific Ocean again, he was soon up to his old tricks and springing through the waves like 'Tigger' from Winnie the Pooh.
Labrador splashing waves Huntington Dog Beach
At the beach it's all about his tennis ball (and rolling around in the sand), and he seemed like his old self. In fact I think I was more cautious than he was for fear of seeing him hurt or injured again.
Tennis ball Labrador
The trip was just what he needed, not only to test out his post-surgery leg, but also to help him use up all that pent up energy that he's been storing these past few weeks of recovery.

Fingers (and paws) crossed when he wakes up later, he'll just have his usual stiffness after playing at the beach and there'll be no other problems.

Now which dog beach shall we visit next...

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