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New series and returning TV show billboards filling L.A.'s skies in June 2015...

In June you'd almost be mistaken for thinking that every TV billboard was actually part of an Emmy consideration ad campaign, as there were so many examples filling the skies, but there were actually even more new series making their debut and returning shows trying to get your attention around the streets of L.A.

TV billboards
Giant True Detective season 2 billboard
First up is a giant-sized billboard for the second season of True Detectives, with Vince Vaughn towering over the Sunset Strip. Be sure to check out all the other ad creatives for season two of HBO's crime anthology series with a brand new cast and storyline, including a super-sized Colin Farrell billboard in the same location.
Giant Ballers series premiere billboard
Speaking of massive billboards and Dwayne Johnson was also looming large over the Sunset Strip, but on the other westbound side of the 9000 Sunset Boulevard building, for his new pro-football comedy-drama, Ballers.
The Brink season 1 billboard
And following the two True Detectives ad creatives, HBO's new political comedy The Brink, starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins, received the super-sized treatment on the eastbound side.
Scream TV series premiere billboard
Every TV season there's a trend in new shows, whether it be superheroes, fairytales or medical dramas, for this Summer and the Fall 2015 it looks like studios are mining the fertile territory of teen slasher horror movies. First up is the TV remake of the Scream horror franchise on MTV, which poked fun at the conventions of the genre for four feature films.
Scream Queens series premiere billboard
Later this Fall Ryan Murphy debuts his new killer series, Scream Queens, which oddly feels like a mashup of his two hits, Glee and American Horror Story. 

Emma Roberts stars in this dark college dramedy, which shouldn't be too much of a departure after starring in AHS: Coven and Freakshow, and coincidentally the fourth installment of the Scream movie franchise.
Humans series premiere billboard
Another show debuting this month on AMC is the new British sci-fi drama, Humans, adapted from the original Swedish series. The show is all about life-like robots and artificial intelligence, and I'm intrigued by the first episode already.
Sense 8 series premiere billboard
Speaking of science fiction and a fantastical new series, and Sense8 debuted earlier this month. The Netflix series by 'The Wachowskis' takes place around the world and finds eight very different characters connected by a telepathic and empathetic bond, able to experience the emotions and memories and access each other's unique talents. It's my new favourite show and I'm hoping it'll be renewed for a second season.
Heroes Reborn series premiere billboard
Another show about superhuman powers makes its comeback this Fall when we find Heroes Reborn on NBC. The original series about ordinary people who gain extraordinary abilities ran for four season from 2006 to 2010, and now it's back for a rebooted mini-series with a whole host of new characters and fresh storyline.
The Whispers giant series premiere billboard
ABC Studios also gave the super-sized treatment to its new supernatural imaginary friend series, The Whispers, this month for extra standout.
Zoo series premiere billboard
Another show making its debut this Summer with this striking billboard is the adaptation of James Patterson's best-selling novel, Zoo, where animals turn on humanity.
Complications series premiere billboard
Over on the USA Network Jason O'Mara has Complications when his doctor character saves the life of a young boy and gets embroiled in a gang war. This clever tailored caduceus of medicine ad creative is a great nod to the criminal and medical premise of the new show.
Mr Robot series premiere billboard
Also on USA is Mr. Robot, a new hacker drama which really taps into our paranoia about 'Big Brother', NSA spying and big corporations controlling our lives. If you like this 'Privacy is a myth' creative, be sure to check out the other cool Mr. Robot series premiere billboards.
Clipped series premiere billboard
This month TBS also debuted its new Ashley Tisdale comedy set in a barbershop in Charlestown in Boston. Let's hope it enjoys more success for the former High School Musical star than 2010's Hellcats series.
Odd Mom Out series premiere billboard
And speaking of comedy, Bravo launched its new Odd Mom Out series with this fun creative. I'd go for fries over lipstick any day too.
The Seventies Farrah Fawcett billboard
Over on CNN, following on from The Sixties docu-series, this iconic Farrah Fawcett billboard heralded The Seventies new series along the Sunset Strip.
Alone series premiere billboard
And another documentary series gracing Sunset Boulevard History's Alone, about men surviving in the wilderness and coping with extreme conditions, wild animals and isolation.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force final season billboard
This month this fun mooninite billboard creative was shedding a tear for the eleventh and final season of the Adult Swim animated comedy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
Wild N Out season 7 Nonstop Summer billboard
Back for a seventh season on MTV2 was Nick Cannon and the lightning fast improv comedy show, Wild N' Out.
Orange is the New Black season 3 billboard
Also bringing the humour for their third season were the female inmates of Orange is the New Black, with this fantastic prayer candle special extension billboard.
Tyrant season 2 billboard
Returning for its sophomore season on FX, the Middle Eastern political family drama, Tyrant, has this fantastic mosaic-themed billboard.
Rogue season 3 billboard
And the third season of DirecTV's crime drama, Rogue, had this dark jigsaw ad creative.
Hannibal season 3 billboard
The third season of Hannibal was serving up this sinister and enigmatic billboard for the returning The Silence of the Lambs prequel show (although it will be the last to air on NBC).
The Strain season 2 billboard
And speaking of horror and FX's vampire pandemic series was back with this wonderfully gruesome season two billboard, sure to get tongues wagging after The Strain's controversial season one billboards which saw wriggling worms emerging from bloodshot eyeballs.
Another Period series premiere billboard
Back in the world of comedy and Another Period was mashing up Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Downtown Abbey for its new mockumentary parody series set in the past. In this ad creative Riki Lindhome (opposite Natasha Leggero) is flashing her unmentionables in an homage to all those nasty Z-List celebrities that do the same thing stepping out of cars in modern times.

This Comedy Central billboard also reminds me of the season one billboards for Inside Amy Schumer, which hid her nipple slippage with the same technique.
Little Women LA season 3 billboard
Over on Lifetime surf was up for the ladies of Little Women: LA and the third season of their reality show.
Spoils Before Dying IFC billboard
Meanwhile on IFC they have uncovered the long-lost mini-series of fictional filmmaker Eric Jonrosh, which adapts the epic tale of a pianist-turned-detective investigating a murder in the 1950's underground jazz scene in The Spoils Before Dying.
Bullseye season 1 billboard
This month I also spied another billboard creative for Kellan Lutz's new reality extreme sports competition, Bullseye.
America score to settle Women's soccer billboard
One of my favourite creatives in June had to be this eye-catching patriotic stars and stripes ad creative for the Women's Soccer World Cup televised on Fox.
Giant Grace Helbig YouTube billboard
And finally, YouTube continued to support its online web series personalities with this giant-sized billboard for Grace Helbig on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.

So you can see how crowded the skies have really been this month, with all the Emmy billboards, plus fashion, movie, music and lifestyle advertisers all trying to capture your attention.

If you like all these outdoor ads, be sure to also check out the TV show billboards gracing the skyline of the City of Angels in 2014.

Hopefully July will continue to be a fabulous month for new ad creatives to keep us all entertained. Only time will tell...

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