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Summer drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skies in August 2015...

With the weather hotter than Hell in L.A. at the moment, the job of billboards selling refreshing beverages is made that much easier, but that's not to say these drinks billboards are not eye-catching in their own right. Here's a selection of the attention-grabbing drinks and other lifestyle ad creatives that caught my magpie eye all this month.

Drinks billboards
Palm trees cool breeze Rum Chata billboard
First up is this wonderfully retro billboard for Rum Chata, the cream liqueur drink. I've never tried it, but I love the feel of these stylized ad creatives, just as I loved Rum Chata's festive billboard from over the Holidays. I can certainly imagine sipping a cocktail poolside after seeing these fun-filled billboards.
Corona Extra not a season way of life billboard
Next up is Corona Extra keeping the spirit of Summer alive, whether you drink the beer from a bottle or their new can (with a lime wedge of course). 

Be sure to also check out the other cool Corona billboards promoting their new can from earlier this year.
Wine is so cliché Stella Artois Beer giant billboard
Speaking of beer and Stella Artois continues to project a refined image for its brand, suggesting it's the perfect dinner beverage instead of wine.
Dos Equis beer billboards
The Most Interesting Man in the World continues to promote his philosophy in the skies of L.A. with his duo of witty billboards for Dos Equis beer in Hollywood.
Coors Light beer billboard
And not to be left out Coors Light has this Rockies inspired creative to inspire some cold liquid refreshment in the heat.
Redds Ale Together Now billboard
Meanwhile Redd's Apple Ale was offering a fruitier alternative to other beers for you to enjoy together with these billboards.
Redds Ale Together Now billboard
In the world of tequila, Espolon was back in the skies with this bold new creative continuing their Day of the Dead skeleton ad campaign.
Espolon Tequila inspiration with Vengeance billboard
And Vitamin Water was also back with a vengeance this August, with a heavy weight outdoor ad campaign in the streets and skies of Los Angeles.
Vitamin Water Hydrate the Hustle billboard
If you like these vibrant examples, be sure to also enjoy all these other colourful Vitamin Water Hydrate the Hustle billboards I've managed to capture on my travels this month.
Vitamin Water Hydrate Hustle billboard

Health and cause-related billboards
No condom Rude Impulse safe sex billboard
This month The Impulse Group is using personalities 'Bon Qui Qui' (Anjelah Johnson's MADtv character) and pink-loving Angelyne to help promote safe sex and making sure all the gay boys are playing safe in West Hollywood.
Play safe boys Impulse billboard
And just as this other billboard from AIDS Healthcare Foundation suggests, even you. Because even with though the new antiretroviral PrEP drugs may help prevent HIV/AIDS transmission, there's still plenty of STDs to the worried about, like syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, warts and more.  
Even Me Free HIV Test billboard
This 'Straight Outta Condoms' parody of the recent movie Straight Outta Compton is great way to catch passersby attention and raise awareness of condom usage.
Straight Outta Condoms billboard
Whilst all the hot weather may be causing everyone to get naked at the beach, around the pool or in bed this Summer, Californians have also been facing sever drought conditions after several years of low rain and snowfall.
Be water wise faucet billboard
These eye-catching California drought awareness billboards around the streets of L.A. obviously can help with water conservation, before people start getting fined for overuse, but recently when I was up high looking out over the houses of Beverly Hills all I saw were perfect, lush manicured lawns, so the message isn't really getting through to everyone yet.
Support full ban on Bobcat trapping billboard
Another local cause I was unaware of until I saw this billboard was bobcat trapping in the state, the campaigning looks like it worked as the California Fish and Game Commission voted to stop the practice this month (although not hunting).
John Wayne quitters Grit Values billboard
And I always like to see these Values billboards in the city skyline, they are never too preachy but have good advice and a philosophy we can all follow to make everyone's life around us better, like John Wayne says, when the going gets tough you shouldn't just quit.

If you like this, be sure to check out more examples of the Foundation for a better life ad campaign from recent years.

Technology and website billboards
DaVinci Resolve 12 software billboard
This Western-themed ad creative for Black Magic Design's DaVinci Resolve 12 editor software really stood out this month along the Sunset Strip and is very targeted to the Hollywood crowd where everyone always has a project on the go or works in the business.
Shot on iPhone 6 Greek Isle billboard
Apple was back with another wave of Shot on iPhone 6 billboards featuring stunning user generated images, like this Greek Isle themed creative.
Giant Apple Music billboard
For a change of pace Apple also split its ad sites between the iPhone 6 and its new music streaming service, like this giant version featuring indie star FKA Twigs.
Apple Music billboard
If you like these examples, be sure to check out these other black and white Apple Music billboards from around the skies of L.A.
We put the dot com in apartments Jeff Goldblum billboard
In the world of flat hunting, Jeff Goldblum was featured on this website billboard.
Know Whodunnit Nest Cam billboard
And Nest Cam was rolling out more ad creatives around town, in addition to the clever two-part pet paws billboard along the Sunset Strip, to promote their new home security and monitoring system.
Witness the mayhem in HD Nest Cam billboards

Autos billboards
unstoppable 2015 Ford Edge billboard
In the world of cars, Ford was showcasing their 2015 Edge and 2016 Explorer models in this 'Be Unstoppable' outdoor ad campaign.
Ford 2016 Explorer billboard

Travel and tourism billboards
Womankind Airbnb billboard
As part of its 'Belong Anywhere' campaign, room rental service Airbnb had this simple and striking 'woman kind' ad creative along the Sunset Strip.
Natural History Museum Geek Out billboard
And I also spied this geeky fun billboard from the L.A. Natural History Museum's new ad campaign, trying to attract visitors over the Summer months.
Hollywood Wax Museum billboard
And speaking of drawing a crowd, the Hollywood Wax Museum has this razzle-dazzle billboard at Hollywood & Highland to attract visitors across the street, especially with Madame Tussauds waxworks just up the road to compete with.

Sports billboard
Steven Gerrard LA Galaxy Greatness billboard
In the world of sport, L.A. Galaxy was once again in the city skyline promoting its local soccer team.

Nightlife and live show billboards
Giant Foxtail Pool Haute Mess Las Vegas billboard
And the Foxtail Pool Club in Las Vegas was promoting Sin City's nightlife in a big way along the Sunset Strip this month.
Comedy Get Down World Tour billboard
And finally if you didn't want to go out drinking and dancing, them maybe a stand-up comedy show like The Comedy Get Down tour was what you wee looking for to be entertained this August.

As you can see it's been a crowded, ever-changing skyline this month once again and I'm sure next month will continue to offer many new billboards trying to catch our attention.

Stay tuned for a roundup of all the new TV show billboards filling L.A.'s skies in August, plus be sure to also check out this month's fashion billboards, movie and music billboards and Emmy nomination billboards that have kept me busy these past few weeks.

Come back soon...

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