Monday, August 10, 2015

Where did my sofas go...?

After living in our West Hollywood place for over five years and subjecting them to a big 90lb Yellow Labrador getting them messy, washing his paws and bouncing all over them, we thought it time to freshen things up.

Have I been robbed?
Dazed confused Labrador Cooper
Fortunately a friend was able to take our two sofas and put them to good use, but it seems that Cooper didn't get the memo as he's a bit confused by his temporarily sparse furnishings.

I could have sworn there was one there...
Labrador Cooper looking for his sofa

And one over there?
Labrador Cooper looking for his sofa
Tomorrow his replacement throne arrives, but in the meantime it's like we've just moved into the place again.

I loved dozing on one of my two sofas
Sleepy Labrador Cooper
Here's Cooper in happier times, enjoying a snooze on his sofa (he chewed a great big hole under the first sofa we ever had with his puppy teeth).

I just hope that he'll adjust well to the new sectional sofa we've bought as we'll be moving the room around a bit, so he'll have to find his new favourite spot again.

I could sleep anywhere when I was tired
Sleepy Yellow Labrador Cooper
To be honest he's a bit like 'Sheldon Cooper' in The Big Bang Theory - it has to be in a certain place where he can see his two dads at all times, has a nice breeze from the air conditioning and also have a view of the door and out the window so he can see passersby.

Yes, he is our little prince and we wouldn't have him any other way.

Let's just hope the new sofa arrives tomorrow as promised...

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