Wednesday, September 30, 2015

TV show billboards returning to L.A.'s skies in September 2015...

Along with all the new television shows vying for your attention this Fall season, there's also been a whole host of returning favourites filling L.A.'s skyline this September. Here's a selection of the all sitcoms, talkshows, talent contests, superhero series and dramas back for another outing on your TV screens and in the city skies.

TV billboards
Empire season 2 billboard
Empire was the ratings darling of last season when it debuted and 'Cookie and Lucious Lyon' are back for more musical drama with this fierce season two billboard.
The Last Man on Earth season 2 billboard
Also back for its sophomore years is Will Forte's The Last Man On Earth, although as you can see he has company now in the form of Kristen Schaal.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 billboard
Fresh from successfully hosting the Emmys, Andy Samberg and the cops at the Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct are back for a third season of comedic high jinks.
Gotham season 2 billboard
And the Batman prequel Gotham returns for a second season of life before the Caped Crusader, with his arch enemies on the rise in these new episodes and this fun Bat-Signal shaped ad creative.
Flash season 2 billboard
Another comic book show racing back to your screens and into the city streets is The Flash after a successful first season.
The Blacklist season 3 billboard
The Blacklist returns for its third season and this time in a reversal of fate finds 'Liz Keen' and 'Red Reddington' on the run as the FBI's most wanted.
The Voice season 9 billboard
Singing contest The Voice is back for an amazing ninth season with this fun painted ad creative, helping to mix up the style of the show's usual season promo billboards.
Ellen season 13 billboard
Plus Ellen DeGeneres returns for the thirteenth season of her daytime talkshow with this quirky creative.
Jimmy Fallon Tonights the night 2015 billboard
From chatting with guests in the day to hosting a late night talkshow, and Jimmy Fallon is back in the hot seat on The Tonight Show on NBC.
Mindy Project season 4 billboard
Next up are two shows returning for their fourth seasons and both rescued by different streaming services from their original network. Mindy Kaling moves from Fox to Hulu for her fourth fun season of The Mindy Project.
Longmire season 4 billboard
Meanwhile crime drama Longmire finds new life on Netflix after three seasons on A&E with this stunning scenic billboard.
Scorpion season 2 billboard
Scorpion is back on CBS for its second season, although no geniuses were harmed in the making of this billboard.
Doll and Em season 2 billboard
Over on HBO and real-life best friends Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer return for a second season of the comedy Doll & Em, where they play fictionalized versions of themselves.
Giant Project Greenlight season 4 billboard
Project Greenlight is back in a big way for its fourth season after an absence of ten years, following a winning filmmaker through the process of making a movie in Hollywood from start to finish, mentored by the likes of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (who's been getting into all kinds of trouble with the things he says).
Black Jesus season 2 Last Supper parody billboard
Over on Adult Swim and Black Jesus is having his second coming with this fun parody billboard of the Last Supper.
Look out South Park season 19 billboard
And finally look out, because South Park is back for a nineteenth season of animated hilarity on Comedy Central.

If you like all these returning TV show billboards, be sure to see what shows were back in the skies of L.A. this time last year.

You can check out all the latest TV billboards at my Daily Billboard blog and be sure to come back next month for more roundups of what's happening in the streets and skyline of Los Angeles.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Fall TV launch billboards around L.A. in September 2015...

Regardless of all the movie, music, fashion and lifestyle billboards crowding the L.A. skyline, this past month has really belonged to the new Fall 2015 TV shows. Here's a selection of all the rookie television offerings vying for you attention in the streets and skies of Los Angeles in September.

TV billboards
Special Crazy ExGirlfriend 3D balloon billboard
First up making a spectacle of herself to win back her high school soulmate is the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, with this fantastic 3D balloon installation on top of the Whisky A Go-Go along the Sunset Strip.

You can also check out the standard series premiere billboards for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at my Daily Billboard blog.
Giant Quantico series premiere billboard
Next up making her American TV debut is Bollywood actress and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, in the new FBI conspiracy thriller, Quantico (think Grey's Anatomy sexiness set at the FBI's training camp).
The Muppets series premiere billboard
Returning to our TV screens after surviving in the business on the big and small screen for forty years are The Muppets, with a new behind-the-scenes mockumentary style series.

If you're a fan of Jim Henson's lovable felt and foam creations, be sure to check out all these other Muppets TV and movie billboards from recent years.
Blood and Oil series premiere billboard
An ABC series which may feel a tad familiar this season is Blood & Oil, starring Don Johnson and Chace Crawford, in a soapy drama set in boomtown North Dakota which evokes classic shows like Dallas and Dynasty.
The Player series premiere billboard
This season Wesley Snipes is making his comeback in a new TV show where super rich people gamble on crime in Las Vegas, where Philip Winchester is The Player tasked with preventing these crimes from happening.
Blindspot series premiere billboard
Also on NBC and maybe the breakout hit of the season is Blindspot, where Jaimie Alexander stars as an amnesiac 'Jane Doe' whose body is found naked in a bag in Times Square covered in fresh tattoos that contain clues to upcoming crimes and catastrophes.
Bastard Executioner series premiere billboard
Over on FX Kurt Sutter, fresh off seven seasons of biker gang drama Sons of Anarchy, steps back into the past with the Medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner.

If you like this moody ad creative, be sure to check out this other cool special extension billboard for The Bastard Executioner.
Minority Report series premiere billboard
Joining the likes of Limitless this season, is another movie spin-off based of the 2002 Steven Spielberg sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise, Minority Report.

I'd hoped this show was going to be great, but sadly I think it'll be one of the flops of the season. Everything from the costumes, to the sets, to the characters make this series feel small and insignificant compared to the original film (aside from Meagan Good bursting out of all her tight-fitting clothes).
The Grinder series premiere billboard
In The Grinder, Rob Lowe plays an actor who used to play a lawyer in a successful TV show, and when he returns to his small hometown he thinks he can practice law like his real lawyer brother played by Fred Savage.
Grandfathered series premiere billboard
Another Fox sitcom featuring an 80s man crush is Grandfathered with John Stamos, where the Full House star finds himself not only finds himself discovering he's a dad, but also grandparent.
Rosewood series premiere billboard
Meanwhile Morris Chestnut is playing a Miami pathologist-for-hire in his new crime procedural series Rosewood.
Code Black series premiere billboard
Over on CBS and Marcia Gay Harden headlines an all-new E.R. medical drama called Code Black.
Life in Pieces series premiere billboard
Whilst in new family comedy Life in Pieces, Dianne Wiest and James Brolin star as the matriarch and patriarch of the 'Short' clan and all its characters.
Late Show Stephen Colbert billboard
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert launched to much praise, replacing David Letterman in the talkshow time slot, and this is one of my favourite billboards for the new series. His interview with Vice President Joe Biden was especially poignant.
Daily Show Trevor Noah series premiere billboard
His replacement on Comedy Central, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, also received this billboard to kick off his new weeknight show.
Hand of God series premiere billboard
Amazon's streaming service was bringing Hand of God for your binge-watching pleasure this month, starring Ron Perlman as a crooked judge who suffers a mental breakdown out for revenge when he believes God is talking to him.
Narcos series premiere billboard
Netflix was bringing drug cartel drama with Narcos this month, which chronicled the exploits of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar.
Narcos season 1 Netflix billboard
These series premiere billboards really do illustrate 'there's no business like blow business'.
Outlaw Chronicles Hells Angels series premiere billboard
And speaking of crime, the History channel was delving into the notorious biker gang culture with this atmospheric billboard for Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels.
Giant Ferrell Takes the Field HBO comedy special billboard
In the new HBO documentary comedy special, Will Ferrell Takes the Field in a baseball extravaganza for charity.
CNN Republican Presidential Debates 2015 billboard
Meanwhile with all the new Fall TV shows launching, there's still time for more comedy, drama and entertainment in the form of the Republican Presidential Debates, where prospective U.S. Presidential candidates are proving they really are some of the worst humanity has to offer and are making a mockery of politics.
Hulu There's no stopping you now billboard
Streaming service Hulu really seems to be stepping up to take on the other players like Netflix and Amazon of late, with a host of new original shows plus a commercial-free option now available to watch all your favourite programs.
Hulu bathroom breaks billboard
As you can see there's lots of choice this Fall TV season and only some of these new shows will survive, especially as they are competing with existing series also returning for new seasons, so be sure to stick around for all the returning show billboards.

In the meantime, be sure to also compare all these new shows to last year's Fall TV billboards and these 2013 Fall TV billboards.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

September's drinks and lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skyline...

You've seen the fashion, movie and music billboards filling L.A.'s skies in September, now it's the turn of the drinks and lifestyle billboards turning heads.

Drinks billboards
Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka billboard
First up is this cheery retro-feel billboard for Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, bringing you the taste of real grapefruit in your American vodka.
Crown Royal Regal Apple billboard
Next up also with a fruity twist is this rich and opulent ad for Crown Royal Whisky, made with regal gala apples.
Coors Light Born in the Rockies billboard
In the world of beer, Coors Light was reinforcing its origins in the crisp, cold-staged brewed taste from the Rocky Mountains with its new ad.
Zico Coconut Water Flourish bilboard
Meanwhile Jessica Alba could still be seen in the streets as the refreshing face of Zico coconut water.
138 Water Jenna Jenovich bikini billboard
And 138 Water continued its outdoor ad campaign utilising scantily-clad bikini models in various states of undress to turn heads and promote its premium bottled water offering.
138 Water Leidy Mazo bikini billboard
If you appreciate this kind of titillating advertising, be sure to also check out all these other 138 Water billboards from months past.

Technology billboards
Apple Watch billboard
With this next billboard for the new Apple Watch I'm not sure whether it should sit in a fashion roundup or this technology category, as the new smartwatch comes in all kinds of design and price options to suit your style, and budget.
Squirt Nonstop play hookup app billboard
In the world of gay hookup apps, Squirt had this billboard advertising the new app for casual sex with (well oiled) strangers.

Health billboards
Tinder Grindr hookup apps STD billboard
And speaking of dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, this clever billboard was also a reminder of the importance of safe sex and regular STD check ups when you sleep around.
Spine surgery billboard
Meanwhile also in the realm of health, this spinal surgery ad really reminded me of the billboards for The Intern movie this month.

Auto billboards
Audi A3 e-tron billboard
In the motoring world, this new Audi A3 e-tron billboard highlighted the plug in and charge ease of its new electric hybrid.

Financial and legal billboards
retirement challenge Prudential billboard
Finance billboards are never that much fun, and we rarely want to think too far ahead like retirement. Prudential is pointing out that we face greater challenges now as we get older, but you can't help but think if the big banks of Wall Street had handled our money better, we wouldn't be in the situation we are now.
Ticket clinic billboard
Totally unconnected, but these Ticket Clinic billboards to help get get out of traffic fines and violations always make me laugh, as I feel like I'm going to be exterminated by that cop if I don't pay my ticket.

Tourism and events billboards
Vegan Oktoberfest 2015 billboard
And finally it's that time of the year again for Vegan Oktoberfest, this year taking place in DTLA with vegan food vendors and over 50 different types of beers to enjoy, in addition to dressing up in Lederhosen.

As you can see more of a mixed bag in the lifestyle category this month, but stay tuned in the coming days for this month's new TV show billboards.

Watch this space...