Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Colourful Spheres at MacArthur Park in L.A...

L.A. may be hotter than Hell at the moment, but this colourful, fun art installation on MacArthur Park's lake is enough to lift anyone's flagging spirits in my opinion.

2015 Spheres at MacArthur Park by artist Ed Massey
Spheres MacArthur Park
Always fashionably late to the party, over the long Labor Day weekend I'd seen these amazing pictures popping up all over my friends Facebook timelines and wanted to check out the floating painted balls for myself.
Spheres at MacArthur Park 2015
MacArthur Park Spheres public art installation
The skies may not have been as clear as over the weekend and it was like venturing out with a hairdryer blowing directly into your face, but I headed down to the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles to see what all the fuss was about.
Spheres at MacArthur Park Summer 2015
Colourful Spheres MacArthur Park 2015
I certainly wasn't disappointed by the vibrant outdoor installation, which is part of the Portraits of Hope initiative and the brainchild of artist Ed Massey, which saw around 7,000 children and adults working together at schools and hospitals to help transform this public space into a wonderful Summer spectacle.
MacArthur Park Spheres 2015
MacArthur Park Spheres lake installation 2015
Around 3,000 floating spheres adorned with painted flowers and fish, which look like giant beach balls, make up this engaging display.
2015 MacArthur Park Spheres
2015 MacArthur Park floating Spheres
Visitors to Jason in Hollywood will know that I love outdoor art, but I've never seen a water-based installation like this before, it's certainly unique and a great way to raise the profile of this L.A. park space.
MacArthur Park floating Spheres
L.A. has previously dabbled in the charity led Community of Angels projects and the City by the Bay has the Hearts of San Francisco sculptural initiative, but this piece of work certainly feels fresh and original, and mostly great fun.
MacArthur Park Spheres floating art installation
If this is going to be an annual event I can't wait to see how this art initiative evolves in the future, but for now I'll just enjoy this slice of joyful Summer spirit...

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