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Fun Halloween costume moments from spooky West Hollywood Carnavals past...

Once again this year I'll be missing the annual West Hollywood Halloween festivities in order to fly to the Big Apple and run the New York Marathon. This long Labor Day weekend whilst I'm training for the race, I'm sure there'll be more than a few people taking the opportunity to research and work on their Halloween costumes for this year. If you're undecided what your look will be this year, here's just a selection of the fun and crazy costumes that have graced West Hollywood's Carnaval in the six years I've actually attended.

Halloween 2013
Zombie Bride Miley Cyrus West Hollywood Halloween costumes
As she's recently hosted the MTV VMA's to much fanfare, here's a fab Miley Cyrus fancy dress costume inspired by her memorable twerking performance on stage with Robin Thicke back in 2013.

I always love how the parade of Halloween costumes manages to pick up on topical pop culture moments, from the likes of politics, current events, popular movies, TV shows and even songs.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes
For some it's obviously a chance to strip off and show off their bodies as much as possible (which happens a lot in West Hollywood), giving the 450,000 attendees something to gawk at and take millions of photos of.
Spooky West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes
I'm usually one of those photographers capturing the occasion, but my rule is that I'll always be in costume, whether it's a zombie bride, Wonder Woman or some other superhero.
Scary West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costume
This year I'm actually a bit relieved to be missing the festivities as Halloween falls on a Saturday this October, so Santa Monica Boulevard is going to be absolutely rammed with visitors, a veritable bloodbath of ghouls, witches, heroes, queens and more costumed revelers than you could shake a broom stick at.
Zombie Uncle Sam Queen costumes West Hollywood Halloween
In my experience people always commit to their characters and embrace the experience, and are always happy to have their photo taken, especially when they can see you've gone to the same effort to dress up too.
West Hollywood Halloween Astronaut costumes
The sci-fi movie Gravity was big hit in 2013 so there were more than a few astronauts and space explorers to be seen.

Be sure to check out even more fab costumes from West Hollywood's 2013 Halloween Carnaval.

Halloween 2012
Zombie Wonder Woman costume West Hollywood Halloween
In 2012 I revamped my store bought Wonder Woman costume (which I ran San Francisco's Bay to Breakers 12k in) and with some fantastic makeup transformed myself into a zombie version of the Amazonian, to stand out from all the other glamorous super-heroines walking the boulevard.
West Hollywood Halloween UP costumes
Disney movie characters are always a favourite at the Carnaval and the characters from UP are always a lot of fun to replicate with the balloon motif.
West Hollywood Halloween 2012 Mary Poppins costumes
Plus there's always a Mary Poppins, or two, on hand to help people have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time, plus alongside Dick Van Dyke's 'Bert' it's a great example of cool couple costume.
Brain Freeze zombie costume West Hollywood Halloween
Spotting this guy's zombie makeup at a previous Carnaval inspired my undead makeover, so it is a great place to pick up inspiration for future Halloweens.
Groovy costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2012
And one of the things I love about the event is that it's totally immersive, you're not stuck behind a barrier spectating, you're part of the groovy celebrations and it's for everyone, young, old, gay, straight (although it really is best to leave your pets at home).

Here's more of what looks Halloween 2012 in West Hollywood had to offer.

Halloween 2011
Disco costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2011
From flower children to disco divas and party anthem DJs, there's always some cool music era-inspired looks to be seen, plus stages along the route have bands and guest performers like Swedish pop star, Robyn.
LMFAO costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2011
There's also loads of food trucks and the bars along the boulevard are always packed, plus there's often a food-themed costume like this great Julia Child homage.
Julia Child drag costume West Hollywood Halloween 2011
Plus being West Hollywood there's always lots of guys dragging in up, and the iconic Wonder Woman outfit is not just my go to inspiration.
West Hollywood Halloween Wonder Woman costumes
Being a Brit and a science-fiction fan, it's always good to see some of our TV show exports being represented like fan-favourite Doctor Who, you can't beat a good TARDIS, Dalek or Doctor (whatever his incarnation, and there's usually a few represented).
West Hollywood Halloween Doctor Who costumes
Plus here's more comic book, sci-fi and fantasy inspired costumes from Halloween 2011.

Halloween 2010
West Hollywood Halloween Unicorn costumes 2010
In a city which boasts rainbow crosswalks and bars filled with go-go boys, there's always a fair share of unicorns enjoying the festivities each year and the boulevard is awash in glitter, sequins and feathers.
West Hollywood Halloween Chilean miner costume 2010
Plus here's one of those topical costumes plucked from the news I was mentioning as 2010 was all about the Chilean miners stuck underground, whilst in other years 'Balloon Boy', the Endeavour space shuttle and Mitt Romney's 'Binders of women' during the election campaign have all captured people's imagination.
West Hollywood Halloween chicken costume 2010
I usually venture out early to see as many fabulous costumes and snap as many photos as possible before things get too crowded and really crazy, especially when people start arriving slightly tipsy from all their pre-Carnaval Halloween parties.
Lady Gaga costume West Hollywood Halloween
As you can see in 2010, Lady Gaga and the Na'vi aliens from Avatar were big hits.
Avatar Navi costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2010
If you like these ideas, be sure to enjoy more cool costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween 2010.

Halloween 2009
West Hollywood Halloween 2009 Stiltwalker costumes
2009 was the year that my husband and I dressed up as Batman and Robin for Halloween, which proved to be a popular choice.
Tina Turner costumes West Hollywood Halloween 2009
However there was plenty of other spectacle to see, from costumed stilt-walkers to dancing parodies of Tina Turner (who seem to be in attendance most years entertaining the crowds).

Halloween 2008
Spiderman Labrador sidekick Cooper
And finally, being from the U.K. we didn't quite know what to expect at our very first West Hollywood and American Halloween in 2008, so we were a bit unprepared for the sheer scale of things and the amazing effort that everyone put in to their looks. A store bought Spider-man costume wasn't a bad choice, but a very young Labrador Cooper took some getting used to it.

As you can see Halloween here is a lot of fun and a real treat for everyone who loves dressing up (at least once a year), but if you're going to attend try and be as creative as possible to stand out from the crowd and make the most of the celebrations.

Halloween may seem like an age away, but if you're making your own costume time is tick-tocking away, so get your thinking cap on and start sewing...

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