Sunday, September 13, 2015

The head-turning new ladies of West Hollywood Park...

If you go down to the park today, you're sure to have a big surprise. West Hollywood Park is now playing host to two lovely ladies, Mauro Perucchetti's female tribute to gender equality and a neon diver in front of the public pool.

Michelangelo 2020: A Tribute to Women by Mauro Perucchetti
Michelangelo 2020 Tribute to Women sculpture Mauro Perucchetti
This contemporary female version of Michelangelo's infamous Renaissance sculpture, 'David', represents the artist's belief in gender equality and portrays the gender-swapped heroine as a strong and courageous figure.
Michelangelo 2020 Tribute to Women sculpture West Hollywood Park
Female homage to Michelangelo's David statue
She joins Perucchetti's other work in the park space, Modern Heroes, a homoerotic version of Superman and Batman emulating Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' paintings in an ode to marriage equality.
Mauro Perucchetti equality sculptures West Hollywood Park
I love the new addition and the existing sculpture, but it'll be interesting to see what my friends and neighbours think, as when I discussed the Modern Heroes public art they had mixed opinions. Some loved it, whilst others thought it was tacky, or was a PR stunt for the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.
Mauro Perucchetti Female David sculpture West Hollywood Park
Michelangelo 2020 Tribute to Women
If you like this new bold, white statue be sure to also check out this other David homage from New York in September 2012 by dEmo & Missoni.
Michelangelo 2020 A Tribute to Women sculpture
Michelangelo's David female homage sculpture
Let's hope she can stand the hot temperatures of the current sweltering heatwave L.A. is experiencing, if not maybe she could take a leaf out of her new neighbour, the Neon Diver, which was previously part of the Route-66 Lights neon sign installation from 2010, but is now standing guard over the West Hollywood outdoor swimming pool.

Diver neon sign
1950s Virginia Court Motel Diver neon sign replica
It's glad to see that this fun neon sign, which is a replica of the 1950's Virginia Court Motel Diver, didn't go to waste and its new location is totally appropriate, until they start demolishing everything again to build the new pool and parkland.
Neon Diver West Hollywood swimming pool
At least today there were beautifully clear skies to help showcase these recent additions to West Hollywood...

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