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Fall TV billboards turning heads in the skies of L.A. in October 2015...

Even though last month there was a deluge of new season TV billboards assaulting the skies of L.A., October also had more than its share of outdoor ads for new series and returning favourites.

TV billboards
American Horror Story Hotel billboard
First up are some twisted creatives for the new season of anthology series American Horror Story, this time set in the creepy Hotel Cortez in L.A.

Even though one of their biggest stories for the new season has been the addition of Lady Gaga to the cast, I'm glad they opted for these surreal billboards rather than showcasing the Fame Monster herself.
American Horror Story Hotel billboard
I also think it's the first time they've used special extension billboards to promote the show, so these ads stand out even more.

If you're a fan of the spooky series, be sure to compare these ads to previous season billboards for American Horror Story to choose your favourites.
Enfield Haunting TV miniseries billboard
Keeping to the dark and twisted theme, this possessed family portrait polaroid creative for The Enfield Haunting mini-series also helped get passersby in the Halloween spirit this month.
Wicked City series premiere billboard
Another billboard with a darker tone this month were these billboards for Wicked City, a serial killer drama set in 80s L.A. along the razzle dazzle of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll of the Sunset Strip.
Giant Ash vs Evil Dead series premiere billboard
And following in the footsteps of several other movie franchises, Ash vs. Evil Dead is the latest spin-off series coming to television this Halloween for a new episodic take on the comedy horror franchise.
The Leftovers giant season 2 billboard
The Leftovers was back for a sophomore season with this compelling giant-sized billboard for the post-rapture drama and I liked how this underwater ad creative had a religious feel, with its homage to The Creation of Adam.
Belief Own TV miniseries billboard
Speaking of religion and Oprah's OWN Network was debuting a new seven-night event mini-series exploring humankind's search for something greater than themselves, looking at spirituality and sacred places and rituals all over the world.
Homeland Season 5 billboard
After a stellar fourth season, Homeland is back for a fifth season with a new intriguing storyline, but the same old crazy 'Carrie Mathison' (played by Claire Danes).
The Affair season 2 billboard
The Affair is also back on Showtime for its second season and things get more complicated for everyone involved, especially viewers, as we now get the additional perspectives of the spouses that were cheated on.
Walking Dead season 6 billboard
The Walking Dead shook its season promo billboards up with this bold 'TWD' ad creative and the sixth season is off to a strong, shocking start.
The Knick season 2 billboard
from cutting up zombies to cutting up patients at the turn of the century in New York, and period medical drama The Knick with Clive Owen was back with this season two billboard.
Fargo season 2 billboard
Also back for a sophomore season was the Fargo TV spin-off, with this fun quilted ad creative for the quirky crime anthology series.
Manhattan season 2 billboard
Nuclear race drama Manhattan was also back for more and dealing with the fallout from the first season with this season two billboard.
Kingdom season 2 billboard
Mixed martial arts family drama Kingdom was also back for a second season with this striking billboard.
The Librarians season 2 billboard
And bringing the fun and fantasy for a sophomore season was The Librarians, with the cast of the TNT TV movie spin-off series bursting out of this ad creative.
Jane The Virgin season 2 billboard
Also back for second helpings this month was The CW's acclaimed drama, Jane the Virgin, this time no longer pregnant but coping with life as a young mother.
Agent X series premiere billboard
Making its debut in November and with this patriotic billboard is the new secret operative series, Agent X, handling missions the FBI and CIA can't.
Moonbeam City series premiere billboard
Over on Comedy Central, Rob Lowe was pulling double duty this Fall season in addition to his new legal comedy The Grinder, voicing the adventures of detective 'Dazzle Novak' in the adult animated series, Moonbeam City.
Nathan For You season 3 Blacklist spoof billboard
Meanwhile Nathan Fielder was returning for a third season of Nathan For You disguised as 'Red Reddington' in this billboard parody of The Blacklist's second season ad campaign.
Billy on the Street season 4 billboard
And Billy Eichner was returning for a fourth season of playing games and interviewing random people around New York in Billy on the Street.
Adam Ruins Everything series premiere billboard
Plus the star of the web series College Humor, Adam Conover, was making a big impression for the debut of his myth-busting new series on TruTV, Adam Ruins Everything.
Undateable Live season 3 billboard
Over on NBC and the sitcom Undateable was back for a third season of all live episodes, which sounds like it could be nerve-racking stuff for the actors and comedians each week.
Truth Be Told series premiere billboard
And another comedy making its debut this month was Truth be Told, with best friends and neighbours living life and unafraid to broach any subject, no matter how controversial.
Casual series premiere billboard
Next up is a billboard for a new Hulu series by Oscar-nominated director Jason Reitman, about a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister living together, taking on the crazy world of dating while raising her daughter.
Super Mansion series premiere billboard
Over on Crackle and the world of superheroes is being brought to life with stop-motion animation in the new comedy series SuperMansion.
Giant Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo billboard
This month Amy Schumer continued her plans for world domination with this giant billboard along the Sunset Strip for her live standup special at the Apollo on HBO.
Giant Tyler Oakley You dare to be you billboard
Meanwhile these new You Tube billboards have been around since September, but they're still filing L.A.'s skies through October and feature the online superstars Tyler Oakley and Lilly Singh.
You Tube Lilly Singh You give life character billboard
For more brand building billboards for YouTube, no doubt hoping to broaden their appeal beyond their youth-oriented audiences, be sure to also check out these recent Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig billboards.

As you can see it's been another interesting month for television, streaming services and online platforms, so be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for all the latest TV show ad creatives.

You can also compare this October's selection of outdoor ads to last year's TV billboards and come back next month for another cool roundup from around the streets of the City of Angels.

Watch this space...

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