Tuesday, October 13, 2015

John Vochatzer's intriguing collage wall mural in San Francisco...

One of the many great things about San Francisco is that you can walk, and walk, the city and get to see all its sights, like this fabulously surreal collage wall mural by John Vochatzer.

Untitled surreal wall mural in San Francisco by John Vochatzer 
John Vochatzer surreal collage wall mural San Francisco
This 3,000 square foot wall mural can be found on Olive Street at Polk and just stands out in all its glorious bizarreness (although it was also helped by being beautifully framed by a gorgeous blue California sky on the day we were visiting).
John Vochatzer Saraswati collage wall mural San Francisco
The street art juxtaposes all kinds of different world cultures, religions and time periods and features mashups of Hindu gods, British royalty and Greek mythology, everything from Sarawati, Shiva, Medusa and Queen Elizabeth I to winged fish, a multitude of butterflies, frogs eyes, bat wings and more eccentricity besides.
John Vochatzer Medusa collage wall mural San Francisco
Apparently the collage is made of paper, wheat paste, paint and varnish and it really is one of those works of art that you can look at for ages and see something different every time.
John Vochatzer Shiva collage wall mural San Francisco
If you're a fan of street art, be sure to check out all these other wall murals spied around the streets of L.A. in recent years, although I don't think any have been so complex or insane.
John Vochatzer Queen Elizabeth I mural San Francisco
If this vibrant mural tickles your fancy, stay tuned for more interesting finds from my most recent visit to the City by the Bay in the coming days...

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