Friday, October 30, 2015

Movie and music billboards standing out in the L.A. skyline in October 2015...

This month there was a veritable smorgasbord of special extensions and giant-sized creatives tantalizing passersby in the L.A. skyline. There were many films taking advantage of Halloween season, plus a smattering of spy thrillers, biopics, fantasy, sci-fi, animation and more trying to capture our attention.

Movie billboards
Goosebumps Werewolf movie billboard
One of the most eye-catching outdoor campaigns was this cool collection of Goosebumps movie billboards.
Praying Mantis Goosebumps movie billboard
The movie has everything from werewolves to a giant praying mantis, the abominable snowman and even Jack Black helping to bring R. L. Stine's 90s kids horror books to life on the big screen.
Peanuts Movie special extension billboard
Another cool special extension billboard this month was for The Peanuts Movie, bringing 'Charlie Brown' and his best pal 'Snoopy' to cinemas in a new computer-aninmated 3D adventure.
Giant Hunger Games Mockingjay 2 movie billboard
'Katniss Everdeen' was also back and super-sized in the skies of L.A. this October for the final installment of The Hunger Games movie franchise, Mockingjay Part 2. The greedy studio split the final book in half, when there clearly wasn't enough material to fill two films, so it'll be nice to see the conclusion after the disappointing first part.
Special Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse billboard
Another attention-grabbing billboard this month was for the Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, which aside from the vibrant yellow background had this special extension embellished billboard with a clever zombie-killing Swiss Army knife creative.
Giant Steve Jobs movie billboard
Apple's infamous CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs received the movie biopic treatment this month with Michael Fassbender playing the infamous control freak. The ad campaign certainly evoked the company and iconic businessman, but the movie also painted him as a bad parent, friend and human being.
Giant Bridge of Spies movie billboard
Tom Hanks was also super-sized this month for his new thriller Bridge of Spies, where he is lawyer  recruited by the CIA to negotiate the release of an American spy plane pilot over the Soviet Union in exchange for one of their spies.

It underperformed at the box office, but maybe it would have helped if they'd also used director Steven Spielberg's name more prominently in the marketing campaign to help sell the movie.
007 Spectre movie billboard
Speaking of spies and 'James Bond' is back, with Daniel Craig possibly playing 007 for the final time (or is he just cleverly negotiating his next fee with all the publicity of his leaving the franchise) against the shadowy global criminal network Spectre.
Giant Crimson Peak movie billboard
Another movie which disappointed at the box office was Guillermo del Toro's gothic romantic horror, Crimson Peak. It's surprising at it's the perfect time of year in the run up to Halloween for a scary film and the outdoor advertising campaign for Crimson Peak was really ethereal and striking.
Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension billboard
Another horror film hoping to take advantage of this spooky time of year was Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, although this movie seemed to falter at the box office too.
Last Witch Hunter film billboard
Speaking of flops and Vin Diesel won't be getting another film franchise out of The Last Witch Hunter anytime soon.
Pan movie billboard
Actually it's been a pretty bad month for movies as the Peter Pan prequel, also bombed at cinemas, although the Pan movie billboards were quite spellbinding, especially the flying 'Jolly Roger' version.
Our Brand is Crisis movie billboard
Let's see if Sandra Bullock has better luck with his new political campaigning movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, starring opposite Billy Bob Thornton as rival strategists.
Burnt movie billboard
Although it looks like Bradley Cooper is going to get Burnt by his new film of the same name, about a chef who ruined his career with drugs and a diva attitude hoping to rebuild his name and restaurant.
The Walk movie billboard
The Walk told the real-life story of 70s high-wire artist Philippe Petit as he attempted to traverse the distance between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in New York City, and these billboards certainly captured the architectural wonder and daring of his feat.
Joe Dirt 2 Beautiful Loser movie billboard
Meanwhile over on streaming service Crackle, David Spade was back as Joe Dirt in the sequel, Beautiful Loser.
Beasts of no Nation movie billboard
And on Netflix, and also with a limited theatrical release, Beasts of No Nation told the tale of African Civil War, where Idris Elba's fierce warlord trains a young orphan in his guerrilla army.
Winter on Fire documentary billboard
From Africa to the Ukraine, and the Winter on Fire documentary chronicling the civil rights movement against an oppressive government in that country during 2013 and 2014. The billboard imagery of the girl in national costume facing a wall of riot police is certainly haunting.
Listen to me Marlon documentary billboard
And speaking of documentaries and Hollywood legend Marlon Brando receives a new film providing insight into his life on Showtime with Listen to Me Marlon.
AFI Fest 2015 billboard
And it's that time of year again for the American Film Institute's annual film festival, showcasing the best of world cinema.

Music billboards
Enya Dark Sky Island album billboard
In the world of music Irish singer Enya was back in the skies of Sunset Strip after quite an absence, with her new and eighth studio album, Dark Sky Island.
Roderick Jayne Music quiet highway album billboard
Electronica artist Roderick Jayne has been spotted in the skies of L.A. in recent months and this is the billboard for the band's album, Music for the Quiet Highway.
Tower Records All things must pass movie installation Sunset Strip
And finally here's a fun publicity stunt that falls neatly into the movie and music category. To help promote the new documentary All Things Must Pass - The Rise and Fall of Tower Records, they've recreated the facade of the Sunset Strip store in its original location.
Fake Tower Records Sunset Strip
Tower Records 2015 recreation Sunset Strip
I love seeing fun, innovative advertising ideas like this in action, so clever and a refreshing change from the norm.

As you can see there've been crowded skies this month, with all these film and music ads competing with host of Fall TV billboards and new season fashion billboards.

Stay tuned for one more roundup for this month, this time for all the Halloween-themed billboards, plus drinks and lifestyle ad creatives haunting the city skyline this October.

Keep it spooky people...


Candace S. said...

Where was the billboard for Enya's album? I first thought Amoeba Records but it doesn't look like theirs. Thx!

Jason in Hollywood said...

It was above the 1OAK nightclub along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood

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