Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our Silences make a bold statement in San Francisco...

This week with a good friend in town visiting L.A. we cashed in some frequent flyer miles to do an overnight trip to San Francisco to check out some wonderful bars, eateries and some of the latest outdoor art to fill the streets of the City by the Bay.

Our Silences sculptures by Rivelino
Our Silences Rivelino sculptures San Francisco
This display of tall sculptures by Mexican artist Rivelino called 'Our Silences' or 'Nuestros Silencios' comprises ten large bronze figures and symbolize the importance of free speech and self censorship.
Our Silences Rivelino sculptures Embarcadero SF
Our Silence Rivelino sculpture Embarcadero
This traveling public art installation has already visited numerous countries around the world, including Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Germany and the U.K., so it was nice to spot the towering statues in front of San Francisco's landmark Ferry Building along the Embarcadero this week.
Our Silences sculptures San Francisco
Our Silences sculptures Embarcadero San Francisco
These imposing statues are a real spectacle and are exactly the intriguing outdoor artwork I love to see on my travels, and it obviously helps when the glorious weather helps to showcase them so wonderfully.
Our Silences sculptures San Francisco
Our Silences sculpture Embarcadero San Francisco
They kind of remind me of the A-maze-ing Laughter sculptures from Vancouver, mostly because of the multiple statues I think, but if you like these, be sure to check out these other 25 cool outdoor sculptures from my travels around the world.
Our Silences Rivelino sculptures San Francisco
Stay tuned for even more fab discoveries from my latest excursion to San Francisco, which really is one of my favourites cities to visit, especially because you can walk all over in comparison to the sprawling City of Angels where I live.

Watch this space...

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