Monday, October 19, 2015

San Francisco's Skygate along the Embarcadero...

In addition to all the fantastic architecture, bars and eateries in the City by the Bay, I always discover fab outdoor art on the streets of San Francisco every time I visit.

Skygate sculpture by Roger Barr in San FranciscoSkygate sculpture San Francisco
One sculpture which really caught my eye on this occasion was this gleaming Skygate by Roger Barr, found along the Embarcadero when you're walking past all the piers.
Skygate sculpture San Francisco
I'm not sure how I missed this arch on previous trips, but apparently it was the first piece of public art erected along the Embarcadero in 1985 near Pier 35 and it perfectly frames its surroundings (obviously the beautiful California blue sky instead of fog always helps).
Skygate sculpture San Francisco
I'm a big fan of outdoor art and installations and if you are too, be sure to also check out my favourite 25 sculptures from my travels in London, New York, Vancouver, L.A. and San Francisco.
Skygate sculpture San Francisco
This twisted arch certainly has to weather all elements by the bay, from fog to blazing sunshine and rain, and by the looks of things lots of seagull poop (I wonder how often they have to clean the sculpture).
Skygate sculpture Roger Barr San Francisco
Other pieces I've enjoyed along the Embarcadero in the past were the temporary Raygun Gothic Rocketship which graced Pier 14 back in 2011 and Cupid's Span giant bow and arrow in Rincon Park, just before the Bay Bridge.
Skygate sculpture San Francisco Embarcadero
There's always something cool to see in San Francisco and for some reason we've always enjoyed great weather whenever we've visited.

I wonder what visual delights will await on my next visit...

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