Friday, October 23, 2015

The final countdown to my last marathon...?

With only nine sleeps until my second New York Marathon, it's sod's law that I'd come down with a cold after all these months of training. This race will be my third marathon of the year following the scorching L.A. Marathon in March and the 2015 London Marathon at the end of April, my twelfth marathon overall, and quite possibly the last 26.2 miles I have in me (at least for the time being).

My inspiration for my second New York Marathon
Marathon finisher medals
With countless injuries I've been keeping myself going with the help of compression socks, running tape, regular massages and of course my training companions (and cheerleaders - my husband and Labrador Cooper) who've made the miles all the more bearable.

Last year's New York Marathon was certainly a learning experience and now I know what to expect, from the potential cold start and hanging around for hours on Staten Island, to the many bridges along the tough course, which test your legs, stamina and will power.

I'm currently being held together by compression socks and running tape
Running tape compression sock
After running for charity last year to qualify for a place, I entered the lottery again just to see if I'd get in and to my surprise I did. It's getting harder and harder to get into the NYC Marathon, so I jumped at the opportunity to run it again, even if my body was thinking otherwise.

Last November I finished in 4:22:09, my slowest ever marathon time, so I'd dearly love to shave some minutes off that time this year, but in all honesty I just want to finish in one piece and enjoy the race and the amazing atmosphere along the course more this year.

I hope I'm all smiles after 26.2 miles this year
Running 2014 New York Marathon
Even though I've already bought a place in the 2016 L.A. Marathon, as it would be my sixth consecutive hometown race and is a month earlier in February on Valentine's Day because of the Olympic time trials, I'm not sure that's going to happen.

I'm ready to take one last bite out of the Big Apple and am keeping everything crossed, taped and held together by sheer force of will, for a good result.

Tick-tock, sniff-cough...

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