Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever running the New York Marathon again...

I'm done. Last year I ticked the New York Marathon off my bucket list, but foolishly I entered the lottery again after the race and was accepted for the 2015 marathon. Now I've run my second race,  and my twelfth marathon in total, I can safely say I never need to do that again.

2015 NYC Marathon medal and t-shirt
2015 New York Marathon medal tshirt
My goal this year was to try and beat my time of last year which was 4:22:09, but unfortunately I could only manage to run it in 4:40:32 (my new slowest ever marathon time).

NYC Marathon Expo 2015
2015 New York Marathon Expo
I can moan and groan about what went wrong on the day, but there were a lot of factors that didn't help. I came into the race injured with a muscle cramp that hasn't released since the London Marathon in April, I slept poorly the night before (I blame the uncomfortable bed, pillow and thinnest of walls at the Grand Hyatt Central Station) and I dressed for cold weather after last year's freezing winds, whilst in fact the race was really mild.

Maybe not so made for New York
New York Marathon Expo 2015
I did my best to make the race as painless as possible and taped my legs up with as much support as I could, followed by compression socks and running tights to really keep everything together, but on the day my energy levels just weren't there.

All taped up and almost ready to run
All taped up for running
I also think that the fatigue on my body from running twelve consecutive marathons hasn't helped and I should really take a break, for a while at least (as like all marathoners I'm hooked on the whole experience).
Ready to run NYC Marathon 2015
As always, I'm sure the official race photos will tell the full story so I'll wait until then to go into further detail about the race (especially as my mind is a little fuzzy today). Suffice to say, yesterday wasn't my day, but at least I completed it and it's another 26.2 miles in the bag and another medal on the wall.

Now to really enjoy the sights, cocktails and food of New York City...

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