Thursday, November 19, 2015

Technology, drinks and other lifestyle billboards filling New York's skies in November 2015...

We're half way through November and the New York Marathon seems like a lifetime ago, but here's a collection of cool lifestyle billboards from around the streets of Manhattan that caught my eye on my most recent visit.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
T-Mobile had a big presence in the Big Apple, especially around Times Square (they've obviously got lots of advertising budget to spend).
This is just a small sample of their billboards vying for passersby attention and I especially liked the graffiti ad creative which seems tailored to NYC.
Meanwhile another tech brand with a big presence around the Manhattan city streets was Android.
I really like their fun, less clinical 'ready for' ad campaign and it's strange we've not seen them spend any money in L.A. yet, but the focus must be on New York at the moment.
In the meantime, Braintree was also promoting Android Pay with this fun tongue-in-cheek billboard.
Speaking of advertising budget and Apple must spend millions on their outdoor advertising as they had loads of billboards for the iPhone 6s in New York.

Be sure to also check out more of their NYC ads and their out-of-home ad presence for the iPhone 6s in L.A. at my Daily Billboard blog.
Meanwhile cable, internet and phone company Optimum had this colourful ad to try and attract attention for its services.
And the new Selfeo app was promoting its new immersive video selfie offering for the over-sharing generation. 'Immerse yourself', indeed. 

Autos billboards
In the world of cars, Ford was helping its 2016 Explorer billboard stand out with the use of some special extension text.

Drinks billboards
From the looks of these outdoor ads, SodaStream was trying to make itself relevant again in the streets of New York.
Hmm, I'm not sure  hint of mint or lime, or some bubbles, are going to help that much though.
In the world of alcoholic drinks, Absolut Vodka was promoting its Elyx Pineapple packaging just in time for gift-giving season.
Whilst the vodka brand was also promoting its limited edition metallic bottle range to help your holiday night become electrik.
And high above the city streets the brand was also sending a love letter to all vodka drinkers all the way from Sweden.
Let;s face it, better to drink Swedish, French and Polish vodka rather than Russian vodka these days. Why you ask? Russia's homophobic and archaic laws and policies towards its LGBT citizens is the reason.

Travel and transport billboards

It's funny, I've never seen Uber advertise in New York, L.A. or San Francisco and yet I've spied outdoor ad campaigns for Lyft in all these major cities. It makes me wonder who's winning the ride-sharing war.
Meanwhile this Eurostar ad, and others around New York, had a certain French arrogance about them. Do they really think that the Eurostar is on a par with the Statue of Liberty? Let's face it you don't have to fly 3,600 miles to see the Eurostar train.

Business solutions billboards
It was funny, walking around New York on Monday after running the NYC Marathon on Sunday I saw this 'Thank god it's monday' billboard and had to laugh. TGIM doesn't sound the same as TGIF, no matter how good your flexible office space solutions are. But saying that, I still like this tongue-in-cheek ad creative.
I also liked this comic book-inspired ad creative from investment and real estate parents DDG Partners, which made some building work look far prettier with some conveniently placed ads.
And it's also cool to see a company having some fun with their advertising like this DHL billboard.

Miscellaneous billboards
This Feel The Real ad campaign was used to let people attending New York's Advertising Week that out-of-home techniques were just as capable and responsive as upstart new media solutions.
Manhattan Mini Storage always has a humorous billboard visible from the High Line Park whenever I visit and this drag queen ad creative is certainly provocative.
Meanwhile this 'won't happen to us' ad creative could never be more timely for a major city, so it's time to check our complacency at the door and prepare for a disaster or unexpected event.
And finally, this 'nothing but trouble' billboard caught my eye, I'm not sure what it's for, but the sentiment certainly grabbed my attention.

If you like all these ad creatives, be sure to also check out these New York movie and TV billboards and fashion billboards filling the city streets in early November 2015.

I can't wait to return to New York in the future to see what the streets and skyline has to offer in terms of outdoor advertising, but until then stick around for all that L.A. has to offer in the coming days...

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