Sunday, November 8, 2015

These images tell the story of my 2015 New York Marathon...

Wow, has it really been only a week since I ran my second New York Marathon? It feels like a lifetime ago.

I ran the 2015 New York Marathon in 4:40:32
2015 New York Marathon Finisher
To say it wasn't my day was an understatement as I ran my slowest ever race and I was hoping that I was going to go out on a high with my twelfth marathon, but as I was disappointed with my time, it looks like I'm going to have to redeem myself in the future.
Running 2015 New York Marathon
With a week to reflect I'm just happy I got to participate in the 45th running of the New York Marathon, and be one of the 98.8% who completed the 26.2 miles through New York's Five Boroughs, with 49,617 people finishing out of 50,235 who started the race on Staten Island.

Too hot for a hat later in the race
2015 New York Marathon runner
I can (and will) continue to moan and groan about the lack of sleep I got the night before the race (I'm thankful for the extra hour that Daylight Savings provided, but I was still two hours of sleep out from traveling from the West Coast) and about the milder weather (I dressed for colder temperatures like the freezing 2014 New York Marathon), and all my injuries which really made me doubt my ability to complete the race.
Walk break 2015 New York Marathon
For the first time I actually think that I went into the race doubting that I'd actually be able to finish, or fearful that something in my leg would snap or pull. That's a dangerous mindset to start a marathon with.
2015 New York Marathon runners
I also missed my corral start time this year. Knowing how cold it had been hanging about before the race on Staten Island last year, I opted for a later ferry and getting the start was much harder and took longer. I had to queue to get into the ferry building, missed one ferry as it was so crowded and then had another wait for the bus to the starting area. For all these reasons my corral was closed when I finally found it and I had to wait for the next wave.
2015 NYC Marathon runners
Compared to last year, crossing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge into Brooklyn felt like wading through molasses and I just couldn't get any momentum. The pace was much slower and the field felt much more crowded. I struggled from then on.

Feeling queasy from all the Gatorade, gels and salt pills
Feeling queasy 2015 New York Marathon
By the time I got back on pace, helped by the amazingly supportive crowds along the route, once again the Queensborough Bridge at mile 15 and 16 kicked my butt.

It's not like I'd not done any hill training this year, especially after my experience in 2014, but I think the low energy and lack of sleep really kicked in from that point.
2015 New York Marathon runners
Running up First Avenue feels like a long, long stretch of straight road and you can't help but think you still have 10 miles to conquer.

Just when you think you'll never see a bridge again, along comes the Wallis Avenue Bridge into The Bronx. At that stage I got a little creative and a little crazy, and danced my way up the incline to Taylor Swift's 'Shake it off' track.

One last dash to the Finish Line
2015 New York Marathon Finish Line
By the end of race I was sick of gels, the super-concentrated Gatorade handed out along the course and salt pills making my stomach churn. After realizing I wasn't going to PR this race, I walked at the latter stages in the race, not wanting to push my calf muscle too much.

The one thing I am grateful for, is saving some energy for one last push in the last mile and a vindicating sprint to the Finish Line. Never has passing people in the final stretch to cheering spectators felt so amazing.
New York Marathon 2015 Finish Line
After the race, the trek to the ponchos seems to take forever again this year and it almost felt to warm to wear one. Maneuvering the streets of New York is also an effort post-race too, but it's always nice when a fellow runner says 'nice job' or 'well done'.

I'm not sure what my running future holds. The L.A. Marathon in February 2016 seems like a stretch at the moment, but I'm off to see a doctor about my leg this week, so maybe I'll be able to make a more informed decision after that.

I've had a good run (pardon the pun) and raced 26.2 miles (42.2 KM) through the streets of L.A., New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Honolulu and London, so I'm hoping that I've not run my last marathon, but only time and my legs will tell...

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