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TV, movie and arts billboards in the skies of New York in early November 2015...

Whenever I'm in New York, whether it's to run a marathon or as a break from the West Coast, I always use the opportunity to check out what billboards are filling the teeming city streets. Here's a selection of TV, movie and arts billboards that I spied around the Big Apple at the start of November.

TV billboards
Muppets season 1 Kermit billboard NYC
The Muppets are back on ABC in a new behind-the-scenes mockumentary style series and I'd seen this fun 'full frontal nudity' billboard featuring 'Kermit the Frog' in L.A. before, but not showing his full body, which gives the tagline more impact.

If you're a fan of Jim Henson's felt creations, be sure to check out all these other billboards for The Muppets.
Wicked City season 1 billboard NYC
Another striking billboard standing out along 10th Avenue was this ad creative for 80s serial killer show Wicked City.
JLO American Music Awards 2015 billboard NYC
Whilst Jennifer Lopez was gracing this billboard in Times Square for the forthcoming American Music Awards, where she'll be playing host.
Rosewood series launch billboard NYC
Morris Chestnut was also staring out at passersby by above 10th Avenue for his new Miami-based crime drama, Rosewood.
Scream Queens series launch billboard NYC
And those Scream Queens, also on Fox, had this super-long ad to try and draw attention to the new comedy-horror show (I have to say I gave up after the 2-hour premiere, as there was nothing endearing about this series at all).
Mindy Project season 4 billboard Times Square
Fox may have given up on The Mindy Project after the third season, but Mindy Kaling was flying high for her fourth season on Hulu above Times Square this month.
Hulu Come watch this season billboard NYC
Plus Hulu seems to really be pushing its streaming platform of late, both in L.A. and New York, and as its jointly owned by Fox, Disney and NBCUniversal there's no wonder it has the money to advertise out-of-home and the ability to stream all-new seasons of its top shows.
Legends season 2 billboard NYC
TNT was also showcasing its new Fall shows nears the Javits Center in L.A., including the second season of undercover FBI agent series Legends starring Sean Bean.
Agent X series launch billboard NYC
Also in the spotlight was new spy drama Agent X with this dynamic, patriotic ad creative.
The Librarians season 2 billboard NYC
And on the third side of this billboard site was the ad for the sophomore season of The Librarians.
Supergirl series launch billboard NYC
Also taking flight over the streets of Manhattan was the series launch billboard for the new CBS comic book series, Supergirl, which is far more hopeful and lighter in tone than other DC Comics TV or movie offerings.

If you're a fan of the show, be sure to also enjoy these other cool Supergirl billboards filling L.A.'s skyline in recent months.
Late Show Stephen Colbert billboard NYC
As it's filmed in New York, there's no surprise there were still ads for The Late Show with its new host Stephen Colbert.
Billy on the Street season 4 billboard NYC
And as Billy Eichner's Billy on the Streets takes place in NYC, it's a no brainer to see this super-sized ad for the show's fourth season along West 42nd Street.
Curse of Oak Island season 3 billboard NYC
The Curse of Oak Island is back for a third season this month and this foreboding skull island ad creative certainly stands out along Houston Street.
Getting On season 3 billboard Times Square NYC
And also back for a third, and final, season is HBO's Getting On medical comedy, which could be found in the bustling Times Square.
U2 Live from Paris billboard Times Square
Just around the corner and HBO also had this billboard for their U2 Live in Paris concert billboard.
Shannara Chronicles billboard Times Square NYC
Whilst MTV was promoting one of its New Year shows, The Shannara Chronicles, based on the fantasy novels written by Terry Brooks.
Red Oaks series launch billboard NYC
I haven't seen any billboards for Amazon Studio's new series Red Oaks in L.A., but they seems to have supported the coming-of-age comedy set at a country club in the 80s around the streets of New York.
Red Oaks season 1 billboard NYC
Walking around the different neighbourhoods in Manhattan, you really do realize there are far less conventional billboard sites in New York, instead they seem to make the most of every suitable space on the side of buildings.

Movie billboards
007 Spectre movie billboard NYC
In the world of movies, 007 was back in the skies of New York along 10th Avenue for his new action-packed spectacular, Spectre.
Crimson Peak movie billboard NYC
And even though Guillermo del Toro's gothic horror, Crimson Peak, didn't perform well at the box office, its billboards were still haunting the city streets during my visit.
Out There film billboard NYC
This icy cold looking billboard for the short film Out There also caught my eye, although this is more a part of Canada Goose's first global ad campaign for its outerwear brand than a box office movie.
The Night Before movie billboard
And with Halloween barely out of the way, the onslaught of Holiday movies started to appear, like this ad for new comedy The Night Before.
Pan movie billboards Times Square NYC
Plus the Peter Pan prequel movie, Pan, seemed to get a lot of outdoor support in Times Square with this collection of highly visible ads, so they can't blame the marketing for having failed this fantasy film.

Arts billboards
Picasso goat sculpture MOMA billboard High Line NYC
One of my favourite places visit when in New York is the High Line Park, which is a great way to see some of the westside of Manhattan from up high, including these billboards for art galleries and museums.

If you like this billboard for Picasso's She-goat sculpture, be sure to check it out and more besides in my visit to MOMA back in November 2010.
Jeff Koons Gazing ball paintings Gagosian billboard NYC
Meanwhile this billboard for Jeff Koons Gazing Ball Paintings at the Gagosian Gallery added a burst of colour to the skies on a gloomy day in New York.

If you like this selection of TV, film and arts billboards gracing the skies of NYC this November, you can also enjoy these New York billboards from my previous excursions to the Big Apple over the past five years.

Plus stick around for a glimpse at the fab fashion and lifestyle billboards filling the busy streets earlier this month...

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