Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas gift-wrapping ideas from holiday seasons past...

Yesterday we put up our tree and Christmas decorations, earlier than usual, but it's put me in a festive mood. One of the best things about Christmas Day, aside from all the presents and the food of course, is seeing how each of us has wrapped our gifts to each other that year.

Gift-wrapped 2014 Christmas presents
Wrapped Christmas presents under tree 2014
I usually find my wrapping paper in places like Crate & Barrel or Paper Source, but last year I used Shutterfly to customize my own Labrador-themed gift-wrap for a more personal touch (seeing Cooper's smiling face on Charlie's presents certainly did the trick).
Labrador Christmas wrapping paper 2014
Gift-wrapped Christmas presents 2014
Then all that was left was to accesorise with suitable ribbons, baubles and decorations (which can then be used to decorate the tree and provide memories for years to come).

Gift-wrapped 2013 Christmas presents
Christmas tree presents 2013
Wrapped Christmas presents 2013
Festive Christmas gifts 2013
One of the things I struggle with each year is the colour-theme, as there's usually an abundance of the traditional festive reds, golds and silvers, but often there's very little alternative. I also find it hard to find good gift labels, so that also requires some inventive solutions or lots of hunting around shops.

Gift-wrapped 2012 Christmas presents
Christmas tree gift-wrapped presents
Animal gift-wrapped Christmas presents
2012 gift-wrapped Christmas presents
For more festive inspiration, be sure to also check out these Christmas present gift-wrapping ideas from 2004 to 2010.

Gift-wrapped 2011 Christmas presents
Christmas tree gifts
Gift-wrapped Christmas presents
Back in 2011 I chanced upon these bold black, white and green patterns and that made for a refreshing change from the typical Christmas colours.

With Christmas fast approaching it won't be long to find out what gift-wrapped designs will be under our tree this year...

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