Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December's festive lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s holiday skies...

Christmas is coming early this month with this snapshot of festive lifestyle billboards around L.A. Here's a collection of food, drinks, theme park, retail, technology, health and other lifestyle outdoor ads filling the city skyline this holiday season.

Festive billboards
Celebrate the season The Grove billboard
First up are two festive billboards for The Grove and The Americana at Brand shopping centres, highlighting their dazzling Christmas decorations and activities this holiday season.
Celebrate the season Americana billboard
It's not often you see 'nightly snowfall' in L.A., so they sound like fun places to hang out, shop for presents and get in the festive spirit.
Frozen Olaf Snowman Disneyland festive billboard
Meanwhile California's Disneyland parks were bringing joy and merriment to the city skyline this past month.
Holidays Lightning McQueen Cars Disneyland billboard
Disney fan-favourites like 'Olaf the Snowman' from Frozen, 'Lightning McQueen' and 'Mater' from Cars and 'Mickey and Minnie Mouse' were helping everyone celebrate the dazzling holiday season (especially as Disneyland is still celebrating its diamond anniversary).
Disneyland Diamonds Snow Mistle-Tow Mater billboard
If you like these snowy ad creatives, be sure to also check out these festive Disneyland billboards from recent years.
Minnie Mouse Disneyland dazzling holiday billboard
Tis season to be dazzled Disneyland Mickey billboard
The 'House of the Mouse' wasn't the only theme park trying entice visitors at this time of year either, as Universal Studios Hollywood's annual 'Grinchmas' celebrations were back to entertain guests.
Grinchmas Universal Studios Hollywood 2015 billboard
Father Christmas was also getting into the holiday spirit at Six Flags amusement park, enjoy the festivities and riding roller-coasters.
Six Flags Holiday Park Santa billboard
From family entertainment to much more adult fun, and Hustler Hollywood was back in the sky this month with one of Santa's naughty helpers to make your festive season a bit more sexy.
season to be sexy Hustler Hollywood billboard
Meanwhile above the Undefeated store along La Brea Avenue this provocative Jesus and Santa Claus billboard was raising eye-brows.
Naughty Jesus Santa Claus Undefeated billboard
By the looks of things, those girls with Jesus may just work for Hustler Hollywood.
Merry Eames Design Within Reach festive billboard
Another retail store getting into the holiday spirit this December was trendy (and expensive) furniture store, Design Within Reach, with this clever ad creative featuring iconic Eames chairs in festive colours lined up like a Christmas tree.
tinsel in a tangle Container Store billboard
The Container Store was also embracing the Yuletide season with this fun antidote to an often stressful holiday season - 'Don't get your tinsel in a tangle', indeed.
Jingle bells Lottery scratchers billboard
Lottery Scratchers also had a festive-themed billboard this month to encourage passersby to enjoy a peaceful, joyous and prosperous Christmas (and give the gift of a lottery scratch card no doubt).
Fandango saving a seat for Santa billboard
Meanwhile 'Miles Mouvay' was back in the skies with these festive Fandango billboards, continuing the movie ticketing company's movies biggest fan ad campaign.

Food and drinks billboards
Coke Santa Make someone happy billboard
In the world of beverages, what's more festive than a Coke Santa making the skyline more jolly at this time of year.

For even more cheery examples, be sure to also enjoy all these other Coca-Cola Santa billboards from Christmases past.
Skyy Vodka For not so silent nights billboard
Skyy Vodka was prominent along the Sunset Strip this month to make sure revelers enjoyed some not-so-silent nights this party season.

If you're a fan of the brand, be sure to also check out these different Skyy Vodka ad campaigns from previous years.
Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboard
Meanwhile Hangar 1 was another vodka brand trying to grab passersby attention with their fresh-picked ad creatives.
Give gift of time well spent Macallan billboard
Scotland's Macallan whisky was also on hand in the city skyline to provide a gift-giving suggestion this holiday season.
24 Blondes book 138 Water billboard
And 138 Water was collaborating with the new photography book, 24 Blondes, to continue their outdoor advertising campaign featuring scantily-clad female models.
Halos mandarins Pure goodness billboard
Halos mandarins continued to provide the fresh, sweet taste of the Holidays in the skies of Hollywood this month.
Cuties original fruit snack billboard
Whilst Cuties was also reminding everyone about their fruity snack and traditional Christmas stocking filler.

Health and safety billboards
Its not just a sign road safety billboard
At this time of year it's always important to remind drivers (especially those who may be enjoying a tipple or two at their Christmas party) to pay attention of signs on the streets. You may think this is common sense, but cars regularly speed through stop signs and across pedestrian crossings in my West Hollywood neighborhood (and that's without them even drinking).
STDs See hear say no evil chimp billboard
Another danger at this time of year when you've had a drink or two and your inhibitions are low is forgetting to practice safe sex, so these ads remind passersby in fun and clever way to get checked and take care.
Chlamydia Tinder Free STD check billboard
The last thing anyone wants for Christmas is a sexually transmitted disease.

Technology billboards
Apple TV second wave billboard
And finally, Apple TV was making things joyful and rainbow bright in the skies and streets of L.A. with this second wave of testcard themed billboards for its home entertainment streaming offering.
Apple TV Inside Out billboard
If you like these video game racing cars and Inside Out examples, be sure to also check out these other Apple TV billboards featuring Homer Simpson, Game of Thrones, Veep and more.

Stay tuned in the days to come for more festive movie, TV and fashion billboard filling L.A.'s holiday skyline.

Until then, jingle all the way...

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