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Lifestyle billboards gracing L.A.'s skies in November 2015...

To say there was a wide variety of lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skyline in November is a bit of an understatement as this collection of travel, technology, drinks, health, car and other lifestyle billboards demonstrates.

Travel and tourism billboards
Tailored 007 Visit Britain billboard
The British tourism board was leveraging the latest high-profile James Bond movie, Spectre starring Daniel Craig as 007, to encourage visitors to the U.K. with this 'tailored' billboard during November.
LAX is having some work done billboard
Meanwhile LAX was making travelers aware of its construction upgrades in shopping and dining amenities with this fun Hollywood appropriate plastic surgery themed ad creative.
Virgin America What you see what you fly billboard
And Virgin America was letting passengers see exactly where they'd be sitting with this new ad campaign.
Virgin America Fleetwide fab billboard
The airline certainly seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to integrating technology into its airplane offering.
Food and drinks billboards
Halos Happy Fingers Stomping feet billboard
In the world of food and drink you could tell it was the beginning of the Holidays with all these billboards around the streets for clementines, tangerines and mandarin stocking fillers from the likes of Halos and Cuties.
Cuties clementines billboards
And if you were too busy to cook with all your travel and holiday preparations, fortunately there were online takeout ordering services like Eat 24 to help you out.
Yelp Eat 24 Your butt looks great today billboard
You can always tell when party season is looming as there's more than a few alcoholic drinks advertisers that appear in the city skyline, like these newcomer outdoor ads for Hangar 1 Vodka.
Hangar 1 Fresh-picked Vodka billboard
Plus there's always a whisky advertising itself as the perfect gift at this time of year, like this Macallan rare cask billboard.
Macallan Rare Cask billboard
And with all the dinner parties and social gatherings around this time, there's no wonder that a winery like Beringer is advertising its wines.
Beringer wine Better beckons billboard

Autos billboards
LA Auto Show Joy Rides dog billboard
In the world of cars, the annual L.A. Auto Show was back in November using this cute dog 'joy rides' ad creative to grab your attention.
So smart raises IQ Mercedes GLE billboard
And Mercedes Benz was raising the profile of its all-new 2016 GLE with these sharp billboards along the busy Sunset Strip.
Some ride waves Others make them Mercedes 2016 GLE billboard
In addition Ford was showing off its new Fiesta and C-Max Energy hybrid models in the skies of L.A. last month
Ford Fiesta ST billboard
Obviously automobile companies are hoping that people will be buying their loved ones a new car for Christmas. How generous would that be.
Ford C-Max Energi billboard

Finance billboards
SoFi Pre-finance future home billboard
So-Fi, the student loans refinancing company was back in the city skyline in November with a fresh batch of ad creatives to encourage people to refinance to pursue their dreams, whether it be a new home or some sporting season tickets.
SoFi Pre-finance season tickets billboard
Be sure to check out more billboards for SoFi from earlier this Summer at my Daily Billboard blog.

Technology and telecommunications billboards
Giant TMobile 4 x better in buildings billboard
Once again T-Mobile was making a big impression with giant-sized billboards along the Sunset Strip, like these wallscapes on the sides of the Mondrian and Andaz Hotels in West Hollywood highlighting the benefits of their mobile phone offering.
Giant TMobile 2X LTE coverage billboard
And the Nest Cam was back with a new campaign just in time for the gift-giving season when you want extra security with all those expensive presents sitting under the Christmas tree.
Giant Nest Cam The Magic of Home billboard
After a lackluster ad campaign for the iPhone 6s, tech giant Apple was back on top form with this  imaginative and vibrant new testcard creative for their fourth generation Apple TV offering.
Apple TV billboard
An out-of-home campaign reminding me of Apple's recent Shot on iPhone 6 billboards was this I'm Here, there and Everywhere outdoor campaign from
I'm Here app billboard
However, even though the billboards sport great visuals, when you visit the website featured it's unclear exactly what the service or app they're selling is.
Surface Book billboard
Microsoft's new Surface Book was in the skies in November, obviously making the most of this gift-giving season when you're either buying something for a loved one, or treating yourself to a tech upgrade, because you're worth it.
Home solar panels billboard
It's funny, living in sunny California I always wonder why more people don't harness all the amazing sunshine we're lucky to enjoy. This month NRG Solar had this clever billboard ad creative to help convey their energy generating message.

Education and employment billboards
CSUN individuals rise billboard
In the world of higher education, California State University Northridge continued to use special extension billboards to draw attention to its offering.
Canvas Worldwide Bold media minds wanted billboard
Whilst in the world of employment, the media agency Canvas Worldwide was on the prowl for new talent along the Sunset Strip.
Runway Waiters billboard
And in an eye-rolling 'only in Hollywood' moment, this billboard for Runway Waiters made me laugh out loud in November, although I'm sure beautiful wannabe models and actors are in abundance in L.A. to cater for all the Hollywood parties and receptions.

Health billboards
Healthcare every face every phase billboard
In the world of healthcare, I spied another of these clever L.A. Covered ad creatives using a montage of all the different ethnicities and ages in the City of Angels.
500000 AHF lives in care billboard
And as it was recently World AIDS Day, it's always good to remind people just how many lives are helped and saved by charities like AIDS Healthcare Foundation, although sadly people like Charlie Sheen always turn their hard work into a media circus.
LA LGBT Center sexual health priority billboard
Fortunately organisations like the Los Angeles LGBT Center are on hand to help people with their sexual health on a local level.
I am a miracle City of Hope cancer survivor billboard
Sadly HIV/AIDS still has much more of a stigma to overcome compared to talking to people about cancer. This 'I am a miracle' ad campaign from the City of Hope is a clever and hopeful way to engage with passersby about the disease.
Live Give LA Childrens Hospital cancer billboard
On the other hand this ad for Children's Hospital L.A. goes straight for the heart strings with an image of a sick kid. This certainly is the season for giving and I've already had five phone calls from different charities today asking for donations.
FX+K cigarettes Kerry Gaynor method billboard
Ace Outdoor Advertising erected two new billboard sites along the Sunset Strip during November in an already crowded space, and this billboard to help quit smoking using The Kerry Gaynor Method is its first advertiser.

Sports billboards
Clippers Together we will billboard
In the world of sports, the Clippers basketball team were taking to the skies to encourage fan support.

Furnishings billboards
Casper sneakerheads mattress billboard
Meanwhile the mattress-in-a-box company Casper continued its fun illustrated ad campaign around the streets of L.A.

Toys billboards
Lego Dimensions billboard
And finally as it is almost Christmas, these billboards for Lego Dimensions have been popping up all over town as a nice stocking filler or present idea for kids.

As you can see there was an eclectic selection of outdoor ads filling the city streets and skies throughout November, let's hope December has as much variety.

I'll keep my eyes to the skies and be back at the end of the month with more billboard snapshots around L.A...

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