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Movie and music billboards filling L.A.'s festive December skies...

This festive season, Star Wars may be obliterating all other competition at the box office like a giant Starkiller Base, but that doesn't mean the holiday skies haven't been filled with a variety of movie billboards from the worlds of comedy, Westerns, animation, biopics and real-life stories. Here's a selection of the film billboards and music outdoor ads turning heads this December in Los Angeles.

Movie billboards
Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey billboard
These billboards for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were almost unnecessary with all the understandable hype surrounding the J. J. Abrams directed new installment, but it was still cool to see new characters like 'Rey' and old favorites like 'Han Solo' being showcased in the city skyline.
Star Wars Force Awakens Han Solo billboard
If you like these ad creatives, be sure to click through and check out more cool Star Wars billboards for the movie that has already grossed $765 million worldwide.

Personally I loved the new movie, it's not without its flaws, but is a return to the classic feel of the original movies with engaging new characters and a fitting passing of the torch, or Lightsaber, from established favourites.

As an added bonus, be sure to check out all these Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie costumes on display too.
Spotlight Best movie of the year billboard
Another out-of-this-world movie which is grounded in reality that I saw this month, and is getting a lot of awards season support in L.A.'s skies , is Spotlight, the film about the Boston Globe's uncovering of the Catholic Church's scandalous cover-up of widespread child molestation by its priests.
Spotlight Best Picture billboard
Based on a true story, the film is riveting to watch with great performances by all involved, especially Mark Ruffalo in my humble opinion. Let's see how it fares this awards season.
Son of Saul movie billboard
Holocaust drama, Son of Saul, was also trying to attract attention along the Sunset Strip this month from cinema goers, but also the Foreign Language Film awards category.
The Letters Mother Teresa movie billboard
Another film vying for awards attention is the biopic for 'Mother Theresa', The Letters, which stars Juliet Stevenson in the titular role.
Beasts of No Nation Idris Elba FYC billboard
Netflix's first feature film offering, Beasts of No Nation, about African civil war guerrilla fighters and warlords, continued to received high-profile support in L.A.'s skyline, for the movie and its star, Idris Elba.
The Good Dinosaur awards billboard
And now that the Golden Globe nominations have been announced we can only expect to see more awards campaigning, like this billboard for Disney/Pixar's The Good Dinosaur.

If you're a fan of the movie about a young dino and his cave boy, be sure to also enjoy all these other fun billboards for The Good Dinosaur.
Youth movie billboard
Youth is the new drama starring Michael Caine as a retired Orchestra conductor and composer asked to return for a special performance.

I spotted this billboard at Fox Studios and if you're a fan of the movie, be sure to check out these Youth movie costumes on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks at the end of November.
Daddy's Home movie billboard
This Christmas there's also lots of comedy at the box office to help provide some festive cheer, like Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg re-teaming for Daddy's Home, where a step-dad and biological dad battle for their kids affection.
Ridiculous 6 movie billboard
Over on Netflix, Adam Sandler was leading The Ridiculous 6 on a Western comedy quest, the first of his exclusive four picture deal with the streaming service.
Giant Sisters movie billboard
Meanwhile offering an alternative to Star Wars this month was Sisters, starring funny ladies and real-life friends, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
Sisters special extension movie billboard
Speaking of films aimed at women, and it looks like next year's How to be Single will be targeting the same demographic.
How to be Single movie billboard
Based on the novel of the same name, this romantic comedy will star the likes of Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie and Leslie Mann.
Concussion movie billboard
This festive season, there certainly are a seeming multitude of films based on true stories, like Concussion, starring Will Smith as a doctor wanting to expose the truth behind head injuries in American Football.
Joy movie billboard
Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence stars as the inventor of the Miracle Mop, Joy Mangano, in David O. Russell's quirky new biopic and family drama, Joy.
In the Heart of the Sea movie billboard
Another film based on true events was the Moby-Dick movie, In the Heart of the Sea, which sadly sank at the box office.
The Big Short movie billboard
Plus December's The Big Short tells the tale of the real-life events of the 2007-2010 Wall Street and housing market collapse, not exactly cheering viewing for the festive season.
Cartel Land film billboard
Over on A&E and Cartel Land is a documentary film about Mexican drug cartels and the ordinary people that banded together to stop them.
The Revenant movie billboard
Leonardo DiCaprio is back on the big screen in the gritty frontier drama, The Revenant, obviously hoping to garner more than just nominations this awards season.
Revenant Golden Globe nomination billboard
If you're a fan of the actor, be sure to check out these other movie billboards for The Revenant around L.A.'s streets.
Alvin Chipmunks Road Chip movie billboard
The other alternative to Sisters and Star Wars this December was the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, htie fourth big screen outing, targeting families and young kids with these fun billboards for The Road Chip.
Night Before movie billboard
And left over from the end of November, although it always surprises me how festive movies come out so early before Christmas, were these billboards for the festive comedy, The Night Before, which seem entirely appropriate for Christmas Eve.

Music billboards
Giant Adele 25 album billboard
Aside from Star Wars, the other thing that people have been talking about this past month was the return of soulful British singer, Adele, and her fab new album '25'.

If you're a fan, take a look at all of Adele's 25 album billboards dominating the skies of the Sunset Strip this December.
Giant Jennifer Lopez All I Have Vegas residency billboard
And another singer back in a big way was Jennifer Lopez, not only does she have billboards for her new TV cop show Shades of Blue everywhere at the moment, but she's also super-sized this month along the Sunset Strip for her new Las Vegas residency starting in January 2016.

As you can see there've been crowded skies this past few weeks and it's only going to get busier when everyone starts their Oscar campaigning. I can't wait.

Until then, have a very Merry Christmas Eve...

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