Saturday, December 26, 2015

Santa was kind again this year...

Happy Boxing Day and a very Merry Christmas everyone. Yesterday we had a fun and fabulous Christmas Day with plenty of good food, friends and presents (and a glass of champagne or two, naturally).

Look what Santa left...
Christmas presents guarded by Labrador Cooper
Once again Charlie and I managed to buy different gift wrapping paper, but only just, as I'd eyed one of his designs when buying my own 'Christmas tree' themed selection ay Paper Source.
Gift-wrapped Christmas presents
Let's just say Santa was very kind to my husband and I this year, with Apple Watches, Tiffany souvenirs from the New York Marathon, books, chocolates, decorations, gym gear, Blu-rays (I think we're the only people buying them these days) and more delights.
Christmas presents
Of course, before we dug in to our presents someone else wanted to see what Father Christmas had left for him in his stockings.

Cooper knew exactly where to look for his presents
Labrador Cooper Christmas stocking
Cooper wasn't disappointed with treats and new toys galore, including a new 'Woody Woodpecker' (although he's not quite sure about the character's trademark laugh that comes out when squeezed), buzzy bee and dragon toys.
Toy time Labrador Cooper
As you can see they put a smile on his face and he had a good roll around enjoying playing with them.
New toy playtime Labrador Cooper
We were joined by some friends for our festive lunch, which was basically a repeat of our turkey extravaganza from Thanksgiving, complete with 'Mrs. Patmore's Downton Abbey' brussel sprouts (with a bit of added bacon), all washed down with some bubbles and delicious red wine.
Festive Christmas tree table
To say fun was had by all was an understatement and even though the sun was shining outside, there was a nice crisp chill in the air to make it feel more like Christmas in L.A. That and the wonderful hush that had fallen over West Hollywood with everyone away, or inside enjoying their own festive feasts, was the perfect way to celebrate Christmas Day.

Cooper had one too many sherries, or treats, one of the two
Sleepy Labrador Cooper
As you can see, after playing and entertaining the troops all day, Cooper was well and truly pooped by the end of the day, when it was time to relax and enjoy this year's Doctor Who Christmas special on the sofa together.

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off...
Christmas fruit cake slice
Today it's time to do it all again with more Boxing Day festivities (for us Brits abroad) and time to try a slice of my world famous (on two continents anyway) Christmas fruit cake (you can probably smell the sherry from there).

Continue being merry, merry...

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