Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 2016's health, fashion and lifestyle billboards in L.A.'s skies...

This month there's been a real eclectic mix of billboards filling L.A.'s skyline, although the lack of fashion ads doesn't warrant its own roundup, so enjoy this collection of health, fashion, drinks and other lifestyle billboards turning heads at the start of 2016.

Health and fitness billboards
Results not Resolutions Burn 60 gym billboard
You can always tell it's the New Year when gym, workout and weight loss billboards appear in the skies, like this ad for Burn 60 Studios, to help you start your resolutions and get the results you want.
Oscar Smart simple LA healthcare billboard
As well as getting your body in tip top shape, the New Year is always a time to think about getting your annual health check, so it's no surprise this Oscar healthcare insurance ad campaign has popped up all around L.A.
sign to get new health plan Oscar billboard
These simple illustrated billboards are a nice way to approach insurance, in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way.
doctor will see you now Oscar billboard
This last ad creative perfectly illustrates how technology can help you communicate with your doctor confidentially with delicate, personal health matters.
Grindr Gonorrhea STD check billboard
And speaking of sexual health, AIDS Healthcare Foundation continued its outdoor ad campaign focusing on the dangers of hookup apps spreading STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia (although it's apparently now reached agreement to take Tinder off its billboards).

Fashion billboards
Gucci Spring 2016 fashion billboard
In the world of fashion, Gucci debuted some fresh new looks for the Spring along the Sunset Strip.
Prada Eyewear Spring 2016 billboard
And designer label Prada showed off its latest eyewear line, as sunglasses never go out of style in sunny Southern California.
Burberry Spring 2016 fashion billboard
Burberry was back in the skies with new looks and letting everyone know their brand style is made in Britain.
Equipment Melrose Place store fashion billboard
Plus French fashion brand, Equipment, was opening its first West Coast store at Melrose Place and supporting it with this black and white billboard nearby.
Reclaim first embrace Simon G jewelry billboard
Meanwhile Simon G. may have missed the gift-giving festive season, but it's right on time with this billboard above the Sunset Strip for Valentine's Day.
Me Undies Only Online naked models billboard
Plus online underwear website MeUndies was teasing passersby with its latest saucy ad creative.

Food and drinks billboards
Ciroc Apple vodka billboard
In the world of spirits, Cîroc Vodka was making the skies more fruity this January with this bold and vibrant billboard which just screams apple.
Absolut Vodka To Los Angeles billboard
Whilst Absoult Vodka was sending love letter to L.A. from Sweden, although it employs the same locally-tailored tactics in other cities, as this Absolut Vodka billboard in New York City illustrates.
Minibar new kind of bottle service billboard
This month Sunset Strip's newest billboard hoarding was host to its first ad for the new Minibar alcohol delivery service to your door.
Peroni beer sun hat billboard
Plus Peroni Beer was back in the city skies, and this time their model has ditched the sailor hat in favour of a sun hat.
Peroni beer sun hat billboards
It may not be a drink per se, but this billboard for hangover prevention certainly belongs in the drinks category.
Never too hungover Hangover prevention billboard
Although I'm not too sure if 'Never too hungover' is any more successful than any of the other hangover remedies that people swear by.
Want Fanta soda billboard
Meanwhile in the world of sodas, Fanta was back in the skies with this refreshingly fruity and vibrant ad.
Soylent galaxys easiest meal billboard
Another product taking advantage of the New Year health and weight loss resolutions is the Soylent meal replacement drink. With their out-of-this world ad creative and the product's name, I can't help but think of the 1973 sci-fi film, Soylent Green.

Dating billboards
Sugar Models live the life billboard
If your resolution was to find a sugar daddy to pamper you this year, then this billboard for Sugar Models is for you.
Find your honey Bumble dating app billboard
Meanwhile another dating app designed to help you 'find your honey' is Bumble, which only allows women to start chats with their matches.

Furnishings billboards
Casper perfect mattress Swingers billboard
Casper Mattress continued its fun illustrated ad campaign into January and was even spotted on some standard landscape billboards, rather than the smaller ads they've traditionally employed. If you like this 'swingers' creative for the bed-in-a-box brand, be sure to check out these other quirky Casper billboards from recent months.

Performing arts billboards
Getty Inspired dance billboard
If you were looking for some cultural inspiration in 2016, then The Getty Center was offering some contemporary dance to entertain you.

Auto billboards
Audi Q7 Sport Technology Vehicle billboard
In the world of motoring, Audi was promoting its new sporty technologically advanced model, the Audi Q7.

Property billboards
Compass future of real estate billboard
And in the world of real estate, Compass was the new website in L.A. designed to help property buyers and sellers.
Stop Manhattanwood billboard
And finally this 'Stop Manhattanwood' billboard addresses the overdevelopment of Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles and the problems associated with too many 'McMansions' being built and the influx of more cars impacting the quality of life in an already sprawling city.

As you can see the skyline of L.A. has been host to a variety of products and services this month, all vying for your attention as you start another year.

Stick around in the days to come for more snapshots of the skies of Los Angeles, including TV, film and music billboard roundups.

In the meantime I'll keep my eyes to the skies for all the latest visions in vinyl...

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