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January 2016's movie and music billboards around L.A...

The weather has made things interesting at start of 2016 with El Niño bringing rain, gloom and cloudy skies to bedevil my efforts to photograph all the new billboards filling the city skyline, but fortunately there have been a few days of glorious sunshine and clear skies to perfectly capture all the movie and music billboards filling the New Year city skyline.

Movie billboards
Deadpool movie billboard
Hollywood and audiences fascination with superhero movies remains strong and 2016 is set to be another year filled with tights and capes and with Deadpool, something a little different. Marvel's 'Merc with a Mouth' is part of the X-Men universe, so Fox Studios have rights to the character for his first solo big screen R-Rated outing.
Deadpool movie emoji billboard
As you can see from the outdoor advertising the theatrical marketing team there are having some fun with the fourth wall-breaking character. If you like these ad creatives, be sure to check out all these other fun Deadpool movie billboards, especially the spoof romance movie version.
Batman v Superman movie billboard
Speaking of superheroes and Warner Bros. Studios are probably hoping that their new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie helps kickstart their DC Comics cinematic universe, after false starts like Green Lantern and the lukewarm reception of Man of Steel.

It's a cool billboard, but Ben Affleck is the fifth actor to play the Dark Knight in recent years, so let's see how he compares to the previous Caped Crusaders.
Zoolander 2 movie billboard
After fifteen years, Ben Stiller is back as his dumb male fashion model alter-ego in Zoolander 2. If you're a fan of the ridiculously good-looking, aging models, be sure to check out all these other Zoolander No. 2 movie billboards currently filling the streets of L.A. 
Kung Fu Panda 3 movie billboard
In the world of animation, 'Po the Panda' returns for a this installment in Kung Fu Panda 3 and this time around the martial arts expert becomes the teacher of a new class of students to help defeat an ancient evil.
Lazer Team movie billboard
Meanwhile Lazer Team is a new sci-fi comedy where four morons find a crashed UFO and get bonded to a power-suit need to defend the Earth from an alien attack.
Ride Along 2 special extension billboard
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are back for Ride Along 2 and this time the comedy sequel receives much more outdoor support in the form of special extension and giant-sized billboards.
Fifty Shades of Black movie billboard
Also at cinemas this month, Marlan Wayans spoofs S&M romance Fifty Shades of Grey with his new comedy Fifty Shades of Black.
Dirty Grandpa movie billboard
Another comedy hoping to tickle your funny bone in January was Dirty Grandpa, where Robert De Niro tricks his uptight grandson (played by Zac Efron) to go on a wild road trip with him, before his wedding.
How to be Single movie billboard
And the laughs keep coming (hopefully) in February with the new comedy, How to be Single, which looks like it's trying to be Sex and the City for a new generation, sleeping around in the city that never sleeps.
Hateful Eight movie billboard
Quentin Tarantino's latest movie, the bloody western The Hateful Eight was also in the city skies this month. If you're a fan of the film, be sure to also check out all these original costumes from The Hateful Eight on display around L.A.
Hail Caesar movie billboard
The Coen Brothers new movie set in 1950s Hollywood also had this billboard along the Sunset Strip and for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the comedy, you can check out these cool film costumes from Hail, Caesar! on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema.
Finest Hours giant movie billboard
Meanwhile Coast Guard rescue drama, The Finest Hours, was making a big splash along the Sunset Strip with this giant-sized billboard this month.
13 Hours Secret Soldiers Benghazi billboard
And it's never great when someone else has a similar film title (or ad creative) in the skies at the same time, so 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi must have been pleased they had an earlier box office date to avoid too much confusion.
The Martian awards billboard
This month the skies have also been filled with billboards trying to grab the attention of film industry voters, like this ad creative for Golden Globe-winner The Martian.
The Revenant Oscar nominations billboard
Amidst all the 'Oscars So White' controversy, Leonardo DiCaprio's The Revenant was also trying to secure as many votes from Academy members this month after already winning several awards accolades.
Lady in the Van movie billboard
Maggie Smith was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in The Lady in the Van and had this billboard support to help her nomination (although she didn't win). Her performance was great as ever, but overall the film based on Alan Bennett's real-life experiences wasn't that satisfying.
Joy Golden Globe nomination billboard
Even though it's been slated by the critics, Joy was still campaigning for its star Jennifer Lawrence and it paid off as she won the Best Actress Golden Globe and is nominated again for an Oscar.
Bridge of Spies 2016 awards billboard
And although Bridge of Spies wasn't a box office success it's done well this awards season with several nominations, although I think the fact that it's directed by Steven Spielberg has something to do with it.
Inside Out awards season billboard
Disney/Pixar's Inside Out won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Animated and has two Oscar nomination for writing and best animated feature film.
Beasts of No Nation Golden Globes billboard
But sadly despite all the billboard support, Netflix's Beasts of No Nation was shut out of the Oscars and didn't win any Globes.
The Breaks VH1 movie billboard
Meanwhile VH1 was flashing back to the 1990s with their new hip hop TV movie, The Breaks.
Toni Braxton Lifetime movie billboard
And iconic singer Toni Braxton was getting the Lifetime movie treatment and this striking billboard along the Sunset Strip.

Music billboards
Giant Britney Spears Piece of Me Las Vegas billboard
Also in the world of music, Britney Spears was super-sized on the side of the Andaz Hotel for her return to her Las Vegas show, Piece of Me.
2016 Grammys Witness Greatness billboard
And The Grammys are on their way so they were asking passersby to 'Witness Greatness' above the streets of L.A., with an outdoor ad campaign featuring the likes of Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and The Weeknd.
Guns N Roses Coachella billboard
In the world of rock, Guns N' Roses were getting the band back together for a reunion at the Coachella Festival this year.
The Beatles Get back Spotify billboard
And legendary british band, The Beatles, has this small billboard to highlight their songs were available to stream on Spotify.
Gary Clark Jr story of Sonny Boy Slim album billboard
Gary Clark Jr. had this billboard in the skies of Hollywood for his new album, The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.
J Cole Homecoming billboard
And J. Cole had this vibrant billboard for his new HBO concert documentary film, Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming.
Omnia Nightclub Chuckie billboard
Omnia Nightclub continued its outdoor ad campaign, although it looks like it's switching back to standard billboards, like this version featuring DJ Chuckie, rather than its launch special extension billboards.
Jewel Nightclub Aria Las Vegas billboard
Plus the Aria hotel resort and casino in Las Vegas was launching its new nightclub, Jewel, in the skies of L.A. to attract the party crowd this Spring.
Jewel Nightclub Aria Las Vegas billboard
As you can see there've been crowded skies this month, all vying for your attention. If you like this assortment of ad creatives, be sure to check out these movie and music billboards from last year too.

Let's see if February will be as busy in the skies of L.A...

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