Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A beautiful February day at Huntington Dog Beach...

With temperatures soaring in West Hollywood today and after months of physical therapy, water leaks in our condo and a puppy getting bored with the same old neighbourhood walks, it was time to head to the dog beach to cool off and blow the cobwebs away.
Labrador playing Huntington Dog Beach
Of late, a calf strain has prevented me from taking Cooper hiking at Runyon Canyon and the stormy El NiƱo weather has caused strong currents and waves along the coast, so it's been a while since our big Labrador has had a chance to play amongst the surf and get some of that pent up energy out.
Huntington Beach Feb 2016
As you can see from these photos, the weather was perfect down at Huntington Dog Beach today, however even though the waves look quite calm, the swell was still quite strong.
Lifeguard station Huntington Beach
Obviously that didn't stop Cooper from diving in, but we still we took care to make sure he wasn't swept away (although fortunately there were plenty of surfers around to rescue him if he was).
Huntington Dog Beach
Walking through sand hasn't been that advisable for my calf injury either, so that's another reason I've kept away from the beach too.
Labrador rolling in sand Huntington Beach
As ever, walking along the shoreline and seeing Cooper play and wading through the waves was a real tonic and a nice break from sitting behind a computer all day, or driving around in crazy L.A. traffic.
Yellow Labrador Cooper Huntington Dog Beach
Here's hoping this isn't the only time we can escape to the beach this year, especially when it's so calm and quiet.

Can you believe this is Southern California in February? Simply glorious...

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