Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A treasure trove of movie costumes on display in Downtown L.A...

If you're a fan of movie costume design, then now is a great time to live in L.A. with lots of fantastic exhibits to see up close. Most impressive of late is the new exhibition housed at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Musuem in Downtown L.A. which is free to the public and also has an extensive array of film costumes from the past twelve months on display out of reflective cases and wonderfully presented.

24th Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition
at the FIDM Museum
24th Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition FIDM Museum
Not only can you see original costumes from all five Oscar-nominated designers for Cinderella, Mad Max: Fury Road, Carol, The Danish Girl and The Revenant, but also screen-worn costumes from films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Crimson Peak, Brooklyn, Pitch Perfect 2, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and many more besides.
Honestly the sheer variety of gowns and outfits from different movie genres, fairytale to Western, musical to sci-fi, action to period drama, gothic horror to Shakespearean tragedy, is staggering.
24th Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition FIDM Museum
The exhibition is open until April 30, 2016 and it's well worth taking the trip Downtown to peak inside this unique behind-the-scenes Hollywood wardrobe. There's just so much to take in I'm sure I'll visit again before the temporary exhibit leaves, and best of all they now also allow flash-free photography so you can remember your visit.
FIDM Museum Movie Costume Design exhibition
People often contact me to to ask where they can see movie costumes, so I can highly recommend the FIDM Museum at the moment.
24th Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition FIDM Museum
If you can't make it yourself, head over to my costume and props blog in the coming days to see some of these costumes up close and in more detail.

Hail, Caesar! movie costume exhibit
at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Hail Caesar movie costume exhibit
Downtown is not the only place to see some original movie costumes either (although in smaller quantities), as the ArcLight Hollywood cinema also has some fab costumes from Hail, Caesar! at the moment when you go to see a movie.

Inside The Hateful Eight costume exhibit
at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Hateful Eight movie costumes
Hateful Eight screen-used props

Hateful Eight Western costume
And I was also lucky enough recently to win the chance to go inside ArcLight Hollywood's costume exhibit for The Hateful Eight, take loads of photos and win a prize pack, which was real treat and nice way to start the New Year.

Hopefully 2016 will continue to offer up similar delights and if it does, I'll be sure to share them with you...

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