Sunday, February 14, 2016

Keep doing what you Love wall mural...

Regular visitors will know that I love a good wall mural and I'm always spotting new ones on my travels around L.A. photographing billboards. Today's example in honour of Valentine's Day is by HiJackArt and was spied along La Brea Avenue.

Keep doing what you Love HiJackArt wall mural
Whilst researching online what the meaning of this outdoor art with an anonymous hoodie-wearing figure using a baseball bat to make a heart shape in the wall could be I saw various interpretations and titles, like 'Hit up love', 'Beating heart', 'Heartbreak', 'Love is a battle, love is war', 'Love is breaking down the barriers to your heart' and many more besides.
Keep doing what you Love HiJackArt mural
It's great to know that a simple visual can evoke and inspire such opinion and debate, that's what good art should do.
Keep doing what you Love HiJackArt wall mural
Apparently this is one of the first pieces of work ever made by the artist and symbolizes the simple message of "keep doing what you love", no matter the struggle or obstacles you encounter along the way, just push through them and keep doing what makes you happy.
Keep doing what you Love HiJackArt mural
It's a nice sentiment and I can totally empathize with this when it comes to my 'love/hate' relationship with blogging and the many barriers people, and companies, throw in your way to try and make your efforts that much harder.

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Do you feel the love for this mural this Valentine's Day?

P.S. Good luck to all the runners in today's 2016 L.A. Marathon, smash through all those pain and doubt barriers...

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