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L.A.'s eclectic selection of lifestyle billboards filling February 2016's crowded skyline...

This February it's been exciting times in the skies of L.A., with a healthy mix of different ad creatives and lifestyle categories vying for our attention alongside all the TV, movie, music and new season fashion billboards. Here's a fab collection of food, drinks, travel, technology, arts, fitness and more lifestyle outdoor ads that caught my eye this past month.

Arts and culture billboards
If you don't like me unfollow me Gagosian Gallery billboard
First up is a billboard which really speaks to our social media generation. If you don't like something or someone, don't be an internet troll, just move along. This billboard is for a collaborative exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills for Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis.

Theme park billboards
Star Wars Awakens Disneyland billboard
Next up the Force is awakening at Disneyland this year after the phenomenal box office success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Expect to see more of 'Kylo Ren', 'BB-8', 'First Order Stormtroopers' and more new and classic characters from a galaxy far, far away at the Disney theme parks in the future.

Food and drink billboards
Cuties original fruit snack billboard
This month these fruity special extension billboards from Cuties really stood out in the skies of L.A. and really challenged rival citrus supplier, Halos, to up their game after their recent outdoor ad campaign.
KFWELA Petersen Automotive Museum billboard
Also in the world of food, the Kosher Food and Wine Experience will take place at the newly revamped Petersen Automotive Museum at the start of March 2016. I like how the new metallic fascia of the museum looks like a wine glass in this ad creative.
We approve Kale Blazer Naked Juice billboard
Naked Juice had a clever series of billboards for its Kale Blazer offering this month, which included highly topical awards season and political election themes to make them more relevant and make kale seem more fun, than just a worthy leafy veggie.
Giant Stella Artois clean drinking water billboard
Speaking of worthy causes and Stella Artois was doing its bit to help a charitable cause with its new limited-edition chalice promotion for their 'Buy a Lady a drink' campaign that helps provide clean drinking water to people in developing countries.

Travel billboards
Virgin your people fly our people billboard
In the world of travel Virgin America was flying high in the skies of L.A. this month with new ad creatives for its U.S. domestic airline service.
Virgin America Live TV fullest billboard
For more examples, be sure to check out these other Virgin America A Radical Departure billboards from recent times. It's nice to see an airline having fun with its advertising, as these days when you fly it's all about safety and security rather than comfort and in-flight service.

Health and fitness billboards
Commit to something Equinox breastfeeding twins billboard
Meanwhile when Cooper and I went to the Huntington Dog Beach this month we spied this provocative ad creative for Equinox gyms. Breastfeeding twin babies is certainly a commitment and is sure to turn a few heads in Orange County.
Spiff up your bumper 24 Fitness gym billboard
Not to be left out, 24 Fitness was also encouraging you to 'spiff up your bumper' this month with billboards like this one. I recently joined their West Hollywood location and I have to say they need to work on cleanliness before they spend money on advertising, getting chewing gum on my iPhone from their spin bikes was not what I expect from a well kept gym.

Medical billboards
Ross Skin Lab Coolsculpting Look better naked billboard
This billboard may be nice to look at, but there really should be a warning with this type of advertising. If you could really freeze the fat away with 'coolsculpting' wouldn't everyone be doing it and wouldn't America's obesity problem be a thing of the past? Yes, everyone wants to look better naked, but if you looked this good already why would you need this service anyway.

Dating billboards
1 million dates adventures a week Tinder billboard
In the world of dating, hookup app Tinder was making sure it captilised on Valentine's Day this month. Plus if you like this witty creative, be sure to also check out more dating website and app billboards at my Daily Billboard blog.

Financial billboards
Giant Great loans for great people SoFi billboard
SoFi was back in the skies of L.A. at the end of this month with a colourful new 'Don't Bank. SoFi' outdoor ad campaign. As a comparison, be sure to also check out their previous SoFi refinancing student loans billboards from around the street so L.A. last year.

Furnishings billboards
Mattress stores are greedy billboard
In the world of bedroom furnishings, Tuft & Needle had this eye-catching copy-only billboard this month which suggested mattress store were greedy. I'm not sure they are greedy so much as stuck in the past, like car salesrooms.

Charity and cause-related billboards
Joshua Williams nonprofit Values billboard
This month The Foundation for a Better Life was shining a spotlight on youthful non-profit entrepreneur Joshua Williams, an example to us all of someone serving his community. If you like the sentiment of this advert, be sure to check out these souther inspiring Values billboards.

Technology billboards
Rosie the Riveter Solar panels billboard
In the city skyline there's always some recurring themes, whether it be TV shows borrowing from iconic paintings like Vikings season four paying homage to The Last Supper or advertisers using iconic war propaganda imagery like J. Howard Miller's 'We Can Do It' artwork, more commonly known as 'Rosie the Riveter'.

In the past, Solar America has also used Uncle Sam to promote its solar panels.
Apple Shot on iPhone 6s billboard
This month saw Apple return to the skies of L.A. with a new outdoor ad campaign for their iPhone 6s.
Giant Shot on iPhone 6s billboard
Instead of using landscapes and architecture from around the world, this Shot on iPhone 6s ad campaign featured faces and self portraits of the smartphone users and their muses.
These things used to work pretty good Lyft billboard
Ride sharing a pop Lyft was back in the skies of L.A. at the end of February with this copy heavy billboard, which makes for a different approach to advertising (especially as I've never seen Uber advertising on billboards).

If you like this 'Riding is the new driving' approach, be sure to also take a look Lyft's previous Driving you Happy billboards.
Skurt car rental billboard
Also in the world of cars the new car rental app Skurt was popping up in the streets and skies of L.A. this February.
don't want you to have rental car delivered Skurt billboard
Having your rental car delivered rather than having to go pick it up sounds like a great idea, so these small-sized billboards do a great job of communicating the advantages of the app.
Skurt key to success having rental car delivered billboard
These days there seems to be an app for everything and I can't help but feel this is just the start.

As you can see it's been rather busy in the skies of L.A. this month and I can only imagine that as we enter Spring it'll become even busier in the city skyline.

Take a look at the lifestyle billboard ads filling last year's skies and stay tuned in the days to come for roundups of the new season TV shows, film and music billboards also competing for your eyeballs this month.

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