Monday, March 28, 2016

Enjoying a Palm Springs retreat for Easter weekend...

This Easter weekend we enjoyed a much needed retreat in Palm Springs and it was blissful.

Palm Springs house
Once again we rented a house for the long weekend with friends. We've always stayed this way rather than at a hotel, and enjoyed wonderful decor, great company and a fabulous infinity pool and spa for three days.
Palm Springs house rental
The weather was perfect, probably the coolest temperatures we've enjoyed in Palm Springs in the mid-80°Fs, sunshine and a breeze at times, to experience some necessary R&R.
Palm Springs mountain views
The views from the rental property were incredible, and the interior was that mix of mid-century and contemporary style, which is just what I love about Palm Springs.
Palm Springs house interior
On this occasion not only did we enjoy some favourite eateries, but we also tried out new dining options like House 849 and Workshop Kitchen & Bar, which were nice additions to our culinary repertoire.
Palm Springs views
The only thing that slightly marred our weekend is that we learned one of our toilet flushes back home in West Hollywood had broken and gallons of water were perpetually flowing down the pan, which in these drought times in California means that we're about to be hit with a hefty fine from our local water supplier, which is slightly worrying.

Anyway, we'll cry about that later and deal with it when we get the extortionate bill.
Palm Springs snowy mountain view
We've never been to Palm Springs at this time of year before and it was amazing to see the snow on the mountain top as we drove into and left the desert oasis.

Maybe one day we'll own our own getaway in Palm Springs, until then we'll continue to enjoy all the memories we have from our increasingly frequent visits.

I know it sounds like a hard life (I say with my tongue firmly in cheek), but someone has to live it...

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