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March 2016's eclectic selection of lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skies...

People often ask why I do what I do, and by that I mean take all these photos of billboards. I'm genuinely fascinated by them and excited when I see a compelling, innovative creative or gimmick in the city skyline, but in addition to that no one else seems to be showcasing these works of art (or hard work at least), so it's only right that I shine a spotlight on these visions in vinyl. You may think only myself and those in the ad industry are paying attention, but you'd be surprised by the people who enjoy these roundups and my Daily Billboard Blog. Anyway, for now enjoy this eclectic selection of lifestyle billboards filling L.A.'s skies in March 2016.

Health and fitness billboards
Equinox gym Commit to something orgy billboard
First up is another provocative billboard from Equinox gyms, hoping to turn heads with their bedroom orgy ad creative for their new 'Commit to something' campaign.

If you like this, be sure to check out their previous Equinox Made me do it billboards, which were equally eye-catching and risqué.
24 Hour Fitness Get it up daily billboard
Not to feel left out, 24 Hour Fitness also had this tongue-in-cheek ad creative in the skies this month. 'Get it up daily' certainly has that 'oo, er, missus' quality to it.

Adult billboards
Hustler don't kiss and tell billboard
From sexual innuendo to a store selling merchandise for adults, and this 'We don't kiss and tell!' creative from Hustler Hollywood helps reassure potential customers that whatever you're into, your secrets are safe when you shop there.

Drinks billboards
David Beckham Haig Club Scotch Whisky billboard
In the world of alcoholic drinks soccer star David Beckham is the welcoming face of Haig Club Scotch Whisky this month at the start of the Sunset Strip.
Coors Light Climb on billboard
Coors Light is encouraging you to climb on board for their refreshing beer born in the Rockies this month.
Budweiser Beer Not ponies bilboard
And Budweiser is reminding drinkers how manly and powerful the horses in their ads are. This is real beer for real men.
Best Damn Root Beer billboard
Meanwhile Anheusur-Busch is putting to booze into Root Beer, and it's the 'Best Damn Root Beer' Godammit.
Arrowhead Born bred in Golden State billboard
In the word of soft beverages, Arrowhead is reaffirming that its bottled water originates in California with this latest ad.
Bai Flavor so fresh slap it billboard
And Bai drinks are the latest antioxidant infused fruity drinks hoping to refresh your taste buds with a jolt.
10 out of 10 Kale Blazer Naked billboard
This month I also spied another of Naked Juice's fun Kale Blazer billboards filling the city skyline. be sure to click through to my Daily Billboard blog to see some other examples with politics and awards season themes.
Dirty mind Clean Juice two lemons billboard
Meanwhile this other Juice billboard has more of a saucy double entendre side to it.
Red Bull extra to extraordinary billboard
From natural juices to drinks that certainly don't have that many ingredients that are good for you from a health perspective, Red Bull.
Red Bull On brink breakthrough billboard
I've always liked their cartoon illustrations, but just like Dos Equis and their Most Interesting Man in the World ads, maybe it's time for Red Bull to retire this campaign as it's seeming a little dated now.
Red Bull Got an Everest of exams to grade billboard
Another fizzy soda filling the skyline this month was Mountain Dew, using its corporate partnership with the Lakers to get your attention.
Mountain Dew Charge your game Lakers billboard

Technology billboards
Wix website design billboard
Wix may like to keep things clean and simple with its advertising, but this unimaginative billboard doesn't give me confidence that I could create a 'stunning' website I'm afraid.
Download Bumble dating app billboard
Dating app Bumble was also back in the skies with this small and simple ad creative.
Postmates food delivery emoji text billboard
And on-demand food delivery app Postmates had this fun emoji text ad creative to speak to the smartphone generation.
GrubHub Eat like a boss billboard
And speaking of having food delivered, GrubHub had more of a foodie visual to get their message across.

Autos billboards
First ever Cadillac CT6 car billboard
In the world of motoring Cadillac was back in the city skyline with multiple ad formats.
Cadillac CT6 car billboard
Living in mostly sunny Southern California it's strange that the Cadillac CT6 chose a snowy city ad creative to use in L.A.

Financial billboards
Your mom not giving loans SoFi billboard
Money lender SoFi was back with a bright and colourful copy-based 'Don't bank' ad campaign this month. These new outdoor ads are quite a departure from their refinance your student loans SoFi billboards from last year.

Charity and cause-related billboards
2 Preserve LA zoning system corrupt billboard
Overdevelopment in Hollywood was being targeted by this 2 Preserve L.A. billboard, trying to keep housing affordable and protect the unique city skyline.

Furnishings billboards
Leesa better mattress billboard
It looks like Casper mattresses may have some competition from Leesa with these new ads, which uses a human model rather cute illustrations to get across their bed-in-a-box message.
Leesa mattress Spring 2016 billboard
Be sure to compare these ads to these Casper billboards and see which advertising approach you prefer.

Travel and tourism billboards
Virgin America Now boarding billboard
In the world of travel Virgin America now has flights direct from LAX to Maui and Oahu in Hawaii and this fun surf board ad creative.
Giant Batman v Superman Turkish airlines billboard
Meanwhile Turkish Airlines was leveraging its partnership with the new Batman v Superman movie with this giant billboard on the side of the Andaz Hotel along the Sunset Strip.
Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2016 dragon billboard
The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is back in the skies with this cut-out special extension dragon billboard to catch your eye.
Star Wars Awakens Disneyland BB8 billboard
Plus Disneyland had more billboards, including this cool BB-8 ad creative, to draw attention to its Star Wars Awakens attractions.
san Diego Zoo Play Days hippo billboard
And if medieval festivals and theme parks are not for you, then maybe you can go see the hippos at San Diego Zoo.

Arts and culture billboards
Getty Inspired Seated Cardinal sculpture billboard
If you're wanting some culture in your life, then the Getty Centre had these billboards to try and inspire you.
Getty Inspired flowers painting billboard
Whether it be sculptures, art or architecture there's lots to see, especially when you have friends in town and want to show them something more than just the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
I Love You Frankie Rize Photography billboard
The Sunset Strip was also had this striking billboard for a photography exhibition by Frankie Rize to turn heads.

As you can see there's been lots to take in in the skies of L.A. in March, and that's not even including all the TV, movie, music and fashion billboards also vying for your attention.

Stay tuned for more snapshots of L.A. in the days to come...

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