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April 2016's eclectic mix of lifestyle billboards around L.A's streets and skies...

Wow, there's really been an interesting assortment of lifestyle billboards filling the sprawling skies of L.A. this April 2016, everything from theme parks to drinks, travel, food, pets, technology and more ad creatives trying to grab your attention with special gimmicks, cut-out extensions and just cool designs and concepts. Here's a few of the examples that caught my experienced eye this month.

Theme parks, travel and tourism billboards
Disneyland 3D Star Wars Kylo Ren lightsaber billboard
First up is this spectacular billboard installation for Disneyland's new Star Wars attractions, featuring new villain 'Kylo Ren' with a 3D arm and illuminating lightsaber stabbing through another billboard hoarding.
If you like this cool idea, be sure to check out these other Disneyland Star Wars Awakens billboards from around L.A.

Plus if you're a fan of Kylo Ren, you should also check out all these cool Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie costumes on display.
Wizarding World Harry Potter Universal Studios Hollywood billboard
It really was a battle of the billboards for theme park attractions this month as a young Daniel Radcliffe was back in the skies for the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Virgin America Now boarding extension billboard
In addition to all the ads for tourist attractions, there have also been quite a selection of other billboards for travel and tourism. One of my personal favourites this month was this special surfboard cut-out for Virgin America's new direct flights to Maui and Oahu in Hawaii.
Giant Scottsdale tourism billboard
Meanwhile this giant-sized ad creative for Scottsdale tourism returned to the Sunset Strip once again on the side of the Mondrian Hotel this month.
Ventura County Coast tourism dog billboard
Plus the Ventura County Coast was advertising itself to Los Angelenos as a place to getaway and take a break from the big city.
Ventura County Coast unbridled freedom billboard
Their billboards were using everything from pet-friendly beaches to the allure of the open road to attract visitors.

Food and drinks billboards
Midici Neapolitan pizza special extension billboard
Over in Sherman Oaks this April this duo of eye-catching Midici Neapolitan pizza billboards, both on the corner of Ventura and Van Nuys Boulevards, got my mouth-watering and craving pizza.
Midici pizza People best thing happen to anyone billboard
I probably disagree with this ad creative though, pizza is probably the best thing that can happen to people (oh, and ice-cream too).
Entenmanns Little Bites Alvin Chipmunks billboard
Speaking of yummy treats and Entenmann's was partnering with Alvin and the Chipmunks this month to promote their Little Bites cakes.

You can also check out these fun movie billboards for Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip at my dedicated Daily Billboard blog.
Sparkling Smart Water billboard
Smartwater was putting some fizz into its premium bottled water this month and was debuting these ads for its new sparkling offering.
Arrowhead water nature wall mural
Whilst Arrowhead bottled water had this wall mural of the Palomar Mountains where it gets its spring water from.
Juice is sweet Soylent is complete billboard
Plus Soylent was taking out some bigger landscape billboard ads and comparing itself to juice as a more complete drink with a bit of rhyme.
Dos Equis not knowing regret feels like billboard
It was an end of an era for the Most Interesting Man in the World as the face of Dos Equis beer was taking off for a new out-of-this-world adventure.

If you're a fan of the brand character, be sure to check out the Most Interesting Man in the World billboard ad campaigns from recent years.
Michelob Ultra Superior Light Beer billboard
Meanwhile Michelob Ultra preferred to keep things simple and to the point with these latest ads.

Pet billboards
Americas Family Pet Expo OC 2016 billboard
I can never resist a billboard with a cute puppy on it, especially a Labrador, and so this ad for America's Family Pet Expo in Orange County certainly stood out for me.
Shelter pet project cat billboard
And for all you cat people out there, this shelter pet adoption billboard also caught my magpie eye this month.

Autos and transport billboards
Cadillac XT5 billboard
In the world of motoring, the Cadillac XT5 continued to fill the skies of L.A., like this one high above the Sunset Strip.
Lyft Riding is the new driving billboard
Meanwhile Lyft wanted you to let yourself go and give up on your car with their new 'Riding is the new driving' ad campaign.
Scoot-E-bike Raytroniks billboard
Another solution to help you go car free in the city this month was this billboard for these foldable electronic scooter bikes.
Skateboard to Surfboard LA Metro billboard
And even though L.A. has the worst public transport, at least the L.A. Metro is trying to do something about it, so soon you'll be able to trade in your skateboard for a surfboard by the ocean more easily with the new rail Expo Line stations.

Charity and cause-related billboards
Greedy developer check 2 Preserve LA billboard
This clever faux cheque ad creative was a clever way to illustrate that L.A. City Hall is in the pocket of all the greedy developers building 'McMansions' everywhere around the city at the moment.
Get tested and chill Free STD check billboard
This month AIDS Healthcare Foundation also had this fun play on the 'Netflix and chill' expression (meaning come over and we'll have sex, rather than watch TV), so this 'Get tested and chill' spoof is the perfect creative to help promote safe sex.
Wings for Life World Run 2016 billboard
I'm still not back to running due to my injuries, so when I see charity race billboards like this Wings for Life World Run I feel a little sad, but I'm sure there are plenty who can run who will support this organisation looking for a cure for spinal cord injuries.
Einstein Confidence Values billboard
Meanwhile the Foundation for a Better Life had this fun Albert Einstein billboard to help inspire confidence this month and if you like this ad, be sure to pass it on and check out these other Values billboards from recent years.
Lets rethink high school XQ billboard
And speaking of education and studying and this vibrant XQ Super School Project billboard was challenging people to rethink how high school works.

Technology billboards
Shot on iPhone 6s portraits billboard
In the world of technology Apple unleashed another wave of inspiring Shot on iPhone 6s billboards into the city skyline this April.
Postmates sushi food delivery emoji billboard
And the food delivery app Postmates had this fun text emoji billboard to help you get that sushi you're craving at lunchtime.
Cordcruncher Tangle free headphones billboard
Whilst this sporty Cordcruncher headphones ad had great positioning opposite Equinox's flagship Sunset Strip gym.

Health and fitness billboards
Equinox gyms Commit to Something breastfeeding billboard
And speaking of the upscale fitness brand, I spotted another ad format from Equinox's Commit to Something ad campaign, this one featuring a mother breastfeeding twins.

Arts and culture billboards
I don't care what you did I forgive you Munko whale billboard
And finally last month I forgot to include this cute duo of billboards for 'Munko the Whale' by street artist David Choe on opposite sides of the Sunset Strip, but not to worry they were still there at the start of April.
I will love you forever Munko whale billboard
Remember if you like what you see, or have something to say, leave a comment about any of these billboards.

In the meantime stay tuned for more billboard roundups from the world of music, movies and TV in the days to come...

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