Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth's Mightiest movie costumes on display in L.A...

Regular visitors will know that I'm a lifelong fan of Marvel Comics, so I've really been enjoying all the big and small screen adventures of my favourite superheroes in recent years and once in a while I get to be in awe of some of the fantastic film costumes up close when they're displayed around L.A.

Original Captain America and Winter Soldier costumes
from Captain America: Civil War at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Captain America Civil War movie costume exhibit
This month three different ArcLight cinema locations have exclusive Avengers costume exhibits from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, which I can't wait for.

ArcLight Hollywood had the new Captain America and Winter Soldier film costumes on display, so be sure to click through to my dedicated costume and props blog see them in more detail.

New Ant-Man costume from Captain America: Civil War
on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema
Ant-Man costume Captain America Civil War
Meanwhile ArcLight Sherman Oaks had Paul Rudd's new-look Ant-Man costume, which looked amazing, plus Anthony Mackie's Falcon movie costume was on display too.

Original Scarlet Witch and Black Panther costumes
from Captain America: Civil War at ArcLight Pasadena cinema
Captain America Civil War film costumes
Over at ArcLight Pasadena they had Elizabeth Olsen's updated Scarlet Witch movie costume and Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther costume for visitors to see.

I've had so many requests for high res images from cosplayers wanting detail shots of these fabulous costumes so they can make their own looks as authentic as possible. You can tell there's real fan excitement for the movie and I'm sure we'll se more than a few of these heroic characters walking the streets at Halloween this year.

I already have tickets for the new Marvel movie so I can't wait until out opens.

Crimson Peak movie costumes and more at the 24th Art of Motion Picture
Costume Design Exhibition at DTLA's FIDM Museum
Crimson Peak movie costume
Yesterday I also took another trip to Downtown L.A. to see the FIDM Museum's annual movie costume exhibition. I just had to take another look at all the Oscar-winning and nominated costumes, plus examples from musicals, comedies, historical dramas, westerns, fantasy, sci-fi, and gothic romance films (like this Crimson Peak costume) from the past year, before the exhibit closes next week on April 30, 2016.

Let's hope the rest of 2016 is as generous when it comes to costume displays in the coming months...

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