Monday, April 18, 2016

Eight years of Labrador Cooper magnificence...

Happy 8th Birthday Cooper! Wow, these past eight years have flown by but we still remember when you were just a little pup when we brought you home at eight weeks old. Today I thought I'd look back at how our Yellow Sandylands Labrador has grown over the years, but do you know how impossible it is to choose one picture for each year amongst thousands? Hopefully these examples will give you a glimpse at the character or our boy and the adventures we've had together so far.

8 year old Yellow Labrador Cooper
Here's our gorgeous 8-year-old sunning himself on the roof deck, which he doesn't do too often this time of year as he gets too hot. He's much more at home laying on the cooler bathroom tiles or wood floors around the house.

Sandy-faced Labrador Huntington Dog Beach
Now here's a classic Cooper pose, face covered in sand at Huntington Dog Beach in Orange County after he's being rolling around because he's gotten water in his ears. He always looks a little deranged when he's doing it and it always puts a smile of people's faces when they see him making a mess.

Labrador sunglasses
Meanwhile this cool character sums up what Cooper's like when he's in a mood and having none of it, he can be a stubborn pup at times, although he's always a good sport when we want to dress him up in sunglasses, Santa hats or Halloween costumes.

Mind you, over the years he's become increasingly camera shy and will purposefully turn away if he has a camera or smartphone pointed at him, he's not stupid.

Labrador West Hollywood
This picture is from 2013, walking (or having a rest) in the West Hollywood neighbourhood to the pet store for a bullystick treat. Little did we know the greasy, fatty treats would contribute to his pancreatitis the following Easter. We've never made that mistake again.

Like most dogs, and pets, Cooper hates going anywhere near his animal hospital, no matter how nicely they treat him, or the amount of treats he gets each visit.

Labrador playing Hendry's Beach
I love this picture of our happy Labrador. Here he's in his element at Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara, his favourite dog-friendly shoreline, getting all that Labrador energy out of his system.

Be sure to check out these other pictures of our Labrador at Hendry's Beach to see how much he enjoys his visits.

Labrador Cooper pool playtime
This picture shows how exhausted he can get after a fun few hours playing in the swimming pool with his toys and pals.

You can also check out how this lovely Labrador perfected his diving into the pool when he was younger. He's always loved the water, as most retrievers do.

Labrador Bel Air swimming pool playtime
This fab photo pretty much sums up his (and our) charmed lives, swimming in a pool high up in Bel Air, with the spectacular view of Downtown L.A. in the background.

You'll want to take a look at these Labradors playing in the pool if you're a dog lover. So much fun.

Labrador Cooper Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon is where Cooper spent much of his formative youth, early morning walks with his Lab Pack - be sure to click through to see his friends in every colour, yellow, black and brown Labradors at play everywhere.

These days we're both too stiff to enjoy the canyon hike as much as we used to and have switched to regular beach visits to expend all that energy.

Labrador puppy Cooper
When we first brought Cooper home a friend told us that we should take lots of photos, as puppies grow so quickly.

Obviously chronicling his daily life was not a problem, and here he is eight years ago looking adorable, almost angelic, after one of his first puppy bath-times, when he still had his very black nose.

This is such a small selection of Cooper's greatest hits so make sure you browse around my blog, which has always been just as much about his adventures as mine.

Let's hope the next year provides many more fun times for us all...


IzzyButton said...

I'm a big fan of Cooper. I found your blog 7.5 years ago when I was about to get my yellow lab, Izzy, who is now 7 years old. My husband was never a dog person, but he's a completely different person now. We now have a 3 year old boy who is so much in love with big furry sister :) We are very fortunate to have Cooper and Izzy in our lives. Happy Birthday Cooper!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes for Cooper - Labs are certainly the best! Cooper kisses for Izzy!

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