Monday, May 30, 2016

Fashion billboards stylishly filling L.A.'s skies in May 2016...

Even though I was overseas for two weeks in May, I have to say there seemed to be less fashion billboards filling the L.A. skyline this month. However, here's a collection of the eyewear, swimwear, underwear, apparel and jewelry outdoor ads that did catch my eye in May 2016.

Fashion billboards
Giant Chanel sunglass hut SS16 billboard
First up we have Cara Delevingne modeling Chanel's latest eyewear in this giant ad, available at Sunglass Hut.
H&M swimwear SS16 billboard
Next up H&M are getting ready for Summer with lots of affordable bikini and swimsuit looks for the beach and poolside.
Wildfox Summer 2016 fashion billboard
Meanwhile Wildfox was also sporting Summer and sunglasses looks in its latest ad creative in West Hollywood.
Coach SS16 fashion billboard
In the heart of Hollywood Coach was showing off its Summer looks and luxury designer handbags.
Joes Jeans SS16 hat billboard
Joe's Jeans was tipping its hat to Summer with this small ad creative along L.A.'s 3rd Street.
Paper 8 Apparel Psycho billboard
Paper8 apparel was filling the skyline with these illustrated designs inspired by iconic movies.
Paper8 apparel dog billboard
And regardless of the cool t-shirt designs, who can resist a billboard featuring a cute dog?
Keds Titans of industry Mavens of style billboard
Along Melrose Avenue Keds were showing off their timeless and classic footwear styles for women and if you like these ads, be sure to also check out this cool Keds billboard from recent months along the Sunset Strip.
2Xist swimwear SS16 billboard
With pool and beach season fast approaching (if we can get all this May Grey and June Gloom out of the way) 2(X)ist was filling the skies with their latest designer swimwear and underwear for men.
2Xist men's underwear SS16 billboard
If you like these sexy outdoor ads, be sure to check out more 2(X)ist billboards featuring model André Ziehe at my dedicated Daily Billboard Blog.

Jewelry billboards
Miranda Kerr Swarovski jewelry billboard
At the beginning of the month Miranda Kerr was super-sized for Swarovski jewelry over in Hollywood & Highland.
Apple Watch 2016 billboard
Whilst the Apple Watch was back in the skies of L.A. with a wave of new ad creatives and the smartwatch and its variety of stylish straps and bands is increasingly being marketed as wearable fashion.

As you can see there were less clothing and apparel billboards lining the city skyline this year, but be sure to compare this selection with these fashion billboards from May 2015.

Stay tuned for this month's TV and Emmy consideration billboards gracing L.A.'s crowded streets and skies, and come back next month for another roundup to see if there were more Summer fashion billboards trying to catch passersby eyes in June...

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