Sunday, May 22, 2016

How green and wet was my valley...

If there's one thing you can guarantee about the British weather it's that it's always unpredictable, or maybe that should be predictable. A few years ago we decided to move our annual visit home to see friends and family away from the festive Christmas and New Year to a more Springlike time of year.

Wet Welsh countryside
Over the holidays we found that we'd get caught in severe snowfall, bridges would freeze over, flights would be delayed and getting around the country was nigh on impossible. Moving to April or May seemed like a much better idea where the chance of some sunshine was at least marginally possible.

I'm glad to say that the British weather has not disappointed. After a few days of sunshine and clouds in London, we've returned to a wet Wales for a few days.
Rainy Wales countryside
We tried to escape for a stroll yesterday to get some fresh air, but as you can see even though the rain may be great for making the countryside look green and lush, it didn't stop us from getting a royal wetting. Some things never do change.

Fortunately we had a family birthday celebration to brighten the day and a reason to shelter inside from the rain. Today there's a glimmer of sunshine and blue skies after a bucketload of rain, but the skies are also looking fairly thunderous, so it's back to business as usual I think.

Hopefully a traditional Sunday roast will help soothe our spirits...

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